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Posting Spree! This time the noun is humor and the genre, comedy.

How I Met Your Mother is hilarious.  Oh!  That reminds me, I made a special effort to watch Monday’s edition of the Megan Mullaly show because the cast was going to appear on it (actually, the whole show revolved around them and their comedy).  And it was the best episode of that show I’ve ever seen, which is saying something because that show in general is the only daytime talk show I can stand.  I hate Karen on Will & Grace, but Megan seems really sweet.  Anyway, it was great because Neil Patrick Harris + whoever plays Marshall admitted to loving Les Miserables (which is only the greatest musical ever written), and even better, they sang the whole confrontation song between Javert & Valjean.  WHICH I ADORE,  So even though they kept cracking up and going way out of tune, I had to watch it three times.  Harris makes a perfect stern Javert.    

The episode itself was kind of a letdown, except for Barney calling the comatose couples “the grandparents from Willy Wonka.”  Barney’s gay black brother?  Not so entertaining, except when they were showcasing their various tag-team pickup lines.  (Nero and the Pig was the best)

However, The Class had its best episode ever.  I feel like I say that a lot, but this time, I meant it.  I watched it twice and laughed equally hard both times.  I love how this show keeps finding legitimate ways to tie its eight main characters together.  The layers of irony and ensuing hilarity are off the charts.  It was also nice that they shaved all the superfluous spouses out of this episode.  I don’t mind Aaron, but Yonk and Perry are nigh unbearable, and it’s better just to get rid of them all (if only we could have shed Duncan’s mother as well…).  Besides, Kyle and Ethan make awesome buddies.  I want to quote all the funny lines, but most of them are only funny in the context of recurring jokes that build off previous statements, and/or in facial expressions and tone of voice. 

 I’ll try one though – and remember I paraphrase.

Holly: It would really be better [for reporting the news story] if you had a middle name.  John Wilkes Booth…Lee Harvey Oswald…
Ritchie: They all killed people!  I’m just a horrible driver!  (Holly persists.  He gives in.  His middle name is his mother’s maiden name – Brittany.  Yes, Brittany, like the girl’s name.)
Nicole: …how have you NOT killed people?

And the ending!  Aw, the storybook ending!  (if storybooks had, you know, convenience stores and crime tape) See, I knew she could be swayed by a grand romantic speech; it just took a couple of takes.  Good girl.  If you need me, I'll just be watching Ritchie somewhat literally fall into her open arms and then maybe cry a little with happiness.  It is sugary sweet in a perfect way, and Ethan takes advantage of this opportunity to casually put his arm around Kat’s shoulders.  She gives the gesture a look of disdain crossed with “what the hell do you think you’re doing?” and he just as casually removes it.  Hee!

While I’m on the subject of comedies, I accidentally caught an episode of My Boys.  I like the concept; I definitely know a girl or two who seem to have nothing but guy friends.  My major complaint is the lack of hotness factor among her guy friends.  Seriously, I know they’re past the high school/college age range, but she and her friend Stephanie (woot!) are damn hot; can’t her male friends be at least a little attractive?  Two of them are average-to-good, if you include the new guy she met on the baseball team.  The rest, ick.  It doesn’t help that I hate sports.  The show couldn’t keep my interest past one episode.
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