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I don't want to write 4 more lines in my French paper.

1. I got all nostalgic last night, and began another fruitless round of the Never-Ending Quest to rediscover "The Lost Temple of Matt Ishida." (stupid foreshadowy name!)  I even used the WAYBACK MACHINE, but all I could pull up was the "We've moved!" page, and the new link returns nothing. PEOPLE, GOD DAMN IT, I WANT MY GOTH T.K. (and other assorted hilarity) FIX RIGHT NOW.  It's been years, yeeeeeeeears, and still I miss all the fantastic twisted Digimon humor, hilariously captioned screenshots, Fluffy the cranky Tokomon, etc.  There has to be SOMEONE on the bloody internet who saved pictures.  Or one of the web pages.  SOMEONE.  SOMEONE MUST HAVE IT.  I need an actual time machine right now.  (the TARDIS would do)  And probably none of you know what I'm talking about.  But bloody hell, I have to vent sometimes. First puppy-love fandom and all.

2. Secret Life of the American Teenager.  Huh.  I feel like I've gotten kind of out of sync with the show, even though I think I only missed one episode in there (sadly enough).  As with every time I see it, I would LIKE to say that it's too stupid for me to take anymore, and yet...I keep coming back, a clear glutton for punishment.  Stupid adorable Ben.

That, and I feel like for supposedly being the main character, Amy gets shafted on a lot of screentime so that we can make time for Grace's Moral Dilemmas and Adrienne's Bucket Of Issues, and so I cling to the TV every week for my pitiful scraps of good scenes.  But I'm not sure if that's actually the case, or it just feels like it is because I hate all the other characters so much and don't understand why it can't be all Amy and Ben, all the time, with dashes of Ashley to liven things up.

My specific reactions to this episode (which sounds like the last one before the finale?  I think?) can be summed up like so:

1) The hell, Alice.  I can see why you'd drop a horny clingy dillweed like Henry, but why would you gravitate towards an empty-headed moron like Jack instead?

2) Oh, Ben, why can't you be 5 or 10 years older, and actually know what you're saying, instead of just being an over-earnest kid?  Because you speak such beautiful words of reassurance when you gather her up in a hug, or when you take her hand to face the world, but then I remember how you're a freshman in high school and that vision kinda falls apart.  Which excessively frustrates me, because I fully believe in both his sincerity and his eventual ability to BE a supporting anchor/head of household, but he simply isn't at that point yet.

3) On that note, AWWWWWWW, BABY BEN!  Oh, sweetheart.  You're so misguided in your attempts to defend Amy's honor, or something.  That's how you get beaten up.  But not to worry, girls love to make a fuss over their injured boyfriends.  Especially at this age.

4) That is like the worst guidance counselor's office ever.  There's so little privacy that not only is it right on the (busy) hallway (as opposed to back a little ways, tucked in a group of offices to create a safer space), but apparently sometimes the door just gets left wide open.  While the confidential conversation continues.

5) ...there's something kind of weird and wrong when a school for teenage mothers has better facilities, better teachers, and is in a better neighborhood than the magnet school.  I'm not begrudging the Alternative Education Insitute for Independent Women (*cough*), but isn't the point of magnet schools to draw the better students together and provide them with better opportunities?

6) "I'm a different person from the Ricky that got you pregnant!" At that, I actually laughed so hard I choked.

*HEADDESK*  "I thought we'd feel like we were in love if we just had sex."  HEADDESK.  Literally, I am like SMACKING MY HEAD INTO MY DESK.  Alice just went from "vaguely interesting background character" to "GTF off my screen and never return; what the hell good is your smart brain if you still fall for beliefs like that?"

No wonder I stand firm in my belief that Ashley is the smartest person on this entire show.  Nettlesome and impertinent though she can be.

8) In conclusion, Ben and Amy still delight my soul, and I want them to be all cute and cuddly forever and OH HOLY LORD Amy's making out with him in the preview and I just threw up a little in my mouth.  Not old enough for that!  Not!  Old!  Enough!  DO NOT WANT.

9) Secondary conclusion: You know, I think this show is actually giving The O.C. a run for its money in terms  of the ridiculous number of blood/marriage/romance/sex ties between characters.  I mean, if you started drawing a map of connections, it would be such a convoluted mess you probably wouldn't even be able to tell what it meant anymore.  I didn't think ANYONE could beat The O.C.
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