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1. OK, I normally won't go through the trouble of posting pics even when all I have to do is find the embed code, but...this made me laugh hysterically. At multiple points throughout the day, as I forlornly checked my extremely slow friends page a hundred times.  (Homework?  What's that?) 


2. Watched "Time Crash."  Am LOLing all over the place.

Now, beyond knowing *who* Five is, I clearly have no knowledge of Classic Who whatsoever, and therefore cannot fully appreciate the magnitude of this clip or its particular inside references.  But that doesn't stop me from being completely enthralled anyway.  I had this huge grin on my face the whole time, except when I broke down in giggles (often), and had to pause several times just to let off excess glee. 

In short, this is SEVEN MINUTES OF PURE, UNADULTERATED AWESOME, which is mostly due to the way Ten is brimming over with hyper joy.  He's just SO DELIGHTED by all of this.  Full-out Happy Puppy Mode - I wouldn't be surprised if he started wiggling at some point...I don't think he's been this amped up since the regeneration.  Fine, Moffat, you get another point in your favor.  *narrows eyes* Don't get used to it.

I've watched it like 7 times by this point, and even had to mock up a running commentary during one of them because there were so many little bits I loved and couldn't summarize in a mere one or two paragraphs. 

-*giggle-snickers* "No, no, no, stop that!  Stop it!" I love when yells at/scolds the TARDIS like she's a fussy horse or something.  Am finding wells of new appreciation for their relationship; it's rather adorable. 

-Honestly, I think RTD and Steven Moffat are in competition to see who include more utterances of 'What?' in their respective scripts. 

-"Look at you!  The hair, the coat, the crickity-cricket stuff, the...stick of celery, yeah..."

-"OH, now they come, the brainy specs!  You don't even need them; you just think they make you look a bit clever!"
*tackle-hugs the Doctor*  (the attractive one, that is) SO CUTE.

-*falls out of chair laughing* LOVE the offering (and rejection) of the sonic screwdriver!
"Oh no, of course, you mostly went hands free, didn't you!  It was like 'Hey, I'm the Doctor, I can save the universe using a kettle and some string!  And look at me, I'm wearing a vegetable.'"

-His indignant outrage at being called a fan!  (despite that not being entirely inaccurate)

-The failed high five!

-"No, no beard this time.  Well, a wife."
Oh, OH!  Macro quote explained!!  And I didn't even know that one needed explaining!  I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS. 

-ALSO, "Clockwork TARDIS" is playing in the background at one point, specifically the little trilling section that is the entire reason I love that song.  WIN.

-Sadly, the line "You were my doctor," which I was hoping would make sense in context, still sounds completely weird and clunky and misplaced-meta-y, but...the rest of what he says is fantastic.  *squishes Ten*

-Still have disinterest-bordering-on-disdain for Five.  Sorry.

3. Started "Voyage of the Damned" 4 days ago.  Still not finished.  More explanation later.

4. Whilst not watching VotD, I've been poking through the section of my Doctor Who bookmarks labeled 'NE TOUCHEZ PAS (S.3)", a whole lot of of links I'd almost forgotten existed, but which I can finally read in full now that I've finished the season and don't have to fear spoilers for it.  I rather like how this one analyzes "Rose vs. Martha."  Yay, now I can delete one of my 19 million saved bookmarks!
5. ...probably I should save this for the next post, but whatever, you know how I feel a need to cram every entry to the max. 

So, season 4: once upon a time I was really looking forward to it, but now I'm all nervous because I've realized it's going to be justa little different from the ones before.  Not having a soundtrack to ground myself in bothers me, for one thing...I know it is going to drive me nuts to hear familiar things but not have a name to attach.  (except for Donna's Theme.  Which, incidentally, breaks the rule of Theme songs on this show and is not pretty and/or haunting, or in fact likable, which I consider another bad sign) 

For another thing, it's weird not really knowing what's happening with the overall plot!  I mean, I know bits and pieces, mainly from episode titles/the odd summary, or the general mood on LJ - and a fair bit from the first ep, since I hadn't denied myself access to ihasatardis yet - but as a result of Self-Imposed Spoiler Lockdown, I can't see the overall outline of the season like I could before.  I don't even know the Secret Season Password, for God's sakes!  (is it Rose?  er, we do have one, right?)

For a third thing, I no longer have dreamingwriter introduced me to doctorwhy some ways back, and I forgot to pay the love forward after I'd found time to go back and read every single entry.  GO INVESTIGATE.  IT IS HYSTERICAL.  While you're at it, don't be silly like me...hold your mouse over the pictures for additional fun, as I was about six months through the archives before I realized I could and should do this.


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Aug. 31st, 2008 04:42 am (UTC)
1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasp* Oh my. That's the best cat macro I've seen in a long while. He just looks so angry. Hee.

2. He's just SO DELIGHTED by all of this.

One of the reasons I like David Tennant so much (no matter how Ten's written) is that he is such a Doctor Who fanboy. He grew up on the old show, and it shows. His glee at meeting the people who played the characters he loved is just so palpable it radiates; I end up just as delighted as he is to see Peter Davison, and I never even had that childhood fannish experience. (Remember "School Reunion"? And the face Ten made at seeing Sarah Jane? I am firmly convinced that wasn't all acting.)

I am, unfortunately, in agreement that "You were my Doctor" sounds a bit out-of-place - it's Tennant talking to Davison, not Ten talking to Five. Which is a shame, because I love watching David be a fanboy, and it's a really sweet moment for him, but it doesn't quite fit.

Oh my lord, did that just go in RPF directions? Brain, STOP THAT NOW.

Still have disinterest-bordering-on-disdain for Five. Sorry.


Sorry. I know that sounds pushy, and I don't mean it to be. But I am rather fond of Five, even if his era's not my favorite. But then, I'm fond of all the Doctors, so...yeah.

3. Started "Voyage of the Damned" 4 days ago. Still not finished. More explanation later.

By any chance did you not finish it because it was boring, stilted, [redacted for spoilers], [redacted for spoilers again], generally unfun, and rolled out the god complex in a even more profoundly irritating way? Because that's why I didn't finish it. *grumbles*

That, and I find it sort of annoying that he's wearing Chucks with a tuxedo. I normally like the Chucks, but, dude, a tuxedo is fancy. Shoe thyself appropriately.

Shallow? Me? Never.

5. Um...I could try to recap Season 4 for you if you like, but I really would recommend just charging ahead. Season 4 was the first one I really watched live, at once craving to know what happens and terrified of being spoiled, and it was enthralling. Donna is one of my favorite companions ever, Classic or New, and I love how she plays off the Doctor. It's still pretty good even at its low points, and its high points are...just...*flail*.

So, um, yes. Season 4 for the yay, and I hope, once you do chose to get into it, you enjoy it.

Dammit, one day I will have more icon space, and then I will have a Donna icon. Or possibly two.
Aug. 31st, 2008 06:11 am (UTC)
1. Doesn't he?? I can't get over how much this image thrills me.

2. General "WORD."
2a. Oh my lord, did that just go in RPF directions? Brain, STOP THAT NOW.
Holy Lord, your brain scares me sometimes. (*cannot help chuckling at this idea anyway*)
2b. For your sake, I will tip back to the more neutral "disinterest" side until such time as I have an opportunity to re-evaluate. Sometimes I build up resentment when I troll across the internet and find anti-New-Who (particularly anti-Ten) sentiments from older viewers, and it comes out in unexpected ways.

3. By any chance did you not finish it because it was boring, stilted, [redacted for spoilers], [redacted for spoilers again], generally unfun, and rolled out the god complex in a even more profoundly irritating way? Because that's why I didn't finish it. *grumbles*
YES, EXACTLY! In fact, I am quoting you when I do finally get to that post, because I couldn't have put it any better.

4a. I normally like the Chucks, but, dude, a tuxedo is fancy. Shoe thyself appropriately.
*drapes self over desk laughing*

5. And no worries, most of me is looking forward to seeing season 4 in all its glory; like I said, I'm sure once I start it I'll fall in love. But until I do, the mopey part of me takes over from time to time. Usually when I'm writing an LJ post.
Aug. 31st, 2008 06:58 am (UTC)
2.a. You will note that I did not say RPS. Because I have limits, dammit. And yet, if RPF was not bad and horrible and wrong, I would so write fic about David Tennant fanboying ridiculously over Peter Davison. It'd be so cute.

2.b. Yeah, I've found that Journey's End kind of brought out the anti-New-Who sentiment. Which...I mean, yeah, I hated the episode too, guys, but it's not fair to tar the entire new series with the same brush. But then, I choose to react to plot developments I don't like with "the writers are twits" rather than "the characters are twits", because it's easier to be angry at people I don't care about as much, and I think not everyone reacts that way. So. Um. We're not all haters, I promise.

3. So I can, perhaps, un-redact for spoilers? I wasn't sure how much you knew of what happened/how far you'd seen so far/whether or not you cared about being spoiled. And I am honored at being quoted, so thank you! :D

(Seriously, though, I quit halfway through Voyage of the Damned and went off to do actual schoolwork, that was how much it bored me. I finally went back a few months later and liked it no better.)
Aug. 31st, 2008 07:57 am (UTC)
2a. ...well, I will note that now. *facepalm* (look what too much time on LJ does to me!) In which case, non-pairing RPF is less bad-horrible-wrong to me. Much less. WRITE THIS NOW.

2b. So. Um. We're not all haters, I promise.

Well, that's a relief. (*blithely chooses to ignore anti-Journey's End sentiments* Has Rose. Is all I need to know.)

3. Mm, possibly. I stopped a little over the 3/4 mark, because when he snapped his fingers and summoned a pair of angels...no, I'm sorry. Couldn't take any more. I would like to remain unspoiled about whatever happens after that, though.

3a. ...holy crap. There is no more accurate mark of bad TV than choosing SCHOOLWORK over watching something.
Sep. 1st, 2008 12:04 am (UTC)
2.a. Does gen RPF even exist? I mean, is it allowed? There's no acronym for it, maybe it isn't real...

And I'm so tempted. So tempted like you have no idea. But if I start writing gen RPF, then I'll be tempted to write shippy RPF, and THAT WAY LIES MADNESS. *shame*

3. Yeah, that was the moment that killed it for me, too. Well, killed it more thoroughly, anyway. That moment was just so...it wasn't even self-aware about how obnoxious it was.
Sep. 1st, 2008 02:35 am (UTC)
-I don't know! We should start a revolution! Completely change the face of RPF! ...yeah, the way of madness might prove difficult to escape.

-That's it, I'm totally including a poll in my eventual post too: "Voyage of the Damned: more cringe-worthy than Tinkerbell Jesus?"
Sep. 1st, 2008 11:39 pm (UTC)
-...but now I want to do it even more. Gen RPF! The wave of the future!

- Gosh, I don't know if I could answer that poll. Is there a "both" option?
Sep. 2nd, 2008 02:23 pm (UTC)
-Excellent! You can jumpstart the revolution. I'll cheer you on, as writing is no longer listed under my "areas of expertise." But by God, I can encourage. With sharp poking sticks from time to time, if necessary.

-Heh. I suppose there could be.
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