RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

My life is just so fascinating, it requires constant updates.

And I only just got out of work!  Here's what's collected in my head up to this point.

1) Follow my train of thought:
"God, Martha's Theme is so pretty. --> It's funny how 'theme' always seems to translate to 'haunting vocals,' doesn't it? --> Which makes me crankier than ever that Donna's doesn't fit the pattern.  --> I mean, you've got the Doctor's, Rose's (haunting anyway), Martha's, and now that I think way back, even Scully's.  --> Hah, lol, remember once upon a time I was SO desperate to get my hands on those haunting vocals from X-Files' season 8 premiere, and I finally did, and it was awesome?  --> *sits bolt upright* OH!"

OMG YOU GUYS!  Once upon a time, when I only had one fandom/TV obsession and therefore extra energy to devote to it, I made a fanmix.  I spent like a week on it, and I went all out.  I mean, I even printed out a full CD-liner package of lyrics and collages (collages made by other people, clearly) to accompany all the songs (...and to be fair, about half the songs were pre-picked for me in the form of collages with lyrics embedded, but still! I functioned as an editor compiling it all together).  It was MSR-themed, naturally, and possibly a little sappy as I was 16, but I think most of it was pretty good.

IN HONOR OF THE NEW X-FILES MOVIE, YOU SHOULD REMIND ME TO POST THIS.  It will be tricky, since the CD's at home and I am only 89% sure that I still have all those pictures, and the Word doc where I put it all together in booklet form is long since gone from a computer crash, but I could recreate it from the hard copy.  I never got to show it to anyone except my mom, and I'm still extremely fond of it.

2. No fair.  Despite my general annoyance with Carrie Underwood's success (on one hand, she's gorgeous!  But country, so she is not better than Katharine McPhee and should not be the best Idol ever!  And she does that annoying thing with her hand on the mic when she sings live!), she keeps making me fall for her singles.  The latest one to get me is "Just a Dream," which at first irritated me because it was slow and dull, and all I gathered was something about crying at a wedding, probably because it was just so BEAUTIFUL and love is all dream-like and *rolls eyes* 

Over the course of the week, as it played in regular rotation on the radio (I swear to God I don't try to alliterate, it just happens!) it slowly began to feel as though there was something vaguely melancholy about this song.  I heard "everybody saying, he's not coming home now," which sounded like the girl's husband had run off on her.  OK, maybe I can get behind that.  Still not great, but at least less sappy.

Today when it heard it start, I was determined to figure out what was going on, so I listened very carefully to the lyrics, nodded through the chorus full of 'why'd you have to leave me' and 'this can't be happening' and then OH MY GOD!  

Then they handed her a folded up flag
And she held on to all she had left of him

BAWL.  And then I cried through the rest of the song.  Stupid country music!  Always with the irresistible sadness!  

[Edit: I was intensely disappointed that there was no official music video for it, but not anymore!  Because I have found this, and I'll be damend if it's not just about as good as a professional production.  It gets a bit out of sync in the second half, but ignore that!  The rest is fantastic.

3. I got an update from Res Life telling me that I have to move into my fall housing even earlier than the already-early day, August 9th instead of the 13th.  For some reason, I am unexpectedly grumpy about this, even though it will reduce my summer rent (by about $40.  Haha.).  I don't know why I'm grumpy, as it means I get to go from a shared bedroom in a 4-person apartment to a single bedroom in an apartment that will only have 2 people until the other 2 get here on the 25th...wait, yes I do.  

My bedroommate is always gone, and my other apartment-mates go home every weekend.  When I move, I'll be living with the girl who's both an RA for the school year and our current summer RA.  She's nice, but...*whines* That means I'll have to talk to her!  I'm much more comfortable with my current apartment's unofficial policy of non-acknowledgement!

Plus instead of being right next to work, I'll be all the way across campus.  This requires leaving 7 minutes earlier.  SEVEN MINUTES IS A LOT BEFORE 6 AM.  Even if the job only lasts another week beyond moving day.  OH GOD SUMMER IS TOO CLOSE TO BEING OVER, NOOOOO!  Don't want school!  Like cleaning!  Cleaning awesome!   *requires calming medication*
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