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I think I need to drop Ausiello's feed.  Because all it does is bring WAVES OF UPSETTING NEWS SEVERAL TIMES PER DAY.  I'm in the middle of my very beloved friends page, and suddenly, SLAP!  Jessica's injured, and off So You Think You Can Dance!  SLAP!  Yet more comparisons between the team shakeups on NCIS and House, which, you know, was a Very Bad Thing for people who were fans of House's team and not improving my mood!  Or worst of all, SLAP!  William Petersen is out of CSI halfway through next season.  

Halfway!  Ack!  Askldfjaklsdjfasd THIS IS MY ANGRY FACE.  This is my "STOP PULLING THE EFFING RUG OUT FROM UNDER MY FEET, CSI CAST CHANGES!"  You told me he was signed on for season 10.  You lied to me with half-truths.  I hate you. 

And, come on.  I put up with Sara, arguably the worst possible loss.  I was juuuuuuust about prepared to start coming around on Warrick.  BUT NOW YOU'RE TAKING GRISSOM.  That is half my show, people!  Half my show in a year's time!  And what is this nonsense about Hodges becoming more prominent?  How the hell much more prominent can that creep get? 

Plus I am still sore about Lauren Lee Smith coming on board, because when I first heard about it, I was at a neutral point in my feelings about her until I asked Google who she was, and Google was like "SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX."  Me: ...she's a porn star?  *clarifies things*  Might as well be.  Oh, show, why did you have to implode? 

But I feel vaguely hopeful for GSR now.  So, you know, there's that.   



Jul. 16th, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
I'm beginning to think that it'd just be better to chuck the vase at this point than trying to mend it with "hot" cast members.
As much as I resist the idea, in the back of my mind I know that by this point they do need at least one new person, and I am rather attached to Nick and Greg so I'm sure I'll keep watching for them, but...I really hope they can bring depth to the new characters. Because I'm feeling kind of skeptical about it.

Oh no, but because I love a good train wreck.
Well, uh, you enjoy that train wreck! I must have read over half the Amazon reviews just because I couldn't believe they were all telling the truth. How does something that horrible even get filmed? If it's not even supposed to be pure porn, I just...I don't understand who has a vision like that in their head.

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