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Having managed to actually go to bed before dawn (albeit not by much), when I woke up at 11:15 this morning, there was a brief moment of "Hey, I might not totally waste today OMG YAY!" ...and then I went back to sleep for another 4 hours.  -.-

Although, with my computer turned off, I was much less tempted to sit down and start wasting time, so I turned on the TV for motivation and finally buckled down on a Determined Cleaning Binge. The upside of getting up late was that I landed on ABC Family showing "Goblet of Fire," to which my first reaction was "DAVID TENNANT TIME!" I don't think I've seen the movie since I got into Doctor Who, and I keep meaning to watch his sections, so that was fun.

For example, you know that moment where he tries to oh-so-casually stroll out of the courtroom right before Karkaroff accuses him? I never noticed how much he resembles Captain Jack (the pirate, not Harkness). He's got the 'oh, don't mind me, totally not important, bye now' attitude down pat. Plus, non-spiky hair! That's always a bonus point.  In a related note...
Fandom opinion on "Blackpool": yea or nay?

Because every time I see David Tennant picspams, the screenshots from that show are really damn tempting. In ways where I am leery of more BBC shows after seeing how Torchwood can offend the sensibilities, and reeling after realizing that The Great Giant Bomb "Viva Laughlin" (first and fastest kill of the 2007 axe, as I recall) was based off THIS show...but. THE IMAGES, THEY ARE SWOON-WORTHY.  And it's a short series, so I don't have to worry about the time investment.  I just don't really know anything about it, and am still confused after trying to read a summary on Wikipedia, so I can't decide whether or not to watch.

Tell me how to feel, flist.


Sep. 7th, 2008 05:12 am (UTC)
Way to make me sound really awful there! :P I prefer to think of myself as a semi-nocturnal creature who rearranges her sleeping hours at will. Long as I get to classes on time, it doesn't really make a difference to me whether I work on stuff during daylight hours or at night. Been like that for at least a couple of years now; I never even think about it anymore until I get an outsider's perspective.
I am extremely fond of Ron, Harry, and the twins' fantastic hair in the 4th movie. The rest I'm less fond of because the first and second movies (especially the first) did such a fantastic job of literally bringing the book to life, so all the necessary cuts and unnecessary alterations after that have gotten increasingly disappointing.

But it's still fun watching. I'd forgotten how cool Harry Potter in live action can be. :)

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