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I don't feel that I use the word "lame" enough anymore. Allow me to remedy that.

Everyone is talking about "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," which I have had no desire whatsoever to watch, since my ability to sit for hours in front of a computer screen mysteriously does not include non-TV-series video clips of any length beyond 30 seconds. However, I was completely unproductive all morning, so it was either continue watching lame things on VH1 (I saw that Brooke Hogan show, people. AND I Love Money), or watch something lame online. The lame thing online, at least, had Neil Patrick Harris and no commercials.

My feelings about it have not changed much. I mean, it was juuuuust entertaining enough that I watched all three parts, despite getting up and wandering away a couple of times during really boring songs, and I've decided that NPH needs to play more characters like Billy Buddy because he becomes surprisingly cute...but it's not exactly worthy of the explosion of love and adoration it's been getting. I think I laughed once per act. I can't even remember any of the songs.

Of course, I also find Joss Whedon to be rather lame and unworthy of fandom love, so that probably explains a lot. PUT YOUR PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES AWAY, PEOPLE.

P.S. Nathan Fillion: still not hot. (Hey, I said drop them! Drop them now!)
In other news, I suddenly remembered that I completely forgot about the fact that I missed my Thursday night TV (you know it's a bad season when you aren't invested enough to care about who got kicked off your lone reality show), so here's your weekly dose of negativity, Commenter Anonymous!

As expected, I crashed on Thursday night, sleeping from 4:30 to 9 PM. Which means I STILL haven't seen Greatest American Dog, nor can I find it anywhere online, and I'm highly upset that I just may have to miss the greatest reality show in existence. It also meant that I missed the SYTYCD results (see? Every week! IT'S LIKE A CURSE), but since I missed them *entirely* and managed to avoid spoilers for 48 hours afterwards, I had incentive to watch them in full over at STC, blurry quality and all.

Running Commentary
Group Dance: Ooh, everyone got in on the Bollywood fun! *jaw drops* *stares, enthralled* So many bright colors in the costumes, so much fun; this is officially my favorite group dance of the season, and/or possibly the only one I've actually liked. OH MY GOD, THIS IS AMAZING! I watched it like 3 times in a row. Bouncing in my chair, grinning like a fool. *This* is what my show used to be like. *This* is what used to light up my Wednesday/Thursday nights. Tour winner right, right? Oh my God, I could not be happier right now! Thrilled beyond belief. Especially loved Comfort - that was Comfort in the pink, right? So hard to tell - and will not even make comments on my annoyance with Katee being lifted up like a queen for the final pose.

Cat's turquoise colored halter dress wants to get in on the rainbow action, too! I approve. And wow, it's been a while since she's pulled her hair back into something as simple as a slicked-back ponytail, yet it still looks good. She has, like, the most perfect hair ever.

*cheers Emmy noms for Shane Sparks, Wade Robson, and Mandy Moore, three of her four favorite choreographers, DESPITE THE FACT THAT TWO OF THEM HAVE DITCHED THE SHOW THIS YEAR*

OK, Cat, that was a deliberate mispronunciation with "jidges." I've never heard it like that, despite what the internet hears, but that one bugged.

"Why would you call me Kher-Bear. Why, Mom, why?" --LOL

Funny, watching this recap session, I don't remember why I was so fed up on Wednesday night. Maybe it was a combination of watching too much Doctor Who beforehand (I saw like five episodes in a week...I am not used to watching this much TV! September's gonna suck) and/or being tired (despite the...claim that I was wide awake after 12 hours of sleep the night before), or -- no, I just heard a clip of "Hero," and the anger revved right back up.

Whoa! That's different! Mini-group dances! Have to admit I'm a little bit excited for a girls' dance...finally, something that actually resembles my entire dance experience! (where, as in most dance studios, I think, you were lucky to have one or two guys in each competition group, and none for the non-competition ones...

Dancing to "Ave Maria" by Celine Dion, I'm bored out of my skull by the music, but the dancing is pretty. The makeup is weird, though - one girl I coudln't even recognize until by process of elimination I figured it must be Chelsie, but then I realized they were all wearing long wigs, so it could have been Kherington - and I shudder to think that they've actually been encouraged by their Emmy nom.

I call Wade Robson as the mystery choreographer. Wishful thinking, what?

Once again, I thank Cat for clarifying up front that their solos are performed as "last chance to dance on stage" pieces, before people start whining that it's pointless. Honestly, some people are so thick, it boggles the mind.

Bottom 2 Girls: Comfort and Kherington. Which, Jesus, when did Kherington suddenly fall from America's grace? I didn't think much of her, but I get defensive of kicked puppies. And whyyyyyyy does no one else understand how awesome Comfort is? Vote for her hair if nothing else!

Guys' Dance: AGAIN, AWESOME. I've said before and will say again that the all-boys' dance at our recitals was always the most incredible, and that was mainly because it was all the competition boys and they could do incredible tricks that most dancers couldn't dream of, which is not the case on this show, but still. YOU GO, SHOW! I've mentioned this before, but I will always love group dances more than partner stuff. I put up with it because it's the nature of the show, but this? This is six hundred times more fun to watch.

Mystery Choreographer: NIGEL?! Wait, seriously? SERIOUSLY? THAT IS SO AWESOME. They probably wouldn't let him near the girls.

Holy crap, it's already half over! Best management of a results show EVER.

Bottom 2 Guys: Mark and Gev. I love not being disappointed! Although I still will be if Gev doesn't get the ultimate boot. In a related note, ever since about Top 16, this has been the most predictable season ever, and it's boring as sin. It wouldn't be boring if it were going MY way, obviously, but the way it's unfolding sucks.

I feel so sorry for the dancers who have to watch these idiotic videos. Seriously, this is nothing short of punishment. "Missed your curfew, young lady? You know what that means!"
"Oh God, no, not more Happy Dance videos!"

Comfort Solo: Seriously. So much love. Also only girl I still like, despite the fact that solo music is always some variation on nonsensical crap. And sometimes, I think her clothes are fantastic. Not something I would wear - odd graphics on the hoodie, there - but I want her to have a spread in a teen magazine. It would just be such fun to look at.

Oh man, I just tried to use my remote to push the channel-jump button to skip Comfort's speech. Sad.

Mark Solo: Biggest disappointment of a semi-cute contestant since Sanjaya. That's all I have to say about him.

Kherington Solo: *is waiting for it to be over*

Gev Solo: The only time he has any use in this competition is when he's soloing. Because when he's breakdancing, he's awesome. I can freely admit that now that he's on the verge of leaving, this week or next. How about that flip into a headstand into a sideways L-shaped handstand?? That's fun. Can we have HIM come back to perform for the finale instead of the freak show escapees?

Girl going home: Kherington. WHOA, SERIOUSLY? I, I, I, I do not understand! I don't even know whether to be sad or overjoyed! I think I'm bittersweetly happy, because I like Comfort more? But everyone liked her, I thought, and then all of a sudden they turned on her. TURN ON KATEE, DAMN IT!

Guy going home: Gev: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! It's like 4 weeks too late, but whatever! It finally happened! The one thing I've been praying for since last week is for him to get drop-kicked ASAP like Kameron did, and then it happened! CORNERS, I THINK WE MAY BE TURNING THEM.
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