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And suddenly I was at the midpoint of s.3

I really need a paid account, if for no reason other than the fact that I want a new Doctor Who icon but have used this one like 30 times and don't want it to disappear.  (why yes, I do still have 3 open spaces left.  I'M SAVING THEM.  For...something.)  

Anyway.  It's Saturday night/Sunday morning, and my sleeping schedule has been well and verily screwed all week - which I'm pretty sure is this show's fault - but I'm feeling rather proud and accomplished now that I've written this.  Well, that and I found a dime under my bed while cleaning, which enabled me to finally buy a can of pop from the vending machine after 4 days without it (addicted, I think I am).  So I'm caffeinated and happy.

3x06, "The Lazarus Experiment"
Harry Potter once said to Draco Malfoy, "You know your mother? That expression she's got, like she's got dung under her nose?"
And, well, I could not think of a more perfect description for Francine. 

I have previously expressed disinterest bordering on dislike for Martha's "meh" brother and increasingly exasperating sister, but it does not come anywhere near what I feel for her mother. I'm getting the sense that I'm supposed to feel this way, but...come on, show. I think you're overcompensating a tad in trying to promise us that you're not replacing Rose and/or, by proxy, her family. Because every time she appears on screen - starting even before she started believing what random men on the street told her over HER OWN DAUGHTER - I have an overwhelming desire to punch her in the face.

Or maybe this is all a ploy to make me like Martha, because while Lord knows I'm no fan, I have to feel kind of sorry for her when that evil witch of a mother is alternately looking down her long, long nose or screeching at her like a harpy. I admit to giggling hysterically when she slapped him, but that's only because women slapping men across the face is a sight gag that is *always* funny. The rest of the time, she's a completely useless character whom I can only pray gets killed in some violent manner by season's end. Despite wasting a prime opportunity in this ep, I choose to believe this is because her death will be so epic that it has to be saved for the finale (*will not listen to other possibilities*). And now, if you don't mind, I need to forget about the fact that this woman exists.

General Plotty-Type Things
The recap made a crack about Scorpious Malfoy, which was actually rather clever, but personally I'm convinced that there is an Animorphs-related macro to be made out of this week's villain. I just can't...quite...get there. It's frustrating.

This week we another plotline about immortality, something I will never understand, because I think one human lifetime is more than enough. This obsession people have with Fountains of Youth and other age-cheating tricks - why?? In fiction, people are always willing to pay a fortune to get their hands on something like that. Who would actually do this? I mean, it's not even a little bit tempting to me. I'm probably an anomaly in how excited I am to check out of life (in an accidental way that won't have God pissed off at me, that is; please don't call the suicide hotline), but still. Anyway! That made the plot a little unwatchable for me.

The middle-aged-man nekkidness, especially considering his frightening resemblance to Joss Whedon, didn't help matters.

That said, I am very fond of random chase scenes. Especially if there are tossed-off insults thrown in along the way.
Scorpious Malfoy: Why don't you come out and face me?
Doctor: You looked in a mirror lately? Why would I want to face that?

Sad quote of the day: If you live long enough, Lazarus, the only certainty is that you'll end up alone.
(you can add this to my list of reasons above as to why a longer life would suck)

And now that I've grabbed all the quotes from the speech-in-the-cathedral scene, I can promise you that I am never sitting through it again, as that thing is torture to the highest degree. With the sweating and panting/grunting (NOT LIKE THAT, although you're welcome for the image, and Future Self, if you've scrubbed this from memory I *do* apologize) and random bone-cracking sounds...gross, gross, gross.

Doctor/Martha Interaction
First impression of return home: "Well, at least he didn't accidentally kidnap for 12 months this time." I'm quite fond of this goodbye scene, actually. It seems to inspire other people to call the Doctor out on his poor treatment of her, but I've come to the conclusion that just like Jim wasn't a dick in season 3 of The Office, I will never see anything out of sorts with the Doctor's behavior.

Second impression of return home: *falls off chair laughing as the Doctor casually picks up a pair of underwear in mentioning the laundry* So incredibly wrong, and forgiven for this fact. Heeee hee hee hee. She makes the best mortified face ever.

Third impression: Damn "Martha's Theme" really is the most gorgeous thing I have ever heard. I thought "Doomsday" and "Face of Boe" were lovely, but compared to this, they have stiff competition. I haven't actually officially heard Rose's theme yet, but...

Scratch that: out of desperate need to make comparisons, I just PLAYED WITH FIRE and looked it up on YouTube (with 100% successfully blurred eyes and no spoilers! Woot!), and I still think Martha's is better. Rose has that positively sparkling flute section, but haunting vocals will beat out anything (oh, oh, oh! Martha's has a flute section too! That settles it). This may be the one and only way in which Martha is superior. OK, moving on from the first scene now, I swear.

-I love him griping and muttering about how something bad happens whenever he wears the black-tie outfit. I, however, would like to take the opportunity to tell him it looks much, much better than the blue suit/brown coat combo.

Speaking of their black-tie outfits, Martha, what did I say about you and sleeveless things? GOD. It's like American Idol's Carly Smithson all over again; can't look at you without going "COVER THAT CRAP UP." Seriously. It looks like dirt! I am constantly overwhelmed by a desire to scrub her right arm with soap and water! (other than that, I really love her wide, sparkly headband. Not many people can pull off the wide headband, but as I hop-skip-jump through this episode again, for the first time I realize that she's actually quite pretty. Except for the tattoo.)

-PERSONAL SPACE VIOLATION. NOT AHOY. [crammed into the itty-bitty aging tube] I don't know if you know this, but my principles are highly against throwing bones to Doctor/Martha shippers. Unless it involves knickers. Then it's funny.

Though I have to admit it's fairly engaging and amusing after that ("You mean you don't have a plan." "Yes, the plan was to get in here." "And then?" "Well, then I'd...come up with another plan."), and I rather like the frantic sonic screwdrivering and incomprehensible techno-babble. And the random "nice shoes" comment. :P I didn't even realize they were purple until I read the recap. Of course, I also didn't realize her dress was purple and/or pretty until I'd watched it after reading the recap, so...that shows you my powers of observation.

-Post-danger reunion: OK, well, six episodes in, I guess I can't begrudge them a hug. ONE hug.

-Second (semi) goodbye scene: Congratulations! I am pleased with the way Martha's status aboard the TARDIS becomes permanent. Well, mostly. I love how the Doctor's eyes light up with that hopeful look as he sort of hints at wanting her company without actually acknowledging this fact. I am less fond of Martha's assertiveness as she creates her own terms for coming aboard. Didn't I tell you that I was going to dislike Martha for precisely the reasons most people liked her?

Though I guess she loses a bit of her cool independence upon squealing "thank you!" multiple times and jumping into his arms for another hug, so maybe I can get behind that after all. No, wait, hang on, I'm getting back on my negative horse. I promised not to do that. Give me a second to regroup.

Regular reminders to self:
-Martha = pretty
likes Martha
-Above two facts are unrelated and therefore not upsetting

And I'm good! However, it bothers me SO MUCH that she gets back on, now a full-fledged Companion, and still doesn't bring a change of clothes. Mostly because this puts me at risk of seeing her sleeveless again. I told you she probably thought a single-uniform outfit was a requirement of TARDIS traveling!

a) "Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80." *COUGHROSE* Or in other words, I am staking a claim to the belief that "Saxon" is really nothing more than a diversion from the fact that "Rose" is this year's REAL Secret Season Password. It's just disguised in code.

b) In a related note, pass me that bucket, as I need to fill it full of tears over the Doctor's face and the retieration that "Live long enough, you just get tired. Tired of losing everyone that matters to you." *COUGHROSE, AGAIN* (and, well, I suppose long line of other companions, and the rest of the Time Lords. But mostly Rose. It's my review and I'll wear the glasses if I want to!)

Random Leftover Things
"There's no such thing as an ordinary human." Defending his pet favorites again, I see. :)

Up Next: [This comment has been censored due to an overwhelming abuse of foul language periodically interspered with "JACK HARKNESS!"  Remember that time I kind of liked him in "Bad Wolf"?  I don't.]
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