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Bad Shows First, Then Good Ones

I'm going to open this post by reminding you that I am home, and thus have access to multiple TVs, and thus ended up watching a couple of things I normally wouldn’t watch.  For example, on Wednesday, Dad was at work so it was Mom and I downstairs on the sofa, with the oversized dog curled up between us.  She was very warm, and I was reluctant to leave, so we watched Cheaper By the Dozen on TV (I’ve already seen it, but it has so many cool stars, and is so funny, that I didn’t mind), and then I ended up watching Medium with her, even though after having seen it once before, I hate that show.

Mom claims she likes how the main character has a family, and how that familial aspect plays a big role.  Plus she likes Patricia Arquette.  I’m an Arquette fan too, but I can’t stand this show.  It’s just so boring – a fact not helped by the Groundhog Day aspect of this episode, entitled “Be Kind, Rewind.”  Sorry.  It’s just dry and dull and I cannot bear watching it.  I was just uber-annoyed by all the repetition.  Plus I SWEAR TO GOD if I had had to hear that “sex = endorphins” speech again, I would have killed someone. 


Shark.  And I watched this god damned idiotic show last night again because my parents tend to remain still after CSI, and watch whatever follows.  Well, I didn’t so much “watch” this as “lie on the living room floor, curled up around the dog, reading a book,” but I heard enough to remind me fifty times over why I hate it.  The smug smarminess of the main character makes me want to take a shower.  So does his daughter.  She’s a gorgeous actress; I remember her from an ep of SVU and I like her, but her character here is multiple layers of ICK. 

At least I got proof positive that I am not, in fact, losing my intolerance for gratuitous sex scenes.  Between Medium and this show, I still viciously hate them, as a general rule.  The daughter’s whole “I want you to be the one” speech, the mounds of cheesiness surrounding her words made me want to go vomit.  You’re what, 16?  What you need is to be sent to a convent, young lady.  And is her father honestly that stupid?  “Oh sure, honey, you can go off with your boyfriend all day, unsupervised, as long as you’re home by midnight.”  My reaction to this, according to my mom, was priceless.  I was sitting on the floor with my back to the TV, reading and apparently not paying attention, when he said something along those lines.  I turned, looked over my shoulder, shot “Not.  Going. To Matter!” and went back to reading.  I mean, really.  It reminds me of my favorite quote ever from “The War at Home”:

Daughter: I can get pregnant at 4:00 [PM] just as easily as at 10!
Father: That’s good to know; your new curfew’s 4:00.             

And then later, she called him up with the worst lie in the history of television, movies, and literature, in a completely fake voice about how the car was broken and they couldn’t get it fixed until tomorrow, so they were just going to stay there overnight mmkay?  Again, the dad is all “sure, whatever.”  I am 90% sure that he had resigned himself to the fact that they were going to have sex anyway, and he didn’t really want to talk and/or think about it anymore than he had to, but still.  I was shouting, “God damn it, drive up there right now, unannounced, collect your skanky daughter, and ground her for the rest of her life as a minor.”  

 Then there was some junk about a case and a dead prosecutor, but I didn’t pay attention to that as it was dull and would have required me to listen to Shark’s voice. 

Now back to shows I actually like.  I wrote the following review as a series of bullet points while I was watching it, and I already taped over the episode, so this will have to suffice:

 CSI: NY: Sweet 16

1)      Hey New York, did you use real dead pigeons for this shoot?  Because if you did, I will have to send letter bombs.  If you behaved yourself and used fakes like a proper show should, I’ll send smiles and flowers.  Plus an award that tells you how much cooler you are than Miami in EVERY WAY. 

2)      You know how much I love the NY theme music?  Not the theme song, but the dramatic 6-note roll that plays when they come back from commercial breaks, and pan over shots of the city.  Also, Mac’s ring tone amuses me to no end.

3)      And y’all can whine about Horatio’s dramatic sunglasses flair all you want, but it isn’t half so irritating as Sid’s little split-glasses trick.  *shudder* I see red every time I think of him.  Hiss.  Hate.  Haaaate.  Hate more than Nick and Natalia combined.

4)      I like when  Mac caught the kid, and saw --- something; I’m not sure what, as my TV reception at home is really dark -- and responded with “Jesus, who did that to you?”  Then he let him go, just as Flack jogged up, and the later promptly blew up at him for doing so.  Oh, I am loving the angry Mac/Flack interaction.  Even though now more than ever I really wish Charge of This Post hadn’t gotten chomped up in my VCR.  I want to go back and remind myself what it was like when they were friends instead of at odds.

5)      BIRD VISION!  Come on, following the CGI pigeon as it flew over New York was a cool use of editing tricks.  Once again, see “NY > Miami.”

6)      “A nice reference to Reed and Claire, but only in passing,” said I, when Stella asked Mac about it.  Or so I thought.  Then came the end, and this is why I love this show, I love it, Sinise talked about it in a recent interview: character development is soooo key.

7)      Comin’ off kinda creepy there, Mac, coaxing the kid out after dark to buy him a burger.  Doesn’t this kid have parents?  Shouldn’t Mac clear this with them?  And even if he already did, how many teenagers do you know that answer the door?  Because Reed strikes me as the kind of kid who holes up in his room playing video games and drinking Mountain Dew.

8)      PHOTOS!!!  Ohhh, the angst he must have gone through to get those pictures!  Think of the fanfic potential of him combing through a photo album.  More importantly, WE GOT TO SEE HER!  FINALLY WE GOT TO SEE CLAIRE!  (or if “we” already did, then I can’t remember, so *I* finally got to see Claire.)  And she is beautiful, and she looks so sweet.  Great.  Now I’m even more in love with the ghost.  God, this is getting to be worse than Marisol. 

9)      Oh.  Yeah, um, and there was a case.  It was a pretty cool case.  Anything involving animals is always a cool case.  But who was that FBI woman he kept talking to, and why did she seem like she should be important in a recurring kind of way?

[a/n: Hahaha...the "sweet sixteen" case was so boring I completely forgot about it.  And I should have known that the cobra biting Lindsay would only serve as another in a long string of excuses to kick her out of 90% of the episode.  Sigh.  What a waste of a cool thing.  I cannot wait until Anna's back to work full time...]

 Survivor: The Merger

Jonathon, I have to say, you are making my life happy.  Go Team Mutiny!  (total members: 1) I’m sad to see the resident beefcake (Nate) go, but since the Awesome Aitus are all still going strong, and have in fact rebalanced the game, I’m happy.  How great is it that Yul* got the immunity idol?  I can’t think of anyone’s hands I’d rather it was in.  The White People are goin’ down, and I’m extremely happy about that prospect, as Candice is the only one of them I like at all.  Yes, I still like her, despite how everyone hates her for the mutiny.  I just can’t see it as being that despicable an act.  The grudge is running a little deep.  That’s my only complaint about this show.

 (*Yul: a feature in People’s “Sexiest Men Alive” issue.  See, see, told you.  )

 Rewards without a challenge.  That’s always nice.  For the immunity challenge, however, it was GREAT.  I loved that Ozzy didn’t even look fazed at the end.  Candice was equally steadfast for well over an hour before she began to fray at all.  And does anyone else find it hilarious that the big brawny guys were the first to fall?  I love when muscles = detraction.

 I’m still amazed at how Jonathon consistently remains in this game.  Everyone keeps talking about kicking him off, and yet everybody ends up wanting to wait, thinking they can always boot him later.  And then look what happens!  Bet you’re regretting that decision to boot Jenny now, aren’t you?

 So, predictions for next week.  We’ve got 3 pissed-off original-Raro members who would dearly love to kick Jonathon off.  Except they can’t, because they’re in the minority, so what they really need is to woo Jonathon back to their side (though I don’t know how – he and Parvati have no real connection other than their skin tone, and if either Adam or Candice claim they want to go final-2 with him, he’ll know they are LYING…erm, I suppose they could try to convince him “Final 3 and see what happens”), resulting in a split-vote, and then give it up to chance and hope they come out on top.  That’s their only option; otherwise they get picked off, one by one. Candice first.  However, the original-Raros are all kind of…dumb.  So they may not realize this, and might try to tug one of the former-Aitus over to their side instead.  I really can’t wait for next week.       

 Although…even if Jonathon flips BACK and one of the Aitus is slated for snuffing, I suspect that Yul will use the idol to save whomever on his alliance is picked to go.  That’ll bounce the death vote back to the whitey’s, and then they’ll be down 4-3 either way.  Hey, sweet, suddenly it’s hard to figure out how the Aitus aren’t going to make the final 4.  KNOCK ON WOOD.

CSI: The one where Roger Daltrey guest stars.

I thought I’d get that out of the way, since it’s about the only thing anyone had to say about this episode before it aired.  Although, THANX, PREVIEWS, for totally spoiling the twist about it being one man in a bunch of different disguises.  Yeah, I read spoilers constantly, but I read so many of them and (never reread early ones), that initial plot details are long forgotten by the time an episode actually airs.

Fanfic needs to be written about Greg’s enthusiasm for Old Vegas, if it hasn't been already.  That was my favorite part of this episode, the awesome continuity of his interest in that.  Also, I’m really starting to like scenes of him working with Catherine.  It’s cute; they have nice working chemistry. And DAMN, 16-year-old Catherine was freakin’ hot.  And utterly beautiful.  Stunning.  Gorgeous.  If I come up with any more appropriate synonyms, I’ll add them to this space later.  Also, Warrick and Catherine’s conversation erased almost all the awkwardness that’s been between them for a while.  Hey, I just love ghost stories.  And/or flashback stories, as it were.

It was fun watching the pieces slowly fall into place.  Okay, the previews didn’t spoil EVERYTHING – fortunately, I am thick-headed, and so even with the 4 million hints dropped throughout, I didn’t gather that it might actually be the mobster himself.  I was wondering how that whole ghost-angle was going to work out.  It seemed a mite soon to have another identical-twins sighting.  I don’t know that it’s an ep I’m dying to rewatch, and I am most definitely getting tired of this guest-stars ploy they seem to be using to grab ratings, but it was good overall. 

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