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I officially did nothing this weekend. I think it was well-spent.

I think there may actually not be enough words in the universe to describe how much I love "Small Worlds."  Not because of anything particularly having to do with the Torchwood team (well, maybe a little) but because it was just such a FREAKING FANTASTIC STORY.  I'm going to go ahead and call it this show's "Blink."  Is that a hasty decision?  Perhaps.  I do not care, for it gave me that same kind of breathless thrill.

Actually, a long time ago when I first started watching DW, I remember glancing at some of the old recaps out of boredom and being really intrigued by this one, wishing that Torchwood was a better show so I could watch this.  It was as good as promised - first of all, you should know that the story of the Cottingley Fairies is like, my favorite thing EVER in the history of England, right up there with Queen Elizabeth. So any show that can work that curries vast amounts of favor with me.   

Secondly, so many points of win for having something that pretty much can be classified as 'paranormal.'  I've said so many times that one of Doctor Who's few shortcomings is the way that it always jerks you back to reality and explains things with science and aliens.  This left a lot more to interpretation.  Torchwood: allowing Earth to have mysterious unseen creatures too.

Thirdly, TURN OF THE CENTURY FLASHBACKS!  They didn't even have to be shot in sepia tone or have the grotesquely artistic death-by-rose-petal-suffocation direction - although the inclusion of those two things made it a billion times better - I just love my turn-of-the-century era clothing. 

Fourthly, creepy little girl.  Who is actually more of an adorable, heartbreaking, tragically isolated little girl, (awww, suddenly I wish Torchwood was on Television Without Pity), who would probably have been snatched up by the Isolus if the...what were the fairies called?  Were they just fairies?...hadn't gotten to her first.  COMPLETE AND UTTER LOVE.  (especially when she bit her evil stepdad.  which made me laugh for about half a second before he SLAPPED HER and then I was rife with outrage and eager for him to hurry up and meet his end)

Fifthly, OK, fine - I redact my previous statement; there are two people whom the idea of Jack being in a serious relationship with is not completely laughable: Ianto and Estelle.  I adore Estelle all her own - she has such a lovely cat!  And is sweet and naive and charming - but then...well.  In her last scene, I was like 'Oh, there's no way they'll kill her now.  Maybe by the end, but she's too significant to get bumped off halfway through.'  And then a minute later I realized, no, Torchwood kinda gives me the feeling that everyone's expendable at all times.  And I was right.  Brutal, show!  Which leads me into:

Sixthly, Captain Jack, what am I going to do with you?  I got twinges of not-hating-him when he kissed the top of Estelle's head and showed one of those rare, kind of Doctorish moments of just caring about another human being.  Up to that point I was really hoping that she'd turn out to be his daughter or something, so as to minimize the emotional sledgehammering.  Haha.  And then DAMMIT, HE BROKE ME.  Stupid Jack and his stupid tear.  *sulks in corner, sniffling against her will*

(*is also still finding a way to make this scene work as Doctor/Rose*)

AND THEN, that incredibly moving scene towards the end, with all the desperate shouting and trying to save Jasmine!  (aw, even her name's pretty)  DAMN YOU, JACK, HOW CAN YOU HAVE SUCH ADORABLE SCENES WITH LITTLE GIRLS?!  And when he lets her go, and she trots off into the forest with a smile and disappears, I actually did start crying a little bit.  I was kind of on everyone's side in that moment.

But how dare everyone on the team turn on Jack in the one moment I pity him!  SYNCHRONIZE YOUR HATE TIME.

Seventhly, there was a lot of really gorgeous scenery. 

Eighthly, there was even more gorgeous music.  The pretty little music-box tune that plays at the very beginning, when Estelle is photographing the fairies?  What is that called?  Because I WANT THAT.

[edit: oh, the hell, TBTB.  Why was your first soundtrack only just released, and more importantly why does Wikipedia say that none of the songs on it were used in "Small Worlds"?  Will kill you, I will.]

Ninthly, from the very brief moment he was in the episode, I decided that Rhys is clearly a schlub, but he's also just dopey enough that you figure if Gwen loves him, and he loves her more, then it makes him kind of a lovable character all around.  I want nice things for him, at any rate.  

P.S. It's sort of shock getting used to all their voices...Ianto's in particular is shockingly low.  No less gay, just low.  Every time he speaks I think he's been possessed by something and wonder why no one else sees anything amiss.  The accents have also been a change.  What with Jack sounding perfectly American, it hasn't occurred to me to imagine accents on any of them, so that takes some getting used to.  I quite love Gwen's, though.

P.P.S. How much did I love that ending, showing one of the fairies in the Cottingley photographs with Jasmine's smiling face?  There was a brief moment where I actually shouted "TORCHWOOD, I LOVE YOU" before clapping my hand over my mouth in mortification.  

Then I couldn't resist going ahead and watching 1x06, because I remembered hearing a lot about how "Countrycide" was great and scary and otherwise one of the better episodes.  I caved when the preview looked interesting, and so went ahead and fetched it.

Won't be making THAT mistake again.

Firstly, this plot was scary the first time around...when I saw it on X-Files.  Not so much anymore, although I will grant you that the dead birds hung upside down in various places made me jump.  Secondly, this episode blasted me with not one but three of the reasons I am so adamantly against this show in the firstplace, namely gross vulgarity (really, did we really need Own shoving her up against a tree and speculating on her sex life?), Really Bad Swearing (I mean, I knew the language would be questionable, but since when can you have the F word on TV?!), and Naked Cheating Time. 

To be fair, it was only half-naked and I should probably be really grateful that I didn't have to watch them roll about in bed or even have an extended makeout session (unless they did and I just skipped over it), but still, UNCOOL.  Because from like 5 seconds of screen time, I've decided that I really love Rhys.  Also, Owen grosses me out even when he's wearing a shirt.  So.

Oh, and then the previews showed Tosh being of the sapphic persuasion,  I'm going back to plain recaps now, kthnxbai.

However, I will give them props for having a slightly more realistic gunshot-wound-with-field-doctoring scene.  Most characters who get shot on TV go all brave and stoic, pretending they can just will themselves through the pain.  Not Gwen.  She moans and wails and makes the same fuss any normal person would, which I do appreciate for purposes of furthering my daydream scenarios. Just because I wanted to throw up while Owen was treating her doesn't mean I can't pretend Owen and Gwen are entirely different people in this scene.

I've also made some minor adjustments to my character opinons.  I find that I'm liking Gwen as a person more and more (especially after reading that she is, or at least was, the recipient of fandom animosity?) but some of her actions are making me hate her more and more, so the overall feeling kind of balances out. 

Owen is even more of an ass than previously suspected, and earned my eternal wrath by pronouncing the smell of grass 'disgusting.'  Still want to punch Ianto in the face; was pleased when the cannibalistic characters beat him up for me.  Opinion on Jack hasn't changed.  Opinion on Tosh is sinking a little, just because she's bland.  That's a terrible reason not to like her, and it disappoints me in the same way not initially liking Angela on The Office disappointed me.  Hopefully I can turn this opinion around soon, because Tosh is clearly AWESOME.

That reminds me, I learned some important things in this episode.  Namely, my jaw dropped when I discovered that  "Rhys" is pronounced like "Reese."  Really?!  SHUT UP.  I'VE BEEN SAYING IT LIKE "RYES" THE WHOLE TIME.  (Well, the hell kind of spelling is that, anyway?)  Ugh.  Me and pronounciation, I don't understand the schism between us.

Speaking of the schism between me and punctuation, I still pronounce 'Ianto' with three syllables, like 'Ee-yawn-toe."  And I've been saying "Tosh" with a long 'o,' but I could sworn Ianto said it in a way that rhymes with "posh" (which would, you know, make sense given its spelling).  Man, what is with my need to make names as complicated as possible?  Getting half of them wrong has got to be some kind of record.

In the end, however, as I am keen to avoid any further instances of sex and/or swearing and not even a little tempted by the preview, it'll be a while before I try to watch another episode.   ------

*reads 1x07*
It amazes me that this show finally puts Tosh in the center spotlight, yet I'm too grossed out by a large percentage of the recap to even consider watching it.  *is annoyed*  (biggest gross-out: I don't want to know what kind of filthy thoughts Tosh is hearing in Gwen and Owen's heads.)

*starts to read 1x08*
Aw, hell.  I was told "They Keep Killing Suzie" was a fantastic episode too.  Should I watch it?  'Cause I don't want to miss out on greatness, but on the other hand, if I get burned again, heads will roll. 

(5 minutes later) I choose 'not watch it,' in the interest of moving quickly.

(unspecified amount of time later)
OK, I've read through 1x12 now, and aside from hearing that Jack's best friend was tortured to death while he was forced to watch - which, STOP HAVING TRAGEDIES IN YOUR LIFE THAT MAKE ME PITY AND/OR LIKE YOU - I don't feel a particular need to mention much.  I love moving at this speed!

Also am denying existence of Gwen/Rhys fighting.  Deny, deny, deny.

Think am going to make an attempt to watch the season finale, if only because it links up nicely with Jack's appearance in Doctor Who, and the premiere because everyone's told me it's worth it, and...then we'll see how I feel about watching more.  Right now I feel distinctly grumpy by the fact that even if I don't bother with individual reviews, it's difficult to spare enough time just to watch all these episodes. 

Why can't it still be summer?!  Why did I have to drag my ass on finishing season 3?! I was doing SO WELL through July... ------------------
In a totally unrelated note, I think I'm going to jump on the paid-account sale at some point this month, and bite the bullet for extra icon space along with it.  I just feel certain that a-la-carte icon space purchasing is going to cost more per-icon, and so even though a la carte would probably be a smaller lump sum in the end, since the likelihood of my actually using 100 icons seems improbable...maybe I'll change my mind once I actually have that much space to play with?

Really hope I don't kick myself for this choice when "more information is available in October."  You know, the marketing execs on LJ are being exceptionally cruel with their timing here.  Brilliant from a profiteering standpoint, but cruel.  
In a further unrelated note, I just realized that the next installment of the Music of 2008 list is due to be posted here by tomorrow.  *facepalm* After the 60 billion words I wrote this weekend, none of you are even going to look at it, are you? 
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  • Heyy, it's some NCIS: LA talk!

    I give up on trying to ever catch up on my official reviewing of this show, so surprise! Here are some thoughts on the first episode(s) I have ,…

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    I am halfway through season 2 now, and while I still don't really understand why Greg and Katie suddenly had chemistry at the end of season 1 --…

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