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You know what I haven't done in a depressingly long time?  A survey.  Haven't seen this one around these parts, so I deem it worthy of completion and posting.   

'So far this summer...

Have you ridden a roller coaster? Nope

What about a water slide? Uh-uh

Bought a new bathing suit? I don't even think I *have* a bathing suit

Have you tried to get the perfect bikini body? That would be a very long time in coming, so no

Have you slept all day? Today I shut my eyes at 6:25 AM and woke up at 2 PM, does that count?

Have you got a job? I do!  And as much as I grumble about getting up too early, I don't actually mind going.  It's better than school.  Because it ENDS at 2:30 in the afternoon and doesn't carry over into the weekend, either.

Painted your toenails? It's been years since I did that.

Have you gotten a hair cut? No

Have you stopped the ice cream man? Don't know that I've *ever* done that

Have you gone to a beach? Nope.  I'm really boring.

Have you seen any of your friends? No.  But that's mainly as I don't have friends.  I did see my favorite professor today, though!  That was extremely random and awesome.

Have you read a book? Now HERE'S something I've done!  Hell, I've read like 30 books.

Have you lounged by a pool? Nada

Been in a public pool? Stop asking about the water.  I don't like the water!

Has your hair gotten lighter? A little bit, I think

Gotten a pedicure? Never happened, never will.  No one needs to see my feet.

Been to a wedding? No

Have you been on a road trip? No.  I want to do that someday, though, I really do.

Stayed out all night? Of course! the computer lab, that is.

Made any money?  Loads, at least compared to last summer.  (Note: any number above "zero" is loads compared to last summer.)

Have you had a 'summer fling'? Why, yes!  I've had a couple, actually.  One was with a show called "Moonlight" (best weekend EVER) and the other was with "Pushing Daisies."  Oh yeah, and a few days with that dark and handsome but ultimately unfulfilling stranger, "New Amsterdam."  Sorry, do those not count?

Gotten a tan? Only a little bit, mostly on my arms and face

Mowed your grass? Never done this. I should learn, though, since I want to own a house someday and boyfriend/husband prospects seem unlikely to materialize anytime soon.

Have you jumped on a trampoline? Nope.  I miss doing that.

Have you camped out? I have not.

The funniest thing that happened yet: It was only funny in retrospect, you understand, but a couple of weeks ago we were washing windows and this GIANT BLACK BUG flew in.  I mean, seriously, it was massive, and it kept zooming straight towards us.  The three of us were alone in the dorm - our supervisor and the other two had gone off to take care of something in another building - and we did not want this *thing* flying around terrorizing us indefinitely.  It was trapped in the stairwell area, so A grabbed a pail, B grabbed a doodlebug, and together they went creeping up the stairs, slowly, all crouched over. They looked like they were going out to hunt lions with a spear, or something - except that every time the bug moved, they'd scream and run away.  (I, meanwhile, was all "Dude, I'm cleaning the office.  My windows are shut.  I'm hanging out on the other side of the closed door, kthnxbai."  And watched them through the hallway window.) 

One of the maintenance guys in the basement finally came up to see what the racket was, and they enlisted his help to corner and smush it, which ten minutes later, he finally did.  B came down proudly bearing the almost-dead prey squished on the plastic bristles of the doodlebug, and we crowded around, curious to examine the safely subdued beast and figure out what the hell it was.  I took one look and zoomed backwards.  "That's a wasp."

"That's a WASP?!" Upon closer inspection, we could hear it buzzing, the abdomen still wriggling a bit as it tried in vain to sting.  Much shaky, nervous laughter ensued. Talk about getting the adrenaline pumping!  No, but really, if you'd seen us all prowling/screaming for some 20+ minutes...turns out we had a good excuse to be girly-girls, yes we did.

(Yay, I finally got to tell my wasp-killing story!)

Oh damn, is that the end of the survey already?  No!  boo!  I want more questions! 

Also a writing meme of sorts, which I have taken from

Put up the first line(s) or paragraph(s), whichever makes most sense, from your most recent 20 drafts, be they completed fics or still incomplete, to see if you notice a pattern. 

You have no idea how difficult it was for me to click on my page and actually read things I'd written.  I cringed so hard I'm still trying to unbend myself.  These are almost all from completed stories, since my in-progress things are not only few in number, almost all of them start somewhere in the middle and don't even have a first paragraph, never mind line.  And I think I'll challenge myself to do first sentences only.  Now, in order of newest to oldest...

1. The distance from Chicago to Wisconsin is 147.5 miles, give or take the accuracy of MapQuest, and according to her watch takes two hours and 52 minutes.  [This is the only one from an unfinished draft...I was bursting with brainstorms for a ER fic about Sarah, post-season-13-finale, but by the time I'd finished daydreaming and started writing, the ideas had slipped and scattered.]

2. The boy at the front desk nods when she comes in, and she returns the favor with a smile, even though after all these years she still doesn’t know his name.

3. Authority comes easily to him - if he wasn’t born a leader, life quickly forced him into that role and he hasn’t looked back since. 

4. Ordinary days, of late, had begun with shared coffee and ended by going home with Matt, spiced up in the middle with some of the most effective negotiations of her life. 

5. She isn’t the first one who called him McDreamy.

6. “Why do they always pick you to go out in the field?”

7. When she gets the call, her body is drenched in ice and she can’t breathe, can’t feel, can’t think.

8. She hasn’t seen his smile in a while.

9. "You know what the whole Caine family needs? Therapy. Desperately.”

10. Danny tries, one more time, to get into Lindsay’s good graces. 

11. It was only the briefest of moments, the kind you don’t even know have passed until you rewind your day and wonder what drove your thoughts. [Damn, I forgot about that mixed-tenses thing.  I never was happy with the sound of that sentence...but fixing requires effort, and this was a drabble]

12. When Yelina finally gave her statement, what she would remember most clearly was that it had been a routine arrest. [*rocks back and forth* I want to delete this story so hard, but people have favorited it.  If it fills a niche, who am I to take away their enjoyment?]

13. Thinly veiled disapproval, she thinks, is the way everyone first reacted to her wedding band.

14. He’d heard it argued once that couples lasted longer if they slept apart, that humans were meant to sleep alone because no two’s resting habits matched perfectly.

15. She found it while she was pushing things around in the back of her closet, trying to find the space to hide a pair of shoes that had long since been retired but which she couldn’t quite throw out. 

16. Your thoughts are unprofessional again.

17. Sometimes in the mornings, when she awakens in her empty bed, she gets up to look in the mirror and wonders what Horatio sees in her.

18. She makes a point of not dating the men she works with, because there are always complications and invisible strings, and she left complications behind in the fair state of Louisiana.

19. He hated the first snowfall of the year.

20. Despite her wildly unorthodox hobbies and interests, there were still some things Abby Sciuto couldn’t quite believe.
Pattern results (although, to be honest, I was actually more intrigued by my summaries while I was collecting the first lines.  I heart my summaries):

Hm...well, aside from the obvious fact that I cling to 3rd person at nearly all times, it looks to me like I rely on short, punchy statements a lot - a lot of those are the introduction, and then we start paragraph 2.  Except for the times where I write long, tangled sentences with too many commas - I actually thought this would be more prevalent, since I worked on my long and tangly sentences a lot during revision periods in Writing Essay.  Maybe it's a habit I've acquired through my excessive blogging...or maybe they just don't show up until later in the fic. 

But apparently, when it comes to opening lines, I'm a big fan of the statement-drop.  Interesting.  I suppose that makes sense.  "Here's your thought to ponder; now, wouldn't you like to know the circumstances surrounding it?"  And it seems to be about a 50/50 split on whether or not I name a character right off the bat or go with generic he/she, so that's not really a pattern either. 

Anyone notice other patterns?  Even all lined up, and some months removed, it's kind of hard to see them in my own work.  I've spent too many hours with it in the past.
OK, that wasn't actually quite as bad as I was expecting...I think I miss creative writing a little bit.  Maybe I should do the works-in-progress meme next.  There are all these little scraps on my computer that have been there for months and months (in some cases, over a year), and various lists of ideas.  I cannot conceive of how any of them will ever actually become finished, but every time I see them, I feel bad that they may never see the light of day.
------- Speaking of the person I did my meme-swiping from, Muppet, I finally converted those songs and listened to them. "Dawn" is a very pretty addition to my instrumental collection indeed, but the bright celebration of "Galician Carol" is nothing short of soul-delighting. :D
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