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Look what happens when I set goals for myself!

I do things and write up the s.3 finale of Doctor Who within 24 hours!

First, a digression: got to start my evening off with a jolt of MAD AND WILD SPOILER DODGING. See, I finally got to go read the "season 3" recap on Television Without Pity - Jacob's recaps, I have...surprisingly not missed you - only to fling myself backwards in terror at the sight of Unexpected Season 4 Recap. What the hell is that thing doing there? I thought you were done! I was *this close* to seeing the words in the summary! And we all know how much TWoP's recap summaries tend to give away. I managed to rip my eyes away as soon as I caught sight of the unfamiliar new addition, though. Stayed strong and blissfully ignorant. *pumps fist*

Now I'm going to hurry up and see if I can both post this and iron out the HTML/typo wrinkles before the city loses power from 3:30 to 5 AM for maintenance (I would say it figures that they do this on a night I'm skipping sleep to accomplish writing stuff, but since the chances of that happening on any given night are pretty good...).

'Last of the Time Lords
-What do you mean, ONE YEAR LATER??? I hate when shows make massive leaps in time, and I especially despise massive leaps in time made between two consecutive episodes in one season. I didn't even know how much I hated the latter, seeing as I don't think any of my shows have ever tried anything quite so stupid.

-And whoa, hold up, "the famous" Martha Jone? WTF, show. Suckdom right out of the gate does not bode well. Would rather have Doomsday at the moment.

-In a related note, I do not appreciate how RTD is constantly wrecking the Earth/all of society. He can't even be content with just smashing up the U.K. anymore; oh no, now he's got to touch every last corner of the globe and destroy life as we know it. That's an aspect of Doctor Who that will always get on my nerves, this worldwide "So, we live with aliens now, accepted fact of life" change in existence. Subtlety, I would like it back now.

-"Tom," eh? The infamous Martha's Future Love Interest Tom? (I think? Did this get answered on Torchwood? If it got answered on Torchwood you can tell me. I dunno, I've heard...things. Or were those people just *speculating* about him as a love interest?)

-*narrows eyes* Oh no, this time it's not going to be so easy to win me over with - HAHAHA, LOL! OK, fine, random unexpected dance music is still funny.

-Lucy let her hair down! Looks so much prettier and more elegant this way. I see he hasn't cut down on the random making out any, though. Odd. I thought he'd be done keeping up appearances by now.

-OH! Is Francine actually a servant? FANTASTIC. "Serves" you right, evil witch! But creepy, Super Old Doctor as a pet dog, not so much. I saw pictures of this last night when I was clicking all over ihasatardis, trying to find that one macro, and it's still stupid. Humiliating the Doctor is no good for me when he doesn't look like the Doctor, and thus I have no reason to empathize.

It's so weird, though, the voice still (mostly) sounds like his, and growly lines like "Leave her alone" make me happy. I think...yes, I've discovered that these scenes work better if I keep my eyes shut, and just listen to the sound of his voice. That way I can imagine that the Master exerts control with paralysis, rather than making the Doctor feeble with age. Because ew.

-*eye roll* Jack probably likes being spoon-fed while in chains. Don't you think it would be a much more suitable punishment if he were tied with live wires of high-voltage current, or something? He could just be in a constant cycle of pain, death, and revival. It'd be grand.

Sorry. Even when he's not actively bothering me, hating on Jack has just kind of become habit.

-"There used to be someone." Oh, THE HELL. Way to lie to impressionable new viewers, RTD! And you, Martha, you're deluding yourself on a really frightening level.

-Odd. I thought he'd be done keeping up appearances by now.
"Lucy, have you met Tanya? She's gorgeous."
Well, there go the appearances. Aw, awwwwwww, oh, THAT'S MEAN TO POOR LUCY, YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD (I love how I'm only just now saying this). And after I read the recap, I realized that he's not only throwing Lucy's devotion in her face by purring about his masseuse and making various crass remarks, but the poor thing has bruising around her eye. UNTOWARD, SIR.

[We interrupt this commentary for Unexpected Song Sharing! Have Bree Sharp's "Fallen," because the sad lyrics suddenly flew to mind:
Lucy is gazing out into space
She has starry eyes, starry eyes
That light up her face

And the rest of that song doesn't apply very well, except perhaps where the next verse starts "the stars in Lucy's eyes run down her cheeks" and thus kinda forms a bridge from Sound of Drums to LotTL, but whatever. It's a pretty song. And I had to make a musical connection to the name somehow.]

Er, as I was saying, she suddenly looks less elegant than like a frail wisp of her former self, clinging desperately to beauty in hopes of keeping the interest of a man long since gone. You know, she reminds me very suddenly of an upper-class Victorian wife. Yes, I just read Wendy. What of it? (Lesson learned: don't be power hungry in the first place...)

-Watching Jack die never gets old. *settles back with a bowl of popcorn* I was only joking when I said it'd be fun to watch this happen a few dozen times, but the quota's coming along nicely!

-Ouch, guess the Master does like to slap people around the face. But you know, the physical assault on the Doctor would be much more useful if he wasn't ugly, and therefore I actually cared about him getting hurt. (am I shallow when it comes to TV, yes; do I feel this is a problem; no)

-What does hurt is watching the poor abused wife still rush about, half cringing, to take care of the Master. That achieves the intended poignancy.

-"And now look at him - stealing screwdrivers. How did he ever come to this? (pause) Oh yeah - ME! *giddy laughter*" And slavishly back to the Master's side I go. What? *whines* He's funny! (and bonus: not ugly)

*is suddenly fearful* Oh no, no, don't do it - MASTER! HOW DARE YOU MAKE THE DOCTOR EVEN UGLIER?! He's now actually more repulsive than the thing from "Love and Monsters," and while I stumbled over the sight of Super Super Old Doctor-Creature during the macro hunt last night, that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. EW. (Spy noting that the Master just turned him into "Dobby the House Elf," however, does. Because it's true! And if I think of him as Dobby, the huge sad eyes look pitiable rather than creepy and disgusting)

-Holy mother of God, I am so bored by Martha's Quest. Once I get through this first viewing to see what happens, I am never watching that part again, not even if I hop-skip-jump through it.

-Ugh, Martha's Stupid Parents, let's have none of the disturbing getting-back-together-for-real business. Normally I am all for married parents, but after careful reflection, I'm extremely fond of Clive's blonde mistress. Plus, no man should have Francine inflicted upon him.

-Hmm...*muses* Maybe this drumming in his head is the result of a brain tumor. If this were a medical show, you KNOW that's what it would be. It explains not only the drumming sound but the increasingly erratic behavior, mood swings, and desperate intensity.

-WHAT? What's in the Toclafane, what is it, what are they - DUDE. *pause* OH. OHHHHHH. AWESOME. They're the remanants of the civilization that left for Utopia, oh, I fail so hardcore at making connections!! (to be 100% truthful, I ran across this theory last night, but the person was only positing it as a theory. However, it was so brilliant and logical that I desperately wanted it to be the truth. I'm glad it was.)

-*pets Lucy* Poor thing. Brainwashed via traumatic experience. Not her fault.

-The Master's kind of a wannabe pyromaniac, isn't he? Plain killing's not enough; he's always all about BURNING things, on the biggest scale possible.

Master: Time Lords and humans combined; haven't you always dreamt of that?

-Tom: We're the same species; why do you kill so many of us?
Disemboded Talking Head: Because it's fun!
*shakes head* See what becomes of sport hunters?

-Master: Night then! *strolls off with arm around Lucy's waist*
*shakes head again* Further proof of Victorian-wife-syndrome, and OI, I just had a sudden flash of wondering how unpleasant that bedroom scene might be. Instead of slapping my brain for such thoughts, I had a suddenly keen interest in wondering if anyone's written a oneshot-type fic exploring this. I'm not looking for EXPLICIT THINGS, or even necessarily M-rated things, but it seems to be there could be all sorts of psychological things at play, or at the very least all kinds of thoughts to dissect in Lucy's mind while she goes along with it (or rather, I think "submits" might be the term to use), especially in comparison to what their relationship/her place in it was like a year ago.  SOMEONE WRITE THIS. Or just find it.

*comes out of fog* Wow, I really ran with my thoughts and no paragraph breaks there, didn't I?
-OH MY GOD, this talk from the professor about how Martha doesn't look like a killer is getting on my nerves. Have you been watching the proceedings of the past year? All killing is not equally difficult. She says it like she's asking an inexperienced soldier whether he could really kill an enemy face to face. That might be difficult, going from the abstract to the specific. But this? This is the Master causing pain and torture and heartbreak and death; the destruction of the earth. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she could point a gun and shoot.

-EXCUSEZ-MOI. How could a woman this stupid become a professor? If you get rid of the Master - which seems possible only via death - it'll probably be a lot easier to actually reunite with your son, not just find out of it he's alive. Martha has the only weapon in the world that could kill the Master, and she's a bona fide heroine. Do you think maybe you should put your faith in Martha over the chance of an information crumb from the Master?

-Martha's story is boring as sin.

-*sits bolt upright and sputters* "I love him"?? Oh, SHUT UP, Martha, GOD; this is starting to detract from Rose's statement of the same (please tell me there is D/R happiness in s.4. Even if only for a minute.)

-Oh, can't you just go ahead and kill Martha for real? I could live with it. She has her likable scenes, but she's not of vital importance to my Who experience.

-"As if I would ask her to kill." What?? Oh, way to take away all the glee I'd built up waiting for Martha to off the Master. Stupid pro-life Doctor.

On the bright side, *shuts eyes*, rather sexy growly voice right there. *purrs in blind contentment*

-*suddenly rewinds things* Wait, wait, so when Tom got shot that was for real? He really died? Isn't Tom sort of important? I kept waiting for it to all be part of a pre-designed plan and him to get up or sneak away or about an unceremonious throwaway death! (heck, they probably did talk about it. With J.K. Rowling)

-Meanwhile, stuff is slowly coming together in my head; I'm not actually making connections so much as keeping a fraction of a second ahead of the plot as I follow its unfolding in real time. A single word...the whole population...all at once...[and meanwhile, I am grinning in ecstatic delight as piece after piece of the plan is revealed, which I knew nothing about, and where I was totally fooled by everything with nary a spoiler in sight] is time. For.

-TINKERBELL JESUS MOMENT!! (or at least the Tinkerbell part)
Oh, man, that's love. That is love right there. Y'all have mocked it for a year and I've had many a lol in the past 7 or 8 months at its expense, but right now, it is love. I can't help it! There is poweful music I don't recognize; shiny lights, grinning, heartwarming hope; even Lucy's joined in the chant... I am swep away by all of this, and then finally, THANK GOD for the return of my handsome Doctor! Ten more minutes of Super Old Ten, and I might have gone criminally insane.

Master: Then I'll kill them!
Doctor: *PWNS*
(sorry. That moment makes me giggle no matter what)

[And OK, it was a little bit embarrasingly laughable when the Doctor levitates forward with his hand out, but...on the whole, even with glowing, that was not as ludicrous as I was expecting.]

-I always wondered how Ten wound up hugging the the Master... "I forgive you." (Ah, and that's where the Jesus part comes in. Now I see. By the way, who coined the phrase Tinkerbell Jesus in the first place? Because it's spectacularly apt.) And I still think the whole thing is 90% heartwarming rather than ridiculous. God, my capacity for loving the Doctor knows no bounds. Aside from the bounds of age and unattractiveness, I mean. (reasons I keep resisting Classic Who: becoming clearer now?)

-Oh, this is new. I thought the episode was winding down, but now suddenly we're on a hillside, threatening another battle? ...or not. *pets Negotiator!Doctor*

-Martha: *tumbles into Doctor's arms*
Let me just envision this story for a minute with Rose instead, mmkay? *closes eyes* Much prettier. And meanwhile, Brain, can you just watch Ten and Martha smile at each other, hands clasped on the floor, without taking it to creepy shippy places? Thank you.

-Ooh, time reversing itself works pretty well to fix things. Good. *blinks*
O HAI, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. Just had the giant pencil eraser come down from the sky? Psh, cop out.

-HAH! Jack was legitimately useful for once, and also hilarious! I love him just blithely blocking the Master's sneaky escape plans and dragging him back to the center of attention. Pay attention, because I'm never going to say this again: GO JACK.
-OMG! Speaking of unexpected temporary character redemptions, this is the only time in the whole series that Francine has been awesome! Pull the trigger, woman!

Drat. Stupid Negotiator!Doctor ruined my fun yet again.

-"It's time to change. Maybe I've been wandering for too long. Now I've got someone to care for."
*dashes off* Scuse me, I have to go concoct a daydream that involves Rose and taking these lines out of context. (insert 10-minute pause; in the distance, faint pen scratchings and intermittent giggles of unholy delight can be heard)

-I'm back.


-I knew he died, and I knew Lucy killed him - possibly I even knew she shot him - and yet, AND YET! I still jumped about a foot in the air when the shot rang out, and am feeling somewhat "asdlfjasldjf WHAT" about the whole thing.

Oh, Lucy.

[Voice: *reads* RS regrets to inform you that she cannot actually say anything coherent about the Master dying in the Doctor's arms, and not just because she's seen it mocked six hundred ways in macro form. She falls head over heels for anything that wreaks havoc with the Doctor's emotions, especially if it can get him from scolding to pleading to a brief flashes of anger befre returning to desperate pleading. She falls even harder for his tears. [RS interjects: OI! My Sansa screen was too tiny for me to see the tear blink down when I watched this before! HAVE FOUND NEW PLANE OF OVERWHELMING LOVE FOR SCENE] Actually, the sight of the Doctor crying causes her body to reach its melting point and become a puddle on the floor. When she recovers, her review will continue below.]

-I'm still half melted, but...he's shaking! And his voice is breaking! And it's on the edge of desperation! God, I am such a sucker for scenes where one person's helpless to stop the person they're holding from dying. They're totally unrealistic and I don't care; I haven't seen one this majestic since Speedle kicked the bucket on CSI: Miami, and I have a feeling I'm going to be rewinding this one just as much. It lacks the same depth of relationship, but the Doctor's reaction more than makes up for it. Have I mentioned lately that I worship at the shrine of David Tennant? 'Cause I do.

-And oh, COME ON. Are you seriously going to add the Gallifrey music on top of everything else? I've been very impressive about not actually crying yet! It's just a very, very deep ache. But in a good way. This is good, satisfying hurt. I love it. More please!

More: *is given*
Now we've got a funeral pyre! *wibbles all over the place* And "This is Gallifrey" continues to play over it all... YOU ARE KILLING THIS SONG FOR ME, SHOW. It *was* a thing of unspeakable majesty and beauty, and now it's just CRUSHING SADNESS. You've turned the warbling English Horn part into crushing sadness! I hope you're happy! (oh good, there was an abrupt cut to the closing section of the piece. That helps make it sound different enough to dissociate. And...what was I saying? *is distracted and swept away by the ending's power*)

Can I collapse and be done now? *looks up hopefully* NINE MORE MINUTES, WHAT. For having such an apathetic and occasionally annoying first half, this episode has rapidly becoming emotionally exhausting.

-Martha, the flowers were weird and random. Leave the moron professor alone.

-I have developed a sudden appreciation for the existence of the show called "Torchwood," because it just might be the only thing preventing Jack from taking the Doctor up on his offer of full-time Companion status. *shudders at notion*

Still, I don't mind that the Doctor calls him "an impossible thing" with a wry grin and a hint of affection. He's earned a moment of acceptance with Ten, just like he eventually earned it with Nine. And now that he's had it, time to back to being an unlikable character until you save Rose's life or something equally commendable to overcome my inherent resentment again.

-"The Face of Boe, they used to call me." *jaw drops* OH! So THAT'S how fandom learned about it!! See, there's knowing about it, and then there's discovering it in context. Discovering it in context is like hearing it for the very first time. Exciting! Plus...the Doctor's thunderstruck expression! HEE. Oh, and it's good to hear him laugh again too, real laughter. Have missed that.

-*is refraining from making comment about blue suit clashing with brown coat* Gallifreyan clothes and all that.

On another note, duuuuuuude. I waited all summer to see this scene in context. The last unknown clip from the "My Immortal" video...finally put into place. *sighs in satisfaction* It's like finishing a puzzle.

-So: Tom. Important future love interest, y/n? I currently have no feelings one way or the other, as he was kind of bland and not especially attractive, but not specifically annoying either.

-I love that the Doctor launches right into Tour Guide Mode with an intensity bordering on frenzy - a sure sign of Denial Mode, because he knows exactly what she's going to say. Poor thing. (also: AGATHA CHRISTIE! HEE. Look at you, all hinting at season 4!)
-I also like when Companions leave of their own accord. It's so much easier to bear. There's still a twinge of hurt to see her go, as I think there probably would be for any companion - just because I hate change - but there's relief in it too.

-Oh, you see that? The shippers probably took his expression after the cheek kiss and ran with it, but not me. Didn't even have an inclination. I AM CURED, HALLELUJAH!! (well, with lingering feelings of grouchiness towards Martha for leaving with so little mention or regard for his possibly lonely future, or even current state of PROBABLE EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY, but not in a way that makes me want to remedy them with a shippy alternative)

-Will not look at Doctor's puppy-dog eyes during goodbye hug. Will not let him make me cry.

-"'Cause he never looked at her twice." OH, HOLD UP THERE, so now it's the Doctor's fault she had to leave?? Well bloody hell, Martha, good riddance to ye. No sympathies here, mate. If you're up and leaving just 'cause you can't DEAL WITH your crush - with implications that if he did more than just like you, you'd stay - I have no further use of you.

So your friend wasted YEARS of her life, eh? Do you really think years with the Doctor, if that's how long you stayed, could ever be considered wasted just for lack of a romantic element? If so, I dust my hands of your presence. Goodbye! No worries about that twinge of hurt I mentioned earlier; it's quite patched up now.

Sorry. I have read a lot of opinions praising Martha's strong show of self-preservation here, but her attitude RANKLES ME. If you don't want to leave the Doctor, then don't. If the prospect of a boyfriend/future family/your career are truly higher priorities, then don't act like it's a great sacrifice for you to make the decision to walk away.

-"I'll see you again, Mister." *sighs* Yes, unfortunately, you will. *looks annoyed* Does she die after her appearance(s) in season 4, perchance? Because if she does, that's one finale spoiler I would totally allow.

-Whoa, heyyyyyy, who picked up the ring from the Master's ashes and why? Because while I read somewhere that RTD wasn't planning to bring the Master back (not enough shiny metal armor for his taste, I imagine), it said they deliberately left the door open. I am fantastically OK with this and will live in eternal hope.

-Apparently it's now written in New Who law that all finales have to end with the Doctor repeatedly saying "What?" -.-


Up Next: I know - or think I know - three things about what's coming:
1) That's not the real Titanic
2) Do not get attached to Astrid
3) Astrid is played by Kylie Minogue, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Oh yeah, and prior to watching that I have to get my hands on the "Time Crash" bit. Been looking forward to that.

EDIT: ...OK, so I've gotten my hands on it - I was just going to watch the first 30 seconds! - and...well, I haven't gotten past the first 30 seconds because I'm annoyed that this takes place within the season finale. I'm very anal about watching things in perfect order! (except for the part where I blithely ignore Torchwood) You should have told me about this so I could have planned to interrupt my LotTL viewing accordingly to insert this clip! Never mind that it didn't originally air until well after s.3 wrapped; I can fudge certain things when I want to.

Ergo, will finish watching clip later when am in better mood.
'Closing Season 3: I think, on the whole, that I still prefer season 2. True, 3 started/ended well, and has some dizzying high points - Family of Blood/Human Nature and Blink are my picks for multi-parter and individual episode, respectively, and furthermore are among the best this series has ever offered peiord. But it also has lows - the Dalek nonsense, mainly, which is part of low-energy rut from episodes 3 through 7.

Martha started out as my arch-enemy and became something like a friend, as I learned that there can be companions after Rose - good, special, beloved companions - without two universes collapsing from the strain.  While I'll never be her championing supporter, I believe in the end I found a way to love Martha after all.  There may even be a permanent spot of affection in my heart for Miss Jones, though it's probably aided by relief that she only lasted a year.   

All this was made possible by the permeating presence of Rose's memory, Rose's imprint left everywhere. My rabid shipper self was fed often, fed well, and it kept me quiet and content. Nice not to have Mickey around, too, now that I think about it. (WOW. I'm still amazed by how thoroughly I turned on him.)

I keep going on and on because I don't want to let go of season 3. Season 3 was my summer romance while everyone else buzzed about season 4. I missed out on my chance to fandom-squee in real time, and I faintly dread the idea of trying to work my way through it in the middle of school and all my other shows coming back full time, but...

We're talking about season 3. Right. In conclusion, inferior to season 2, but with a combination of my everlasting love for David Tennant, toleration-with-bouts-of-liking for Martha, and the previously mentioned highlight episodes, I think I liked it better than season 1. Just a little. And I'm glad I didn't give in to my temptations and shelve it to watch last. The experience was worth it. Also, I'm now 75% of the way through the existing material, and thoroughly scared of what my life will be like without the eternal prospect of more episodes to work through!

Shutting up now, Boss.
Now: someone hold me, because I just found a gold mine of Doctor Who on my preferred provider community, but I also couldn't rein in my curious-cat side.  I peeked at the title of the 4x13 confidential, whereupon I instantly got that punched-in-the-gut feeling of dread again. *whimper* (seriously, is killing me.  On the one hand, I really want to know what happens.  On the other, when I do find out what happens, I will be out of episodes.  And the two hands are therefore at war with how fast I want to get there, which is what makes spoilers increasingly hard to resist in the first place)

Will maybe focus on boring school-type things now.  Planning schedules and such. 
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