RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Scattershot post

1. The puppy found a home! She gave him to a young couple over the weekend, so now I can stop feeling all miserable and heart-achey about it. :)

2. I was following a series of perfectly respectable links and Google search terms (no, started with a featured Xanga post about the best type of birth control), and then all of a sudden I learned what rimming was. Which I sort of assumed I knew before, but I guess I'd just made up a definition in my head. Because it is not what I thought it was. And um, I'm going to sick to my stomach now. *gags*

3. To take our minds off that, let's observe a brief but hilarious video clip that almost makes me sorry I didn't watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. It has slapping, and Jim, and most importantly, Andy getting slapped. Twice. Needless to say, it made me very happy.

Oh, Office. I have no desire what-so-ever to tune into the season 5 premiere, being as I'm STILL full of pissed-off and bitter feelings of betrayal over last season's finale, but this was a nice pick-me-up. 

Tags: life, the office, video recs

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