RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

...the hell, I thought I posted this yesterday?

*frowns in confusion* That's weird.  I don't even have it privatized or saved in Notepad somewhere.  Wish I'd realized that before I made the last post so I could have merged them...oh well.  

1. I just realized that every single one of my professors has a "more than 3 absences drops your final grade by half a letter" policy in place this semester.  Cruel and unusual!  Usually I at least get one class free of that nonsense...stupid "discussion-based" courses at stupid small school.  (insert grumblings here)  It's like, I know that class attendance is important, but sometimes I just need to escape!  [Or if I sometimes oversleep]  And I don't want to worry about spending escape passes with the fear of grade retribution looming over my head. 

2. TWILIGHT LOLZ, in MS Paint form.  I will never, ever get tired of Twilight mockery parodies.  Even though all I know is what I've heard from you, and am sure I'm missing out on the full depth of the jokes by not having read the series for myself, this all on its own has me howling with laughter.  I particularly love how Edward bears a distinct resemblance to the Count on Sesame Street.   

2.5 In an unrelated note, "twilight" used to be one of my favorite words.  It was mysterious and pretty, and I used it for all sorts of horse names because it was fun to say, and the word is only associated with horribleness and laughable writing.  I'm scowly about that.  (incidentally, you know what other word I used to love saying?  "Sparkle.")

3. Speaking of things that make me scowly..."Zuiker Creates New Spin On Crime Novels" (Reading becomes a muti-platform experience.)

OK, I hope you clicked on that, because there's no way I can articulate the nonsense of this article due to how it kind of makes me want to vomit.  You came up with this idea because you personally find it difficult to read a 250-page CRIME NOVEL?  A, that's not long, and B, crime novels: like candy, seriously.  And OMGWTF, you feel a need to be "rewarded" by something visual for getting through a couple of chapters?!  That...that is the extreme height of perfectly disgusting laziness. I can't even get into the quote about how this is supposed to appeal to the "Youtube generation" that's "lost its passion for reading."  Because my poor little head would just explode.

Good job taking something that actually might have been a cool experience, and making it come across instead as a slap in the face of anything resembling intellect.  

Tags: books, college, csiverse, loltastic, twilight

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