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Damn Daleks

I've been on a non-stop LJ whirlwind all day.  Massive numbers of entries and comments caught up on, shows watched, grokked and written up  - I think my entry-writing may actually be on autopilot, as I'm just hit with compulsions of "RESPOND TO THIS NOW," and so I do, only vaguely aware of an audience, and I'm not always entirely sure what I've said after hitting "post."  But the words are pouring from my fingertips like papers used to do (years and years ago, before they became siege-like battles), so I'm going with it.  I will make it through this series before school starts!  (insert imaginary 'Determined cat is determined' macro here) 

3x04/3x05, "Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks"
They get smushed together under one heading because my feelings on part 1 are that it was the second-greatest waste of a Doctor Who episode ever (though still about a mile above Love and Monsters).

Let's review:
Space rhinos? WIN.
Pig slaves: Not so much. 

Question: Sometimes I get exceptionally confused by the schematics of time travel. Did the Daleks appear in 1930 before or after they popped up at Canary Wharf? I'm assuming after; that's where their "emergency temporal shift" would've landed them, right? But what if the Doctor hadn't randomly appeared then too? Would they have just wreaked their havoc on the human race and erased everything that came after? In which case, theoretically, given how often the Doctor pops up in the past to find an alien plot unhatching, couldn't this be about to happen at any moment? That's...unsettling.

And this is why I don't think about the schematics of time travel very often.

-I have come to the conclusion that I don't actually mind the Blue Suit of Doom, but I mind it very much when it's paired with that brown coat. Love the coat, but the color combination of the two shades? UGH. Nasty. explanation as to why Martha's still traveling with him? Come on, I need a proper transition. At least pretend you're determined to give her a trip where she doesn't have to run for her life and/or save yours or something. Also, Martha STILL hasn't changed her clothes. Poor thing probably thinks it's a single-outfit uniform is a requirement of traveling in the TARDIS.

-HEE: The Doctor brightly volunteering to go work in the sewers, and Martha reluctantly following suit with a very dirty look and "I'll kill you for this."

-(using my "NEWMAN" tone of voice) BLACK DALEK "DALEK SEC." And aside from that, waaaugh, how come they can look so laughable in pictures and then, when they actually roll foward for the first time in any given episode, manage to look imposing and strike nameless terror into your heart?

-Tallulah and Lazlo are both irritating as hell, especially when the former actually encourages Martha in her delusions. They will remain this way throughout the whole 2-parter, and therefore I will not mention them again.

-Frank, however, is awesome, and after that tackle-hug of relieved reunion, I became an instant Martha/Frank shipper.

-"No, no, no, no, no! They survived. They always survive, while I lose everything." It doesn't quite make the episode worthwhile, but it comes really, really close. Oh, such quiet fury tinged with despair from behind the gritted teeth. I love this scene so much.

Martha: Oh, I'm so glad to see you!
Doctor: Yeah, well, you can kiss me later.
-If I wasn't so worried about her taking him literally, I would find this exchange hilarious. Oh, who am I kidding. It's still the second best part of the ep.

-And finally, most people seem unimpressed with the human Dalek, but I think he's kind of cool looking. In a creepy way. At least for the temporary amount of time he's in existence. Frankly, the music during his emergence scene is ten times more obnoxious.

Part 2 kicks off with some Doctor speechifying, and as this is one of my favorite things about the series, I already see that we're in a much better place. I am not disappointed.

You know what my favorite part of the Dalek evolution is, though? How they're evolving into downright bitchy little creatures. They gossip about Dalek Sec behind his back (I love how the one actually looks over his shoulder [or, well, the equivalent of it] before responding), practically exchange glances that say 'kookoo pants!' every time Human Sec says something un-Dalek-y (and then finally explode with rage when they can't take it any more, all "THAT IS INCORRECT!"), and work up to my personal favorite, the mutiny: "You told us to imagine and we imagined your irrelevance." Heeeeeeeeeee hee hee hee!

I'm still fairly amazed by the whole transformation of mentality that Sec goes through, though. All that gorgeous, moving talk of change and survival...OK, I was suspicious for quite some time (because DALEK), but then he asked the Doctor to take them to a new planet where they could start over. Given how many times the Doctor has offered that prospect only to be laughed at hysterically, it's got to be a refreshing change of pace to find some willing aliens. Or, at least one willing alien.

And I figured he was going to die, just because it wouldn't be Doctor Who without regularly pulling out the Dalek card (a fact which I admit I'm getting just slightly tired of), but I was still kind of upset when the bitchy subordinates fried him. :( I liked watching the Doctor go from guarded suspicion to amazement to actively trying to help this new breed.
You know what scene single-handedly does make the whole 2-parter worth it? The Doctor screaming at the Daleks to just go ahead and kill him. I've watched it more times than I can count, and while I still can't do so without hearing the strains of 'My Immortal' echoing in the background (from that ever-so-brilliant video WHICH, you will notice, I am NOT LINKING TO because I finally learned to stay the hell off YouTube)......long sentence here.....I still can't help being overwhelmed by it. There's a little clench in my stomach every time over that reckless loss of control, apparently beyond caring.  Other people who've seen the whole season can articulate what it means much better than me, but I'm pretty sure this is going to remain one of my favorite parts.

Moment of Wanting to Smack Martha/Rose Reference (hey, no fair combining them!): "But he's not seeing me.  He's just remembering."  Ow, ow, owww, unexpected pangs of hurting!  I can just picture how he must look at those times.  OW.  In a related note, Martha, you know that look on your face when he starts talking about Rose in 1599?  I AM MAKING THAT FACE. 
Moment of Martha Redemption: I'm thinking it was a little rude and dimissive on his part, but I really liked the sound of "Do what you do best.  People are hurt.  You can help them."  I think I like her better when she's off on her own, using her medical skills.  (I also like her when she's electrocuting ugly pig people.  That was pretty fun.)  

Electrocuted Doctor...less fun.  Having a rough time lately, isn't he?  How many near-death experiences does that make in five weeks?  A hundred? 

"What do I need, oh, I don't know, how about a great big genetic laboratory?  Oh look - I've got one!"  As much as I don't care about saving Lazlo's stupid life, I love that line.

[Edit: Oh!  Almost forgot!  My other favorite line is "Never waste time on a hug!"  It is just such an awesome contrast to the random mid-danger hugging in "Tooth and Claw" that it's like a Rose Reference all on its own.  Hee, hee, hee.  *cherishes small things*]

Up Next: Not impressing me with the previews.  I don't like Martha's family, remember?  Return to form, show, or I shall slap you with a fish.

P.S. The Recapist is back up and fully functioning!  Although I feel cheated that 3x02 was written mostly in verse and these two were done in video form.  God, I hate video form.  I admire her creativity, and think she deserves some kind of award for putting more effort into her recapping than anyone I've ever seen, but sometimes it becomes too much. 

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