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Watched "The Sound of Drums."

C-c-c-can't...stop...LAUGHING OMG LOL HAHAHAHA HEE HEE HEE OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD I CANNOT TAKE MUCH MORE HILARITY.  I mean, there are serious and sobering parts, and my heart threatens to come straight out through my chest every time I hear "This is Gallifrey," but it always returns to HAHAHAHA, THE MASTER!!  OH GOD MACROS, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?  Man, and it's not even the macros' fault (entirely).  I almost literally fell out of my chair with hysterical laughter when the dance music started towards the end there.  

"Last of the Time Lords," please rescue me with some heartache soon.  *zooms off in its direction*

EDIT: ...*remembers she failed to fetch it*  %(*)#&*(#&%#%!  Well, now that I'll have to wait another 15 minutes, I've abruptly lost the urge to keep watching straight through.  Instead, feel compelled to try and wrap brain around part 2 before I finish the whole thing up.  Sigh.  

Tags: doctor who

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