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I love Charlie & Amita

Numb3rs = The Ship(s) of Dreams

My GOD I love this show.  I love it.  I love it to pieces.  Everything is rosy and beautiful!  Everyone's happy!  Rainbows and puppies and kittens and kisses!   Oh wait - only three of those are strictly figurative language; the fourth is a reality!

This is an excerpt from my Deluxe Transcripts documents that I wrote at the beginning of the season: "You know what I don’t understand?  Why Charlie and Amita are perfect but have no chemistry, and Megan and Larry are so odd and mismatched, but sweet and completely shippable."

Of course, Charlie and Amita DO have chemistry now, which makes me happy.  And yet, in ways I still don't quite understand, I equally adore Megan and Larry as a couple.  I dare you to watch three of their Scenes of Cute (…I’ve recently noticed that I’ve created a whole glossary of my own terms on this site).  If you are not sold on the idea by that point, you have no heart.  Loved how Megan was absolutely beaming with pride when she came to dinner to announce the news with him, but that scene couldn’t hold a candle to the end, with them lying on a blanket looking at the stars – specifically, the spot where Larry himself will be next month.  There is some talk of what will happen to their relationship, which I have forgotten in the wake of them sharing yet another sweet kiss.  I melt into a puddle of bliss and grouse that Diane Farr’s pregnancy could so have been written into this show.  Ah, the potential…yes, yes, fanfic surely has it covered, and I still haven’t read any.  I need a fanfic recommender…someone to take me by the hand and guide me into the fandom.  Ahrum.

This, mind you, came after the scene in the office where Charlie rushes off to do…I dunno, I forget exactly what, but he gives Amita a quick goodbye kiss before he leaves.  I jumped out of my chair, pointing at the screen, and shouted “DAMN IT WHY DID I NOT SET A TAPE TONIGHT Look!  The chemistry last week was no fluke.  I told you they were perfect!  See, see, no awkward, no hesitation!”  Again, I’ve been waiting on this for a year.  Vindication feels good, y’all.  And I suppose I should be grateful – the longer it takes relationships to start on TV, the longer they last.

The ending scene, of course, was most poignant.  First of all, the mere existence of a scrapbook makes me happy.  (also, if there is ever a props auction and I come into possession of a large sum of money, that’s the one I want.  Right after the miniature crime scenes of CSI) Second of all, I was so hoping Amita would come in at the end…wish granted.  The scene could not have played out any better.  Poor Charlie.  After having spent the whole eppesode in total denial, it finally hits him – hard – that Larry is actually leaving and going into outer space.  (only for six months, Charlie.  Cheer up.  Kiss your girlfriend.) Charlie does not heed my point-out, but merely stares morosely at the scrapbook, looking like he’s about to cry.  Awww…MUST.  HUG.  Oh wait, Amita can do that for me now.  *smiles complacently and sends brain into dreamland*         

Other things: Cute scene in which Larry and Amita discuss Charlie’s poor reaction to the news of the space thing.  An interesting observation about Charlie (to paraphrase, he’s never dreamed of something he couldn’t accomplish), usage of the phrase “your beau” to describe Charlie, and Larry sprinting down a track make it a great scene.  I think this whole NASA thing is cool.  Very cool.  I suppose it’s because the actor is jetting off to some other show.  Eh, no matter. 

Oh, um, and there was a case.  But it was boring, and the only fun part was when Colby got to be smart, so I’m just not going to mention it.  Back to the romance and the kisses!  You realize that right now, everyone (who matters) is happy?  (assuming Don’s still got something with Liz…) This is unheard of on television; unheard of!  *clutches head* It’s going to blow up in a spectacular fireball soon, isn’t it?  Perhaps a series of small explosions until all the cheeriness is wiped out.  Numb3rs prides itself on being more wholesome than a lot of crime dramas, focusing on the family aspect as it does (in a different and wholly more awesome way than “Medium”), but I still don’t trust it to leave everyone happy.  Not that it will stop me from begging TPTB to do so…whatever.  Right now, this show is nothing short of amazing.

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