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How come I always manage to be awake and in my room on Tuesday nights?

You know, "SLAT"'s not really doing it for me.  Neither is "Secret Life."  I think I should just tag this show as "my crack addiction," because clearly that is what it is.  Because I still spent the whole hour rolling my eyes and going "yawn, yawn, yaaaaaaaaaaawn, golly this annoying, yawn," and then at the end BEN AND AMY STILL MAKE MY HEART DO FUNNY FLIPS and I remember why I'm hooked.  Guys, when I post about this next week as I inevitably will, I it with a Ben/Amy icon because I'm going hunting for one.  Dear god, crack makes you do weird things.

I think this was episode 10?  I'm at a point where I should start looking up titles, probably.  I'm even starting to worry about how soon a season finale is approaching, which, please shoot me for that thought.

-Ashley's flat, monotone sarcasm is beginning to grate on my nerves.  This makes me sad, because Ashley is so clearly one of the best-written characters, and yet I increasingly feel my skin prickle with aggravation every time she opens her mouth.  BUCK THE HELL UP, YOU MISERABLE CHILD.  And please realize that your mom is awesome and your dad's an asshole and thus your parental loyalties, they are misplaced.

-Dear Ricky: I know you had a sad, sad childhood and you were probably a sweet little kid until your stepdad screwed you up for life, but guess what?  You are a piece of trash.  End of story. 

-I'm going back and forth on whether I hate Grace or Adrienne (or however it's spelled...) more.  The latter is kinda like Britney Spears, in that if she'd grown up in a normal place with a normal family she might have turned out all right.  The weird offensive-defense survival mechanism she's switched on makes her extremely unpleasant.  It's like I'm supposed to believe she's got multiple layers, but the problem is that I have no desire whatsoever to find out what they are.  I don't want to scratch the bitchy surface.

-I didn't realize that Ben's Asian friends were dating.  I still think they're creepy dorks, but I do have a newfound respect and admiration for the girl.  She's hilarious.  And smart.  Without Ashley's petulance.  New favorite side character?

-Dear Amy: you are officially no longer allowed to whine about being pregnant and/or not wanting to have a baby.  You don't have to have a baby.  Everyone was perfectly willing to make it not happen.  You chose to stick to the path of toil.  Suck it up.   Also, please tell Ricky to GTFO of your life and never return. 

-Dear everyone else: If she's going to insist on having it, going to stay with her grandmother is the best possible choice.  Stop acting like it's a freaking death sentence.  I agree 100% that it would be easier.

-Despite most of the above things making me angry, they are all rendered totally irrelevant by the sweeping, all-consuming love I have for Ben (shut up.  actor is 19.  Though considering I've already admitted that Nick Jonas is annoyingly cute, this fact is somewhat irrelevant).  He visits his mother's grave (once a year, "Because every day would be too often?"  Oh God, he has puppy eyes even when he's not trying to make them.  *squishes*) !  And talks to her!  Despite his dad being an extreme buzzkill!  And is still kind of teary-eyed 5 years later!  (which, losing your mother at age 10: explains quite a lot about how he began the path to World's Best Boyfriend) 

-Ending scene: with the hiding in the bushes until Ricky left, and the endearingly nervous babbling until Amy throws herself into his arms and then he just holds her and murmurs reassuring things?  God.  I can has a Ben?  Seriously, if you were in high school and had a boyfriend, I don't know how you could stay with him if he wasn't constantly doing Ben-like things.  He's setting impossible standards.  And this week, for the first time ever, I actually wanted him to stay with Amy and grow up and get married and I may have briefly envisioned a scene in which they were about to have their first baby, 10 years down the line, and then I got sort of giddy and light-headed thinking about all the emotional gold to be mined there

*cough* What I mean is, up to this point I've been envisioning a future in which Amy breaks up with him towards the end of high school, and then when he's grown up and matured a little bit more, officially grown into his potential as World's Best Boyfriend, he's this angsty past to contend with, which girls adore.  I've been quite happy thinking about some other girl he'll eventually be happy with, when it's real love and not puppy love he's mistaken for true love.

 Wow, that got very long and rambly.  In conclusion, I am now willing to begin accepting that Ben and Amy are true love, at least so far as Ben is in love with Amy and it's just going to take some time and convincing romantic gestures for her to fully realize and feel it OH GOD THEY ARE JIM AND PAM, HIGH SCHOOL STYLE.  Damn.  That explains so much.
Tags: secret life, tv commentary
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