RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Some Good Things


goddess_loki brought this to my attention, which means a lot of you have already seen it, but for the others - HP vs. Twilight Showdown.  FUNNIEST.  THING.  EVER.   Click it, click it now!

2. I didn't want to jinx it while it was in the works, but - I officially have a job for the fall!  Which starts on Thursday!  Only 4-6 hours a week, but it's better than nothing, and I don't have to go through training or anything new; I just keep working where I did this summer, cleaning one of the freshman dorms.  Sweep the main stairwell and clean the small bathrooms/vaccuum the lounges/take out garbage in the basement.  Not too difficult, and the basement doesn't get used as much anyway.  (except I picked my work hours really stupidly.  Why did I decide to work at 9 AM on the days I don't have class until the afternoon?!  *headdesk*  I think I can change this later, hopefully)

3. The Continental Literature Clash of 2008 is still not resolved.  I'm now going to both classes on Wednesday (and possibly also Friday, since the first day has shortened class periods) so I can get a feel for them before I officially make up my mind between British Novels and Multicultural U.S. Lit with Amazing Prof.  I hate having to make this decision.  But at least this way, I'll get to have a tiny taste of the one I don't choose.

4. Courtesy of a cheap eBay auction, "The Stone Rose" in audiobook-CD form is in the mail and on its way to me.  So there's that to look forward to.  :) 

5. Ahahaha, apartment meeting tonight to turn in forms and hear all the rules, and then I think I have finished all my obligations until 9:00 Wednesday morning.  WOOT.  Now, watch me be totally unproductive, like click around LJ all day.  It's been a frightfully good Monday so far, aside from the fact that I got woken up this morning by the fire alarms going INSANE for no apparent reason (I swear these are louder than normal ones, too).  Yep, that's a sure sign school is in session...


Tags: harry potter, loltastic, school, twilight
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