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Shonda. SHONDA. Why do you do things that make me hate you?

I honestly do not think there's any other showrunner I have cursed out as much as her.  Chris Carter, maybe?  But ole CC and I had more of a love/hate relationship going there, where it just wouldn't have felt right to exist without bickering.  On the other hand, I swear to God, I cannot remember the last news from Grey's Anatomy that made me really happy.

Case in point: I like Rose!  I like Nurse Rose a whole bunch.  Naturally, that got taken away from me in the finale.  

And then I see spoilers for the premiere.  Apparently, Rose tells Derek she's pregnant.  Which, AWESOME.  I am so in love with that storyline.  It would be so many levels of fantastic if McDreamy had to contend with this twisty new development whilst trying to go back to Shiny Happy Time with Mer.  It would be...*frowns* just like that story on Scrubs.  Huh.  *perks back up* Only AWESOME, because deep drama like that doesn't belong on a sitcom, and it would make so much more sense here.  In fact, it would be a perfect addition to the flawed star-crossed-ness of his and Meredith's relationship.  Having already dealt with adultery and a belatedly-ex-wife, it falls right into the pattern if they had to deal with an illegitimate child, too.

I also somewhat doubtful of Meredith's willingness to have children, whatever her claims to the contrary (I can see kids for a lot of my preferred TV couples.  I cannot see them here), so, he might as well have one somehow. 

Also, on the bonus side for Rose, who could really argue with a chance to have McDreamy in their lives forever, at least in some capacity?  Because for all his shortcomings, I find it hard to believe that with his shiny knight/savior complex he wouldn't want to be 100% involved in his kid's life.  Which, you never know, could always lead to a romantic reconciliation down the line!  I have hope!  It is my fondest wish for him to someday suddenly GET OVER MEREDITH!

Basically, my eyes were shiny with hope and potential.  Especially since they've been teasing this 'a character may be pregnant!' crap for months, and I had resigned myself to the idea of it being Callie, which, NO.  This would take care of that nicely!  I read the first part of this article slowly, savoring it.

But TV Squad also cautioned that this pregnancy sounded unlikely... "So unlikely, in fact, that it isn't true.  The promo isn't a trick--Rose actually says to Derek, "there's no good way to say this: I'm carrying your child."

Me: Oh, no.  Oh, God, please, spin that some other way, like miscarriage or false positive, and don't let it be because --

Article Continues: The thing is, it's a total lie.

Me: *()%&#()%&#*(&%#!  NO!  The one thing I begged and pleaded for all summer (in the back of my mind) was "Please don't have Rose turn into a crazy bitch," and yet HERE WE ARE.  Complete and total crazy-jealous-bitch territory.  Which is so many levels of uncool, because she's not.  She's the everywoman; she's you or me or anyone else who's ever fangirled McDreamy and thought of him as an impossible wish - which for her, somehow came true like a Disney story (I feel like I should be making slick comparison to Enchanted, but I don't know how).  And normally I can't sympathize with characters who represent you or me (*COUGH* Karen, *cough* Olive), but in this case I can and do, and I do not understand all the hate coming her way, and GOD.    

Phew.  That was a long paragraph.  Um, in conclusion, I'm a touch defensive of my Rose.  Just a touch.  Can she at least move to California, where all awesome women who've been rejected by Derek go, and become Addison's new BFF? 
Tags: grey's anatomy, speculation, spoilers

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