RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Ahoy, there be some spoilers in this post!

TV Squad is currently overrun with posts about Comic-Con, which I have been completely ignoring because it is a stupid event, regardless of how much popular TV is inexplicably packed into it.  However, I read the post on the Pushing Daisies panel, and it has only confirmed my fears that all the news we've heard about next season kinda sucks. 

1. Chuck moving out - staying with Olive.  Um, hi!  Is their shared room not one of my favorite parts of the show?  I'm pretty sure bedtime is one of my favorite parts of the show.  Not so much anymore!  You seem to be taking away not only my favorite cute-scene setting, but doing it in a way that may shatter my fragile and fairly new love for Olive.  Because I got to a point where I thought she was adorable and cute, but at the moment, I can't remember why. The feelings of annoyance are much more dominant, and thus easier to revive.

2. The show becoming "more [focused] on the entire ensemble this season."  I don't want to meet Emerson's mother.  I SURE as hell dont' want to see "flashbacks of the younger Olive, Emerson, Ned and Chuck."  I hate the Young Ned parts and flashbacks in general (thanks, Lost!) enough already.  And I ESPECIALLY don't want to deal with the aunts any more.  I feel like the first nine episodes maxed out how much screen time I can take in a season with the aunts before I start to turn on them and get irritated.  Increasing that amount sounds like a bad idea.  

Did I mention the part where really, all I need is Ned and Chuck?  OK, and Digby.  But really, I don't need an ensemble cast so much.  Emerson and Olive in supporting parts are, again, about maxing out on how much I want of ensemble.  

3. Along with that, at first I was open to the idea of Emerson getting a story arc, but now I think maybe it's overload.  Do not want anymore.

4. Apparently there are going to be yet more musical numbers this season.  I hate those more than anything in the world. 

However, there are two bits of squeeful news, one of which ALMOST makes up for all of the above:

a) Casting David Arquette, because anyone with "Arquette" as part of their name, unless it also includes "Alexis", is made of wincakes. 

b) The staff at Daisies is working on all types of contraptions to get Ned and Chuck to be together without touching. They are even creating a plastic partition in order for the two to spoon in bed.


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