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Why didn't you order me to find this sooner?

We've run into a slight problem with the plan to watch more Doctor Who...I'll have to put down my DW soundtracks in order to hear the episode.  And I'm afraid I just can't bring myself to do that.  (You'd think "The Stowaway" might get old after a hundred repeats, but my friends, you would be wrong.)    

I played the series 3 one at work all day, which did a good job of getting me oriented with all 20+ instrumental tracks until I could differentiate between them without looking - I always start out thinking this will be an impossible task; I don't know why.  "Martha's Theme," the reason I went ahead and got it in the first place, is still my favorite, but I'm also rather in love with "Boe" and "Blink," while "The Dream of a Normal Death" already has my lip wobbling, and then there's "This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home," which just covers way too many emotions at once and cannot be described beyond 'incredible.'

Oh, Music of 2008: Summer list, you are such an incredible mess.  It's only got 12 songs so far, officially, but then there are the other 12 songs from the country station that I refuse to officially include because they're not LOVE but they did make a significant impact, and now there's all THIS, which...I can't have 10 or 12 more songs off one CD!  Instrumental soundtracks only get one number!  [But-but-but, Martha and Rose's themes, plus the Gallifrey one, are far too incredible to bury with a bunch of other pretty-good songs!] And I'm in a dilemma place again.

But that's not the point.  The point is that I've been attached to the computer for like 4 hours just listening to it over and over again and honestly not doing much of anything else except randomly looking through the dozens upon dozens of old Word documents on my account.   *slaps self upside the head* You could at least be doing fic recs, or something!  Damn your inertia!  [Is not my fault!  Music too captivating!  Murray Gold has now officially joined the elite likes of Grainger, Holst, Holsinger, Tiersen and Whitacre in my circle of favorite composers.] 

Honestly, I don't know I survived before I had this CD in my life.

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