RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Secret Life of the American Teenager: season finale

(or, 'Omigod, my crack addiction show is over until 2009!  HOW WILL I LIVE.")

Question 1: the previews promised "ONE CHARACTER: MAY GO TOO FAR."  Um, which character was that supposed to be?  Like, no, really.  I can't actually figure out what was more over the top than any preceding episode.  If anything, this was less eventful than usual.  Or I'm just getting increasingly bored by it; that's a valid possibility too.

Question 2: Since when does being in therapy get you labeled crazy/a psycho?  Didn't that stigma die out like...a decade ago?  Possibly two?  THE TIME WARP IN WHICH THIS SHOW EXISTS, I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND IT. 

Not that it should really shock anyone that Ricky's in therapy, especially one for 'seriously disturbed' people.  I mean, he's clearly a sex addict bordering on rapist.  (Not that I think he's actually raped anyone so far, I mean, but I feel like if girls weren't always peeling their clothes off for him of their own accord...who knows?)

Fact 1: "He makes you feel sorry for you.  That's how he gets to you."  OMI GOD, EVEN WHEN LAUREN'S STUPID (kissing Ricky in the first place), SHE'S SMART.  Now: type up what you just explained to Amy and print it all over school, especially in the girls' bathrooms.  You could stop the madness!  Open girls' eyes!  Stop him from getting away with all those horribly cheesy lines he uses on everyone!

Fact 2: Ricky actually induces a gag reflex in me every time I see him.

Fact 3: Ben is too adorable for words, between the "...OK..." moment upon seeing the kid in the counselor's office, and the "yeah, really don't need the details" pleading with his friends to not discuss their new sex life with him and/or in a crowded school hallway.

In a related note, if Henry and/or Alice could die in a fiery car wreck sometime soon, that would not be quick enough for me.

Fact 4: Come to think of it, excepting Amy, Ashley, Ben, and sometimes-Lauren, I want to punch every character in the face, all the time.  (With the possible exception of the kid who broke into the counselor's office, who already seems 3000% more realistic than any other student on the show.  Also hilarious.)

MOST UNROMANTIC LINE EVER: "I  guess we could have sex if you want."  Amy, Amy, Amy.  *hits upside the head*

Fact 5: OMG, I don't think Ben is a real human boy. I think he's some sort of alien genetic replacement, because no boy could be so incredibly perfect as to gently put his not-actually-horny girlfriend in check and tell her he thinks they should be older before they do that.  And, whatever, I don't think the presence of the baby actually matters as much to him as their age.  THIS IS MY BELIEF AND I KEEPS IT.  (*is off on her daydream scenarios of somewhere past 2013, with Ben & Amy's first baby*)

Fact 6: The clipshow commercial that aired after the show ended, the one promoting the show in general, contains at least 70% more Amy and Ben than we ever see in any given episode.  Their promo department consists of FILTHY LIES AND THE LIARS WHO TELL THEM.

On second thought, I'm quite content being rid of this show for a while.  And perfect timing too, since House is back in its timeslot next week.  :)
Tags: secret life, tv commentary

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