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I am - gasp, horrors, and shock! - not actually going to do a full-blown commentary on the past week's So You Think You Can Dance, because STC would only let me watch the first half of the Wednesday show before throwing a fit and refusing to load, and I was only paying like 10% of my attention to the results show. Plus, I took 2 days off work so I'm at home this weekend, and half my notes are on the computer at school because I forgot where I'd saved everything. The result is that I have a sort of scattershot - if still unsettlingly long - set of reactions to both the performances and the results below.

It was kind of funny on Wednesday, actually. It took me like 5 minutes to figure out that it was only going to be an hour long show, so the thing I was seeing at 7 was a repeat of the previous week's results show. I was like "Wait a minute, why is Comfort here?! And Will??? Did they bring back the top 8 just for the fun of it? If so, I'm totally OK with that. Wait, why is Cat talking about results?! Dude, I know it's my night to crash, but I don't think I accidentally slept for 24 hours...oh. I get it now." This is what happens when you sleep through results shows the first time around. On the bright side? That dance was really awesome.

As for the actual performances, some random thoughts:

-The way she's always complaining about her partners, I kind of hope that Courtney sues the show for sexual harassment. Not that she'd really have a case, but it would be hilarious. Although taking issue with Mark grabbing her boob is...honey, have you seen Mark?
-The dance was nice, but I was really grouchy about "Time Of My Life" being used for their waltz, both because I have an irrational hatred of in-house pimping, and because I have a perpetual hatred for anything sung by David Cook when I know it's sung by David Cook. I mean, there is a vague part of my brain that would enjoy this song if it had been sprung on me the first time, but knowing it's him just points all my settings toward annoyance.

-You know what I noticed about Chelsie's solo? She was wearing jazz shoes! That excites me so much, you don't even know. Sometimes I think my whole life of dance lessons was made up in my head, so little does this show reflect it, but then you see someone wearing a good pair of jazz shoes and it makes you feel better.

-LOVED Twitch's solo, and loved even more when Cat was all "hand over the grill!" and he hesitated, looking legitimately confused and not sure if she was joking. Which is fair, since I wasn't sure if she was joking. I think maybe she should have warned him she was going to ask that.

-On that note? Cat Deeley is love and sunshine and joy, always, at all times. You think that Ryan Seacrest is a pretty good host, and he's especially fun bantering with Simon, but then you see Cat and remember that hosts can be personable and not have something vaguely animatronic about them.

-TWoP quote alert: Chelsie's in a red version of the same half-dress that she and Courtney fight over every week. Hee!

-That's where my viewing ended, and I had to actually rely on recaps. But considering TWoP described Mark and Courtney's next dance with "Very beat heavy and headbanging. Mark, um, takes Courtney from behind," I'm thinking that's a good thing. I'm also thinking that Courtney may come out of this with some psychological scarring. Thinking it over, for someone who's generally cute and young and very barely-out-of-high-school, she does seem to get weirdly sexualized in a lot of her dances.

-Apparently, Courtney danced to "Rock Your Soul"! Keep bringing the awesome music, honey. Someone danced to that last year too and I meant to look it up but I never did. Maybe that's a sign I should?

-Recapist quote alert: Mark struts around the stage, jutting his head back and forth and taking his tank top off because he wants to be shirtless, too, dammit. HEEHEE!

Thursday: Results
So, this opening dance was REALLY PRETTY with the spotlights, and I was all set to appreciate one of the rare good dances of the season, and then my dad called, as he likes to do during the one show of the week I watch live, so I missed it (YouTube? Am far too lazy for YouTube). But the spotlight at the beginning was cool.

-Solos are the light of my life, and that's all I have to say to the idiots who keep talking about how boring they're getting. You know why I hate Dancing With the Stars? Aside from the celebrities, because it's all partners, all the time. I would be perfectly happy to have nothing but group dances and solos. My 13 years at the dance studio did not include any duets, and partnerships (especially the ballroom stuff) always remind me of real-world dances at weddings and things. Which I find unspeakably stupid.

-I haven't vented my dislike of real-world (read: non-choreographed) dancing in a while. I feel better now.

-Reaction to "Lil Demon" a/k/a "Ugly Pint-Sized Brat": I'm sorry. Why the fuck is there a child on my stage? I am trying to drop my usual child bias and remember that the little boys were always pretty awesome at my studio, tumbling around like circus performers as they did, and I loved those kids who danced with Chris Brown at the unforgettable 07 Grammys, but the fact remains THERE IS A CHILD ON MY TELEVISION. He's kind of a clumsy dancer, too. Ugh, hideous coffee grinders. I feel certain that a lot of children could do this routine. Extremely amateur, like the people who audition for this show after taking 5 or 6 years of non-competitive dance at a studio, and I still don't understand why he out of all the children in the world is getting a spotlight on this show. Is he related to one of the past/present contestants and/or one of the important people behind the scenes? He must be; I can't think of any other reason to single him out.

-Lady Gaga's weird. Less flat-out reprehensible than Flo Rida, but...weird.

-I screamed and swore a blue streak when Katee and Joshua got put in the finale. Well, not Joshua so much because my hatred of Mark runs much deeper, but Katee, oh, I loaaaaaaaaaaaaathe Katee. And I feel like she's going to win, which makes me even more furious and hatey towards her.

-At that point, I was actually praying for Courtney to get cut, just so I'd have one less reason to watch the finale. And then...she didn't. I didn't know whether to clap or sulk. Hell, I still don't. I mean, Courtney is lovely and fun and bouncy and all, but when you look back at the top 20...did she in any way stand out as a likely contender for Final Four? I don't think so. Chelsie didn't either, but at least if she'd gotten in I wouldn't care if one of the girls one. Now it's just going to hurt even more when Courtney loses out.

-I was still praying for an upset with Mark, but alas, he got sent packing too. Good and kind of ironic that the old partners ultimately left together.

-So *technically* I still have a 50/50 set of likable contenders in the finale, but it seems to me more like a 10% chance that one of them will actually win. If you don't mind, I'd like to call out the placings right now - from 4th to 1st: Courtney, Twitch, Joshua, Katee. I suppose there could still be surprise twists, but I'd lay a thousand bucks on Courtney being 4th - er, do they do them in order? Or do they not specify 3rd and 4th? Anyway. I could totally live with a world in which Joshua wins and Twitch takes second, for example; my feelings of grouchiness and annoyance towards the former are mostly because of Katee's association with him.

-And of course, if Twitch won, I might even die of shock and joy. But the odds on that are probably a million to one.

P.S. Forgot to post this on Saturday, but: "Stupid TV Squad! I forgot that the Doctor Who finale only just aired on Sci Fi. Which meant TVS had to talk about it. With pictures. Nothing they said before the cut was spoilery, and technically none of it was really spoilery, but me? Me, I just HAD to glance at the before-the-jump thumbnail pictures from the gallery as I skimmed past. One of which appeared to be a missing link between my scattershot spoilers and maybe-spoilers, and I suddenly feel like I might be hella pissed when I finally get to this finale. Pissed with a dash of heartbroken. (secret note to Future Self: emphasis on the maybe-spoilers!)

I am fast approaching a point where I don't want to get to series 4 at all. Like, any of it. I'll just stay here with unexpectedly-awesome-now-Martha, and forget that Rose ever existed,, crap, but I really want to see Donna again. Humph." [Dear flist: I do apologize for constantly whining about this, but Future Self, she likes a record of my attitude progression. And I'm in a determined grudge match against the internet to see how long I can dodge the majority of the material floating around out there, how long I can hang onto mostly-ignorant bliss while working at my own pace.]

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