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I’m so desperate for this show to be good again that maybe I’m convincing myself things are good even when they aren’t, but for the third week in a row, I thought this was a pretty good episode. 

Come As You Are 

 Once I stopped trying to make any sense out of how Horatio managed to get himself involved in the investigation of the murder of a Marine THAT TOOK PLACE IN FREAKIN’ IRAQ, I thought it was enjoyable, and resonated well.  I may have been swayed by the fairly somber ET segment, but I thought it took a sensitive topic and made it heartfelt.  (Although…I didn’t quite understand why the military thought anyone in particular was responsible for Patrick’s death, considering he went down in a blaze of gunfire during an insurgent attack…)

 The characters seem to have gotten back to where they were before this season started – apologies; I consider seasons 1-4 all equally good – and no longer seem as stilted in their line delivery.  (in my opinion, anyway)   I don’t know what happened earlier this fall, but I don’t want to go back to that place.  I’d rather have believable characters than believable storylines.  Okay, I like it when Horatio is front and center.  Even when he’s hanging somewhat creepily around wakes in order to talk to family members of a victim.  Still liked the interaction with Kevin.  And I always like Calleigh & Ryan teamed up; they play well off one another.         

 I’m going to skip over the murder of the Marine recruiter, because it was stupid and pointless on so many levels.  The kid should have been rejected based on lack of reasoning skills alone.  Among a plethora of other questions, how did he plan to make it look like the guy had died on the shooting range, given the presumably noticeable head wound, and more importantly the EXTREMELY CONSPICUOUS BLOOD STAINS on the curb within walking distance?    

 The scene with Valera played out better than I had hoped – she didn’t go on the defensive like I thought she would, and I was pleasantly surprised when she asked Natalia “Are you mad?” and seemed to genuinely care about the answer.  Although, dear Nat, if she gets hurt in any way, I am holding you personally responsible, for not explaining to her why going out with Nick might be a Bad Idea.  (much as I like the theory that Nick wasn’t the bad guy in the marriage, I just can’t seem to convince myself)  

The only thing I didn’t like, really, was the ending montage…the song was annoying, and it went on forever and ever and ever showing things that were supposed to show closure, but ultimately just felt like recycled footage and wasted time.

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