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CSI: NY - Raising Shane

*sobs* No, not the Lab of Love! Don't take it away from meeee...

</b>*mentally kicks wall, breaks toe* I mean, I suspected this was coming...but that doesn't mean I was prepared for it, or that I can fully accept it.  The moment Mac abruptly slapped her hand away from his face as Stella entered the room, my heart shattered and plummeted into the depths of despair, and I knew that all the rumors and spoilers I'd been trying to pretend didn't exist were going to be quite verified by episode's end.

I feel like I might be overreacting, since it's not like I'm going to mourn the departure of  Peyton herself, but I AM going to miss Mac being in love.  Yeah, yeah.  He loved Claire, still misses her, yada yada yada, so do I but as previously stated, ghosts can't kiss.

Of course, if you were in her shoes...would you have stayed?  She isn't really angry with him, and it clearly hurts her to walk away.   But as much as you might love the man, how can you be with him knowing that you're never going to capture his heart the way his wife did, and that he'll always miss her?  Not that that precludes me from feeling sorry for Mac.  I wouldn't call him heartbroken, but he looked so forlorn, trying to apologize, that I could feel my own heart bleeding.  *hugs him* He doesn't want to lose Peyton, because she's finally something good in his life.  Pushing aside the memories of Claire for something corporeal, something here and now; that's natural.  That's human.  But it was doomed to fail, since Mac hasn't really gotten over Claire.  Maybe never will.  This really only adds to my grandiose romantic notions of their marriage.  Damn it, I want to mess with time and space and the natural laws of physics, whatever it takes, to bring her back to him!

It was really too perfect, though, the way he tried to apologize only to slip and finish "Look, Claire-- *bites tongue*" Peyton isn't even offended, just smiles sadly, as this proves her point.  Much as I love to hear that inflection - *stores sound bite away for later use, such as insertion into a scene from 2000* -- that was, ultimately, the point where I could no longer wait on the edge of my seat with trembling hope that maybe-just-maybe all was not lost, and bashed my head into the wall. an aside, I assumed the Smacked shippers would want to write joyous fiction when Mac freaked out at the idea of Stella witnessing an intimate gesture between him and Peyton - claiming things about repressed notions and whatnot - but just so you know, it would be really bad form to exploit that scenario. 

I'm going to come back to this because I'm still heartbroken and feeling very helpless that there's no one to make Mac feel better...but for now, let's move on to the rest of the story?

Okay - WOW!  I thought this was going to be sort of a boring episode because it starred Hawkes, but instead - mostly because of the way the team pulled together - it was amazing. Right off the bat, I was impressed that the team got kicked off the case due to conflict-of-interest (and yes, I loved Danny's extreme frustration).  Which is how things work in the real world, unlike Miami in which Horatio solves everything, whether he's supposed to or not.  So, there was that.  I don't know what to say about the case itself; I was captivated by the story; I felt bad for Hawkes.  Especially when Mac locked them both in the interrogation room and went off on him. Geeze, Mac.  Been fighting with everybody lately, haven't you?  Anyway.  

There was a little bit of reparation in the rift between Mac & Flack (yea, I love that rhyme), with Flack running interference between the departments and defending Mac's actions.   Aww. 

DT. JENNIFER ANGELL WOO!  You know, JENNIFER didn't break up with anybody.  (although I observed some of those flirty behaviors that the Talk CSI gang has been pushing between her and Danny, and it didn't make me happy.  Okay, I might support the ship, but strictly in an AU) So there's totally no reason that her role has to be over, right?  It's weird how she and Peyton have been attached at the hip as far as casting goes (but I haven't complained, because it meant that whenever we saw one of them we were in for a doubly-good episode), but now I'm ready for Angell to have a larger and more regular role.  Words cannot express how pissed I will be if she goes but Peyton hangs around as a plain old coroner.  It's girlfriend or nothing, Brit Chick.

I am definitely going to have to buy this season on DVD - I don't know WHY I am still taping Miami to save but not this show.  It's a ridiculous habit, especially since Miami's season is flopping like a dying fish and New York is shooting through the roof.  *kicks self hard*  So...what I need to be doing is transcribing the heartbreaking scenes.  BUT I DON'T WANT TO!  If it's all right with you, I think I'll go cry in the corner. 

On the slightly brighter side, Bones was 85% Excellently Spooky and Wickedly Well Done Haunted Woods Ghost Story - second best of the year, easy - and 5% good Bones/Booth interaction (including a hilarious bit in which Zack plays the role of kid brother while Booth and Bones snit at each other about dating), and 10% Hodgins/Angela CUTENESS!

Words cannot express how their three snippets of scenes together, watching the video footage, caused my little heart to dance.  Even though the video didn't really seem that particularly horrifying to me, as a spectator on the other side of the TV...I guess I can see how it unnerved all of them.  I liked that Angela got to be stereotypically girly and cling to Jack/hide her face against him during the scary parts, but had a legitimate excuse for it because it was real murder and mayhem, not Hollywood gore. 

Loved the last scene, in which Booth and Bones come in asking if they've finished...whatever it was the case wrap-up required; I forget.  Hodgins admits he still has to check something.
Booth: Then why are you here?
Angela: Because I *want* him here.

Heh.   I love her ability to slap him down.  You don't question Angela.  You know, it amuses me that at the beginning of the month I didn't even know all the characters' names and now I love them to pieces.  And shame on me for ever wanting this relationship to take place solely behind the scenes.  I wonder if the Myspace player works yet?  I'm dying to see that first date of theirs again, since I wasn't paying any attention when it first aired and I can barely remember it.  Okay, end digression. 

The ending, in which it *appears* that there is an ACTUAL GHOST on the screen - I refuse to call it out on being cheesy or fake, because it looked real and I was literally chilled by the image - was perfect too.  Angela (after both nod and rationalize that it was definitely just moonlight.  Of course.  Right.): "Can I stay at your place tonight?" 
They're so cute I can't stand it. 
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