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An ER Event

First order of business: the theme music of this episode was Stars Go Blue, and I adore that song.  Dancing little marionette… 

The only thing that is guaranteed to bring tears to my eyes, besides the death of a pet, is the death or pending death of a mother whose child(ren) is/are between the ages of 10 and 30.  I’m very close to my own mother – I tell her everything; she’s the best friend I’ve got – and every time I think about being in the same situation…well, I just don’t want to think about it.  So, anyway, when the kid on the bus was screaming about being parted from his mother who lay dying, trapped under a bunch of metal, there were tears coming down my face.

I’m glad she made it out okay.  That was really, incredibly dramatic, escaping just seconds before the bus rolled off the side of the cliff, crashed on the rocks and burst into flames.  Sweeps stunt, yes, but hey.  And I loved the cheesy ending, with half the staff gathered in the break room for a Thanksgiving meal.  The Luby Love is growing on me, as I slowly relax my guard and pray for a small miracle that keeps them together.  They make a cute family.  (well, not the baby.  The baby itself is not cute; the baby merely represents love and serves as a cohesive agent)

Jane had a big role!  Yay!  But…with the Crenshaw (or however you spell it), that’s not cool. Why are they an item (or on the verge of becoming one)?  She’s pretty enough, but he has the bald head and the creepy bug eyes; oh, and the asshole attitude of course!  And I still can’t figure out what commercial that actor was in, but I know it was annoying.  Now, for the worst part of the storyline: 

Oh, for the love of God, Neela, when a guy says “We can take this as slow as you want,” freakin’ take him up on the offer.  Take everything at face value; believe what he says about not rushing things; it will be better in the long run.  Don’t show your gratitude for his understanding by doing the exact opposite of what he says.  I’m officially diving off this ship.  Neela always says she doesn’t want to rush into things, and she’s seemingly very cautious about pursuing a relationship, but once she says yes to a guy, they’re in the sack about two minutes later.  One aspect I really don’t like about her character.  [a/n: mind, I wrote that as I was watching.  *Before* any of the real fallout happened!]

Also, the whole time I was uber-distracted by the horse sketch on the fridge, which was clearly drawn by the girl.  How did Neela not notice that and ask?  And of course, then there came the end, with the poor woman and her daughter coming upstairs, apparently hoping to surprise him – really, he should have expected that; Thanksgiving being a FAMILY holiday and them being a whole lot LIKE FAMILY – and walking in Gates and Neela, both of whom were lacking clothing.  Words cannot express how sick that made me.  That’s it. I’m officially beating up Gates. 

It’s hard to hate him, because he does have that nice smile, and that benevolent attitude – unlike the asses at Seattle Grace, he treats you like a princess, romances you, like he really wants to get to know you – he never gives the impression that he’s just trying to get into your pants.  Even though he clearly IS.  So my brain says I should dislike him, but…well, let’s just say, I can understand why that woman keeps coming back to him, forgiving him, fell in love with him despite it all.   

And previews for next week?  See, Neela, if you’d done what I told you to, y’all would just be finishing off pie (not a metaphor) when they walked in.  Nobody would have felt betrayed, nobody would have wanted to die of embarrassment…and what’s up with Gates breaking up the affair?  Feeling guilty?  I should hope so, but it doesn’t matter; Neela should have put on her clothes and left then and there.  This whole mess is ticking me off big-time.   

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