RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

This post had more relevance an hour ago. *fights with HTML/slow computer*

*looks at Notepad*
*looks at clock*
*looks at VLC Media player*

I've been working since midnight and I'm STILL NOT DONE with "Human Nature"?!  BLOODY HELL.  I AM NOT SPENDING MY ENTIRE SUNDAY ON THIS.  Yes I am.  And my MP3 player just died, so now I have to work without music, since jumping from video to music on this computer makes both programs laggy.  The question now is whether I want to try and go to bed, or stay up another 4 hours so that I can get my grocery shopping and then spend the day asleep.  I'm beginning to feel tired now, but I also would like to get the shopping out of the way so that it's cooler and the streets are less busy.  Dilemmas!

I think I'll just play with my favorite recurring data meme instead.

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