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Poor Candice needs a hug. I volunteer to be her best friend.

(on the condition that she dump Adam, of course, because association with dumb people makes you dumber, and I can't have stupid friends)

"This week, on, Survivor:"
There was another tradition, The Auction, which offered an unusually low number of gross food items and a couple of truly unique prizes.  Specifically, a tub full of warm bathwater, and the power to boot someone to Exile Island *and* steal any money they had left.  Gee, considering one of the Aitus won that second one, who do you think got picked? 

Yes, of course it was Candice.  Who not only didn't win any food, but spent a fourth miserable night on Exile, crying her eyes out in such a way that made me want to go punch all the Aitu people in the face and then come back to give her a hug and promise everything would be okay.  It's quite possibly the most pitiful thing I have ever seen on the show, and while I still want the Awesome Aitus to get to the end, I'm also getting a little sick of their bullying.  They're like...the kid who got picked on all through elementary and junior high, then got beefed up over the summer and came back to turn the tables in as cruel a manner as possible.  No, I take that back.  This is like bitchy junior high cattiness.  It's like Candice admitted to liking someone else's crush, and her clique immediately excommunicated her for it.   SERIOUSLY.  THIS IS BEING BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION, AITU.

Back at camp, Jonathon talked at great and annoying length about how FULL he was from all that FOOD and how MUCH he had to EAT while everyone else, most of whom didn't get anything at all, glowered bitterly, and waited just until he was out of sight before launching into tirades about how much they hated him.  The Raro people complained more loudly than the others, but Sundra was offended by his lack of manners, and even Yul's patience seemed to be wearing thin. 

Later on, the sorority girls hung out with the frat boy in the shelter, having a love fest, while the former Aitus did some work, cooked up fish and chowed down.  Candice noticed it first, groused "Oh, this is coming out a tribal," and stalked down the beach to confront them on their lack of food sharing.  Jonathon retorted that this isn't Communism (okay, he didn't actually say that, but it was implied), and he saw no reason to feed people who didn't do any actual work.  He does make a good point, given that the college kids *never* do any work.  Unfortuantely, this rapidly devolved into Candice venting several days worth of frustration due to being constantly punished for the mutiny while Jonathon the Snake got away with everything.  Notably, she told him everything that was said in the secret gossip circle, pointedly adding that not even Yul likes him; "he thinks you're selfish.  And he can predict everything you're going to do."  This, of course, rankles the mild-mannered Yul, who takes offense and insists upon clarifying what he actually said - that Jonathon was a *self interested* player, and a *rational* player; ration breeds recognizable patterns.  Candice, in a tearful rage, doesn't listen.  I can't blame her.  I have to think she doesn't come unglued very easily, and everything she's been bottling up and pretending doesn't bother her finally just exploded.  Unfortunate, but forgivable.

According to me, not the other Survivor players, but I'll get to that at the end.      

The immunity challenge was about cleverness...well, really it was about having a good memory, but you have to be kind of clever to remember that stuff, which is why it was shocking (SHOCKING I tell you) that Adam won.  And poor Candice - one effing second too late unlocking her flag cost her the chance to advance to the final leg of the challenge, where she just might have won immunity.  I was as disappointed as she was.  She really, really, really needed to pull a Terry and win this challenge.  Followed by winning a whole bunch of other challenges.  

Now, from a purely strategic standpoint, Candice *was* the one that needed to go. Admittedly, when I saw who'd been voted out - because I was SURE it would be Jonathon - my jaw literally fell open.  (also, I punched a pillow repeatedly, envisioning Yul/Ozzy/Becky/Sundra's faces in turn) But then I realized that they had reasons beyond hatred, even if they didn't realize that. 

As proved last week, she's a very strong competitor.  Out of all the Caucasians, she is the likeliest to win challenges of any type, physical or mental.  Had she won four immunity challenges in a row, she would have forced the Aitus to vote out one of their own.  Now, I know they're an inseparable foursome, but if she'd chipped one of them out, there might have been the tiniest possibility that she could have chipped further, and wrangled her way into the final two (even if on the basis of 'You know, a lot of people hate me...')

Still, I wish they'd gotten rid of Jonathon.  I've missed a few years of this show, but don't unlikable people have a tendency to make it to the final two, and occasionally win?  (*cough* Richard Hatch) Just given the way the Raros literally begged Aitu - "we don't care if you pick us all off in a row after that; we know the game is over for us, so just PLEEEASE vote out Jonathon!" - I wanted him gone.  I mean, Yul...dear Yul, you with all your integrity, would you honestly choose Jonathon over Becky for the final two?  I like to think that you would be loyal, but I think that even you might be swayed once the million dollars comes within your grasp, and that worries me. 

I am still gunning for Yul to win.  What I find hilarious is that pretty much everyone on the show also seems to think this.  Everybody seems to consider it a gurantee that he'll make it to the final 2.  (Which is understandable, because right now I think he has gained more respect from his peers than anyone in the history of the game.)  Even Yul thinks this - I forget what he said, exactly, but when he was talking to Becky about how he was worried that people were starting to call him the puppetmaster/ringleader, he implied that he was afraid people wouldn't vote for him [in the final 2].  It was a slip-up moment of arrogance, without meaning to be.  Interestingly, Becky reacted to that- the look on her face was like "waitaminute, buddy boy, I love you and all but I'd still rather that the million dollar prize goes to me than you..."

In unrelated news, I got exactly two minutes into tonight's O.C. before I had to walk away from the TV in disgust and wait to finish watching it until I could fast-forward all the crap.  I still haven't worked up the stomach to watch it.
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