RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

This Sunday+Monday insomnia, Tuesday crash is becoming unsettlingly regular

Couldn't stop myself from listening to the soundtrack at work again yesterday.  Totally cried every time "The Dream of a Normal Death" started. 

In other news, I managed to stay awake just long enough to finally see an episode of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."  HAHAHA!  That was such an exercise in laughable awfulness, I could barely stand it.

1. There are exactly three likable characters: the sisters and the boyfriend (Ashley, Amy and Ben?  I only bothered to learn like 5 names, but I think those are right.  I really do like these three, and demand to know why they are not taking up about 90% of screen time.  In particular, I WANT MORE BEN.  He's fantastically awkward and fumbling!  So desperate to be all grown up and in a relationship!  

I also want more sullen!Ashley, because I'm pretty sure she's the smartest person on the series despite being the youngest.  (and I lied.  There might be 4 likable characters...Amy's one friend, the girl from The Bernie Mac Show...she seems suitably snarky too)

2. Other than that, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?  The previews did not lead me to expect that the father was such an abrasive, borderline emotionally-abusive asshole!  And the Christian family/the church angle permeating all the twisted relationships...WTF was all that about?  It's so...soap opera, and I don't mean in the way people talked about Grey's Anatomy and The O.C., I mean in a "this is really terrible acting in a situation that makes no sense."  

3. Are there like, 50 people in this town?  Why is everyone thoroughly aware of everyone else's business?  How do the parents all "hear things" about EVERYTHING that is happening down at the high school?

4. OK, I watched the whole hour, and I still don't understand the scandalousness of the cheerleader-being attacked-video.
a) clearly she was waiting for a ride home.  Probably there was a team party (remember, still wearing her uniform) and someone forgot to pick her up.  That's what I would have assumed if I'd just seen the video.
b) OK, so it was late at night and she hugged a shirtless guy.  That's maybe a little eyebrow-raising.  But, come on.  I know teenage boys are horny and all, but I don't think most of them preemptively ditch their shirts before even meeting their girlfriend.  Other explanations seem more likely. 
c) There were men intent on raping her.  She's supposed to just stand around and wait for them to grab her?  Why is everyone either horrified that she was about to attack them (*cough* defend herself), or laughing their asses off?  

5. God, this show is stupid.  It is also much less about Amy and Ben than I was previously led to believe, so while I am still intent on seeing a cute scene with them (damned previews!  You lied to me!  There were none in this episode!), I am going to get my fix off YouTube from now on.  

 Will reply to comments later.  Internet inexplicably down in apartment.
Tags: secret life

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