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[ooh!  That title reminds me, does anyone know of an icon making use of the Homer Simpson quote 'TV!  Teacher, mother!   Secret lover..."?  Because I might want to use it.]

Firstly, it's high time I showed y'all my Fall TV Grid.  I have no idea how I'm going to fit it all in around my classes with the insane homework; writing reviews for every ep of every show may not prove possible (in a way I mean more seriously than I did last year, *cry*), and...hey there, Writers Guild of America, anyone up for another strike?  Pretty please?  THAT WOULD HELP ME OUT A LOT. 

(all times merely guidelines, owing to the nature of having activities and the availability of things online.  Although where timeslot clashes occur, the one listed first is the one I'll plan on watching live when possible)

(I'm hoping these are right.  I haven't double-checked everything...but this is what I remember hearing)

Whenever football feels like ending after 8:00: Cold Case

7:30: How I Met Your Mother
9:00: CSI: Miami

7:00: NCIS vs. House
9:00: Without a Trace vs. Law & Order: SVU [The hell, CBS.  I have literally threeee shows that aren't streamed online and are a hassle to find elsewhere.  Last year, WaT butted heads with one of them.  You kicked it around the schedule to a brand new night, and managed to butt heads with the other?!  GO BACK TO SUNDAYS WHERE I HAD A USE FOR YOU.  And I know I said I was done with it, but habits are hard to break.]

7:00: Pushing Daisies vs. Bones vs. (maybe) The New Adventures of Old Christine (WTF, NETWORKS.  LAST YEAR THIS TIMESLOT WAS EMPTY.)
8:00: Private Practice
9:00: CSI: NY

7:00: Survivor
8:00: Grey's Anatomy vs. CSI
9:00: ER
(dude.  When did Wednesday become the new Thursday?)

9:00: Numb3rs

Magical Moments of Free Time - ongoing
Doctor Who, season 4

No new shows, obviously, because none of them interest me, in part because I avoid new shows like the plague.  Does this look like the schedule of a girl who needs new shows?  No.  Not until about half of these get canceled.  (she says every year, and ultimately lets at least 1 or 2 into her heart...but seriously, right now, zero interest) I cling to my familiar friends until the bitter end, yo.
Secondly, I've been poking around Office Tally's spoiler section lately.  I am ill-pleased.  (Disclaimer: I feel like I've posted some of this before, but I can't find it listed under any of my tags, nor saved on my computer, so...if I've posted this before, I'm going to feel really stupid rehashing it.  But I also know that I type a lot of reactions in Notepad every day that I don't save, so in case I didn't post it, I really want this to be on the record). 

a. I believe I made noises of protest last May that, if you read carefully, implied I was not going to be watching season 5 of The Office.  My feelings of bitter betrayal continued all through the summer, so this has remained true.  However, being placated last June by an especially fantastic fic, I added a clause whereby I would just skip the premiere, and then if the news was good (i.e., Jim and Pam were engaged by episode's end), I might see about revising my opinion.

b. Then, while reading the spoilers to see which direction the news was headed, I found this:
“Last year [Jim and Pam’s] relationship was smooth sailing,” she says. “This season they’ll have to deal with a long-distance relationship.”

My response: No.  We already did this.  It was called "the first third of season 3," and it sucked, and even if this time around they're together and there is plenty of phone time, it will STILL SUCK.  You know what you can't have with phone time?  Hugs, that's what.  Or handholds.  Or cheek kisses.  Or  "Money."  See what I'm getting at here?  Phone time means...no Cute Moments.  Not real and proper ones, anyway.  -.- 

I remember when I was so happy that a "3-month program" obviously meant it could explain away the summer and not actually have to be witnessed...

c. Hopes dashes to kingdom come, out of morbid curiosity I kept hanging around to read more.  Which is how I found the Watch with Kristin spoilers, which contained various things like this:

I think last season was all about Pam being in love and just enjoying that and being content with Jim and now, she still has Jim, but she is growing and getting into something she’s always wanted to do. It’s a big year for Pam.

Do not want Pam to "grow."  Like Pam where and as she is.  Even my subconcious is rebelling, because lately whenever I dream (or daydream) scenarios about my preferred couple, my mental image of Pam has typically reverted back to her season 2 hair & clothes.  That's how much I don't want her to grow.  I can't tell you why this ticks me off so much, but it does.  (I think there are...issues I have with traditional gender roles?  And how I just want Jim to sweep her off her feet and be provider and protector, ignoring the part where a large part of their relationship - platonic or romantic - involves teasing and/or taunts, and Pam gives as good as she gets).

It’s a three-month program at the school, and I can tell you that she’s really loving living in New York. I think at this point, Pam has been the receptionist for about eight and half years, so this change is all very liberating for her.

DEFINITELY do not want Pam to love living in New York.  It was bad enough when Jim succumbed to its temptations; if Pam likes it too then my head is full of horrible scenarios about the two of them moving there at the hypothetical end of series, and...I really hate New York (as far the idea of a place to live goes, anyway.  Am not a fan of city living in general, and the bigger they are the more I protest). 

I'm even willing to back down on my stance against Pam 'growing' in order to remount a protest against the idea of her loving a big city.  The Pam in my head is not a big-city (*COUGH* KAREN) kind of girl.  I wish to believe that Pam is a hometown-girl.  She went to high school here!  And I want the fact that she still lives here to be because she likes it here, and not because it's a symptom of her stuck-in-a-comfortable-rut relationship with Roy.

(OK, and I just Googled the population of Scranton to find it was over 70,000.  The hell, theme song.  You built me pictures of a smallish town!  Were those lies??  But it's still considerably smaller than NYC, so there.  *sticks out tongue*)

Anyway, also: you know how I feel about change!  I especially hate it if it's liberating change, and not change forced upon you, which is the only type of change I understand!

I want this weird filming-at-Pratt-School-of-Design experiment remedied at ASAP.  You know that weird experiement where you split camera time between Scranton and Stamford before you undid (most) of the changes and restored things to normal?  I want it fixed faster than that.  Because I'm not coming back until Pam does. 

d. Oh yeah, and then I saw "Well, Jim didn't pop the question" which officially destroyed my last lingering shards of hope.  Not that I didn't assume it already, but there's something about seeing it in black and white that makes it more depressing.  I just don't understand how you could be planning to propose one night, and then after having that plan knocked off course, NOT BRING IT UP AGAIN FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER AND POSSIBLY BEYOND.  I was willing to settle for not seeing the engagement!  I was willing to settle for so many things, and this show just keeps thumbing its nose at my offerings.  Stupid show. 

e. In non-Jim/Pam news (I know, right?  Shocking), Holly Ryan seems to be hanging around for a worrisomely long time, by which I mean 'more than one episode.'  Do not want.  Because the moment where she won a lot of people over - her Yoda impression - is precisely where all my settings turned to HATEY RESENTFUL 'I'D RATHER HAVE KAREN' HATE.  (well, OK, that's a slight exaggeration.  More like "hatey resentful 'I'd rather have Toby hitting on Pam in front of Jim' hate")

Thank you for listening to my several weeks' worth of stored-up issues.  *pants*
If it's all right with you, I'm just going to go ahead and deny the existence of season 5.  "Toby's Goodbye" can be the series finale, with a slightly altered ending and the extension of the fic (whose title I am still hoarding until I can present it to you properly) to tie up loose Jim and Pam ends that don't fit the nature of the series.  Aaaand, we're good.
Thirdly, I also have ER spoilers, in the form of Major Character Death.  So beware!

They haven't actually said who's dying, though I've had my heavy suspicions, but now the spoilers for episode 3 are up, and you know who's not in the description?  Pratt.  You know which two characters might have been near the exploding ambulance in the season finale?  Sam and Pratt.  And Sam's fine and dandy.  (so's Abby, by the way)  Ergo, PRATT SHALL DIE.  AND I WILL DANCE JOYFULLY AROUND THE FLAMING AMBULANCE, because dude's been a thorn in my side since approximately Forever.  Not as a big a thorn as Moretti or Kerry Weaver or Morris or...a number of docs actually, mainly as I love Mekhi Pfeiffer...but he wore out his welcome a long time ago.  And finally, he shall be gone in a permanent-type fashion!

The episode 3 description also says they'll be encountering "weaponized ricing."  I don't know what that is - Google's never heard of it - but I am laughing my head off at the mental image of a bag of rice exploding like shrapnel.  (*looks things up on a suspicion*  Oh, weaponized rice.  Apparently that's a real thing and it sounds like it might be a scary mofo, but...my mental image still amuses me greatly)
Random last point: I was reading my sociology textbook, and intro chapter talked about how the American family is portrayed on TV nowadays as opposed to the 1950's.  For examples, they described Will and Grace, the George Lopez Show, and my personal favorite...The New Adventures of Old Christine.  Which, haha, YES.  Seeing that mentioned was a random shot of joy in my afternoon doldrums.


Aug. 29th, 2008 03:28 pm (UTC)
1. I'm going to ignore the slanderous comment about another Writer's Strike. I stopped watching TV and ended up not coming back for the second halves of whatever seasons carried on. Though you may get a week or two off, if the Actors strike. The effect wouldn't be immediate, but you never know.

2. *am looking at Thursday* No Office? I'm jumping back in (after missing last half of season) because all the people who like the show are in high school now! I finally have friends to talk about it with!

3. *am reading further* Oh, well, I'll let you know about the premiere. And I'm going to back away from the huge paragraphs you've written because I agree to some parts and have no opinion on the rest. (Except maybe the Holly part because I will end up shipping her and Michael. I really don't want to. Make me stop? Although, he was kind of toning himself down when she was there. Way less intense. I need that. Can she go away and still make him act the same way?)

4. I'm still bitter they had Ray get hit by a van. DID NOT WANT. I don't actually watch the show, but I have my mom give me a brief outline of what happened and wait to see what you think of it. Because I have 7 shows to watch this year and I don't want any more.
Aug. 29th, 2008 08:07 pm (UTC)
1. *snert* (I know. All the months I spent cussing out the WGA, and now I'm retroactively praising their actions) Is not my fault if you're one of those people easily distracted by "having a life" when your TV goes away. Being addicted to TV is a lifestyle choice...it takes commitment. ;)

1a. I thought the actors settled their grumbling back in June? Or did they just forgo an actual strike while still grumbling, and perhaps stealthily planning a new strike date if negotations failed?

2. Heh, yeah, I was going to explain it up front and then I thought...nah, I'll just spring it on people.

3. Backing away from the huge paragraphs is probably a good idea in this case. I got very shouty and irrationally angry in a way where I actually can't go back and edit it down because I don't want to see what I came up with. Although the basic DO NOT WANT sentiment remains.

3a. Make me stop?
Think of it this way: would you want to date Michael? That should stop you cold in your tracks.
3b. Although you have a point about him toning down when she's there.

4. I'm still kind of shock that they did have Ray get hit by a van. I mean, I advocate things like that all the time but then...it actually happened to someone! In a way I didn't mind at all. (I know. He's like fandom's darling. I just never got it.)
Aug. 30th, 2008 09:47 pm (UTC)
1. Lol, I promise I'll be better this year. (Besides the not watching TV time was taken up by "huge class presentation" and "general stress about soccer" time instead. It was very joyful.)

1a. Maybe they did. I haven't heard about it in a while, but that my just be me not paying attention.

3. I read them all, just, well, there was no way I could comment on all of it. I can't not read it. I'm addicted to your posts. Addicted!

3a. Eww. *squirms in seat* Thank you. Never again will I picture Michael with anyone. Never.

3b. It seemed okay to me. Though they can't make him completely normal or his novelty will wear off.

4. I'm just disappointed because that was the ONE episode I watched and I said, "You know what, he's kinda cool." And of course, BLAMO, hit by a van. It's my TV curse, I swear.
Aug. 31st, 2008 01:58 am (UTC)
1. Aw, OK...I guess you can be excused.

3. Peddling crack-addiction posts: it's what I do. *bows*
3a. Mwu-ha-ha-ha! And my work here is done.

4. Hah, your TV curse has a wickedly cool cruel sense of irony.

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