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DW obsession: making a comeback

3x03, "Gridlock" (in which there is a macro rec.  Come for the macro rec.)

Ow.  Ow.  OW.  *grumbles* I hate when I get no warning that I'm about to have my heart STABBED WITH A HATPIN. 

OK, so, I decided to test out my shiny new video player by putting this episode on it and watching it last night just before falling asleep.  Which turned out to be a spectacularly bad plan, because in the last five minutes, just when I'm all "Yay, it's an Everybody Lives ending!  ...except for the people who died before," there's just one depressing thing after another and I'm all *wibble* "What the - b-b-b-but - but - not fair!  Waaaah!  Stop it!  Saaaaaaad!  I THOUGHT THIS GOING TO BE A FUN EPISODE." 

Unexpected Depressing Bits
1. New New York!  Except all dark and dismal and, as we will soon find out, DESERTED AND DEVOID OF LIFE (at least in the part we saw).  You know, this whole under-city thing started out as just a little twinge of "I miss Rose," but once the full effect of 'Bliss' came to light, it was just a tidal wave of depression to think that everything in that beautiful city, all the eye-poppingly vibrant color and the applegrass and all the other shiny, happy joy is - just like Rose - all gone now.  Or, not gone per se, but empty.  And we're stuck below in the gloom and grime.  The more you think about it, the more depressing this contrast becomes.       

2. Face of Boeeeeeeeeeee!  *wails* Face of Boe and I go way back to episode 2, before I even knew his name and he was just "giant head in a glass case."  I find him inexplicably enchanting, weird in a delightful sort of way, like the Ood.  Except a thousand times better.  Plus he's got such old, sad eyes.  How can you resist the eyes?  You can't. 

And now he's dead.  Which I think I knew was coming, at least in a vague sort of way, but was not prepared for it to happen already!  And it's all very sad and self-sacrificing and touching and I refuse to dwell on it any further as it's upsetting.  Poor old Boe.

3. Gallifrey!  I would say I assume he never got around to telling Rose about this, because as beautiful as the description is, it brings with it a very, very dark place...but my clearly-canon stories say otherwise (*is now more enchanted than ever with THAT part of "Behind Closed Doors"*)  I like how I can somehow make those stories relevant to like, every other episode.  YES, they really are that integral to my fandom experience!  

Still, within the context of the show, I think it's more powerful placed here.  I got all choked up when he first started to describe it in the TARDIS, voice going to that distant place and retreating into memories before snapping himself out of it, but that was nothing compared to the end.  Martha's impressive demand for him to talk is thoroughly negated by her earlier cluelessness (*chants to self* She can't help it, she can't help it, she can't help it...), and thus wins her no actual points in my favor, but it's a nice moment.  

And by "nice," I mean David Tennant owns my soul for the emotional havoc he can wreak with his acting.  The moment the Doctor starts describing his home planet...I can hardly even watch it.  It is quite possibly the most profound grief I have ever seen, and yet still tinged with a tone of reverence.  It's the first time I've actually started thinking about what it would be like to be the last human left (*head explodes at impossibility of notion*).  How could you even begin to describe Earth?

Anyway, last night, there's me all wrapped up in the covers, squinting at my little square of light, thinking that maybe-just-maybe I keep my composure long enough to get to sleep.  And then the Doctor gets to silver leaves catching the morning light, and I'm just *BAWL*.  Huuuuuuuuuuurts!  Good hurt, though. 

Whoops, I meant to mention Martha in here somewhere, and then I got distracted.  Anyway, I like the fact that he's opening enough to share this rather deep wound with her, although the mystics from the future have assured me it's not the turning point in their relationship it appears to be (sigh).

P.S. Look what I found by poking around Google!  "Epic Gridlock Macro" a/k/a "Same final scene, different version of Dalek story."  This version will make you cry tears of laughter instead of sorrow.  Is much better.

[EDIT: Look what else I found!  (Or, uh, was reminded that I read by chance once upon a time; same thing.)  A lovely little post-ep centering on Martha's perspective after listening to him talk, "Imagining."  Enjoy it, because there's only slightly better than a snowball's chance in hell that I will ever voluntarily search for Martha-centric fic on my own.]

Squeeful Bits
-AL;KSDJFALK;SDJFKLASDJFLKASJDLKFASDJF KITTENS.  DOCTOR.  DOCTOR + KITTEN = deadly asplosion of cuteness.  I haven't watched any of the confidentials (I didn't know what they were until the start of season 2, and by that point I figured I'd just go back and watch them all in order after I finished the series, like I do with DVD commentaries), and I don't want to randomly start with one now when I still don't really know what they're about, but oh, it is TEMPTING when I hear that in this one there is twice as much Tennant + kitten action as in the episode.

Even so, I (may have) audibly squealed when he cooed at the litter of kittens and picked up one for cuddling.  "Not much of a cat person," psh.  I renew my 1-woman campaign to get the TARDIS a mascot-cat.

-I continue to be appreciative of the slow build to Martha-as-companion.  I like it like this, stretching it out a little bit at a time.  "Unexpected encounter!  One  trip for a thank-you.  Maybe one trip each way as a thank-you."  Change isn't so bad when you ease into it, led gently by the hand into the new stuff.  *applauds*

-Remember how I mentioned being easily influenced by the Doctor's opinion?  I felt a little bit shameful about my semi-rampant Martha hate after hearing him say, rather guiltily, "I hardly know her...I was too busy showing off."  (See, I didn't even notice that.  But now that you mention it, yeah, a bit.)  That was kind of an "oh" moment.  Which is weird, as I normally have no problem with irrationally hating third parties who, intentionally or not, get in the way of my soulmate pairs.  Good writing here.

-Return of a cat nun!  Minus the evil side!  YAY.

Other Bits
-Dear Martha: THE DOCTOR IS NOT DATING YOU.  *whaps upside the head* Plz to stop sulking about being taken to one of the same places as Rose (which, you know, 1599 England was not one of those places).

On the bright side, Rose reference!  Kind of.  More of an incidental mention, I guess, but still.  Makes me happy.  Have I mentioned how much I love that Rose's presence just constantly reverberates throughout the series, even without her physically being there?  THE DOCTOR AND ROSE SHOW, RIGHT HERE.

-"MAAAAAAAARTHAAAAAAAAAAA!"  Melodramatic much?  I have to say, that's about the only time I've ever loathed one of the Doctor's scenes.  Ugh.  I was even a little "uh, okay then" about the screaming in Doomsday, so this didn't stand a chance.

-I honestly didn't see most of the supposed plot holes in this episode, but I was sort of wondering why, if you knew going on the motorway was going to take you years and years, you would, um...ever go on it for any reason.  Plus, how hard can it possibly be to round up 3 adults for a vehicle?  They've got millions of people driving already; surely somebody could organize a carpool before they leave.

-But if that was unrealistic, I feel a nagging fear that the selling of moods is not too far off the mark from what we might be producing someday. I don't know; it seems weirdly plausible. 

-I love when they refuse to show us the monster for like half an episode, and you build up all kinds of suspense wondering what it might be, and then it actually lives up to expectations.  For example, GIANT CRABS.  If I hadn't been lying flat on my back while watching that, I'm pretty sure I would have fallen off whatever surface I was perched on.  Freaky!  Yet AWESOME.  And on that happy note, I'm done and moving on. 

Up Next: OH HEY WHOA, NO.  It cannot possibly be time for Daleks again already.  Wounds: still fresh!  Death machine robots: not that interesting!   *pause* Aaaand, I'm totally on board with it for that one beautiful line: "They always survive, while I lose everything."

P.S. Over the course of writing this, and having read about a hundred random LJ reviews this week, I feel like while I might not be explaining it very well, I am actually coping very well with Martha as the companion.  Possibly because of gratuitous Rose references everywhere.  But really, though, I'm surprised that the show can still be so entertaining.  Perhaps am better fan than previously suspected.

In other news, The Recapist is STILL DOWN.  And by "down" I mean "vanished without a trace," as I get one of those "cannot display the webpage" errors every time I try to go there.  EXPLAIN PLZ. 
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