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Up to this point, I hadn't been particularly interested in the new season of CSI.  I was planning to tune in, obviously, but my excitement levels were pretty much equal to "meh."  Now, after watching that promo, I'm more like ALK;SDJFALKSJDFLKASFD GUH OCTOBER NINTH???  GET HERE NOW. 

Basically, let me just quote my own comment on the above post:
"1. OH MY GOD MY GSR HUG, FINALLY! *immediately rewinds twice to see it*
2. *totally forgets about hug* OH MY JLASJDLFASJDLGAFJLKS;DJFS WAS THAT A BEDROOM MOMENT? Dude, CSI, you just killed half your fanbase with heart attacks of joy.
3. (she adds, from the grave) Wibbly-voiced Grissom! THIS PREMIERE IS GOING TO BE INSANE."

I mean, I mean, remember how I grumbled and threatened and gnashed my teeth after I didn't get my proper spoiler-promised embrace in "Empty Eyes"?  WELL NOW I HAVE VISUAL PROOF THAT IT IS HERE, AND IT IS GOOD.  And with the bed scene - did they really pack all the GSR into the promo?  What can they possibly have left to surprise us with, and will that backfire in horrible ways I don't anticipate? - the GSR that I've just witnessed is, um, about 300% greater than the nonsense we got in whatever Sara's final episode was called.  Actually, it was 300% greater than nearly all of their interaction in season 8 combined.  GO SEASON NINE, GO SEASON NINE, GO. (or, well, actually just the first episode.  But still.)

TPTB, I officially forgive you for killing Warrick if it gets me emotional gold like this.  Totally and completely forgive. 
In a completely unrelated note: did they discontinue Vanilla Diet Pepsi again?  Because it's been ages since Dad got me a plain 12-pack instead of a 24-pack, the latter of which only comes in basic flavors, and he FINALLY did for the week I'm home, except Cub Foods didn't have any of the vanilla flavor.  And it was freaking tragic and upsetting and PLEASE TELL ME THE STORE WAS JUST OUT THAT DAY.

Discontinued (?) Merchandise Note #2: WHY THE F*** CAN'T I FIND ANY NOTEBOOKS THAT DON'T HAVE THOSE PERFORATED PAGES?  Seriously.  All over Target, all over K-Mart, I found none in any brand that weren't perforated.  Mom keeps telling me it seems like they don't make those anymore, and in order to keep my head from exploding with rage I just kept going "LALALA NOT LISTENING" because seriouslyWhy in hell would you just randomly stop making the same kind of notebooks you've made for decades?

The new-version notebooks are total (insert naughty swear word here).  Guess what, geniuses?  I don't tear all the pages in my notebook out!  Sometimes, I take notes that I want to stay there all year, or at least a semester.  And sometimes, I even do things like journal in them, which means I turn the same old pages quite a lot, yet I at no point EVER want to them to be dislodged from within the covers.  And when you turn perforated pages a lot?  They start to become worn out and start tearing of their own accord anyway!  DO NOT WANT.  WANT NORMAL NOTEBOOKS BACK, PLZ.  This is causing me much distress, because I have endless numbers of notebooks and once filled I save them all forever; they need to be hardy!
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