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End of Days

[Executive edit: HAHA.  I wrote the first paragraph like...I think possibly the second day of September.  I've been trying to find time to finish it ever since.  SUCCESS: FINALLY REALIZED.]

Or, "Torchwood, season 1 finale!"

With 1x11 sounding like crap, pointedly skipping 1x12 for excessive slashiness, and finding myself unexpectedly at the finale…I figured, what the heck, probably I should watch it, being as it’s a finale and all, and that ties into what I was just watching on Doctor Who [or was like a fortnight ago before school crash-landed on my head]. And while it was not as good as either Small Worlds or Out of Time, it was thoroughly entertaining fare for a Saturday night spent curled up in my corner bed. Let's see if I can keep this short, since I didn't take notes while watching!

Firstly, the rest of the world appears somewhat negative on this point, but I loved Abaddon. It was scary as hell, and I thought it was rather more well done than some of the aliens on Doctor Who. Plus, he caused Jack what appeared to be a considerable amount of pain, and then I got to pretend Jack was completely dead! IT WAS THEREFORE AWESOME. (On second thought, I got to watch Jack appear dead a couple of times, which was great. The moment where Owen shot him in the head is the one and only time so far that I've felt even a modicum of liking for Owen).

Secondly, I really loved the visions of all the loved ones appearing before people. Tosh's mum was amazing - is there ever explanation as to why she's bleeding from the head there? - but I was, naturally, quite smitten with Diane. That was one of the episode highlights for me, actually, both because she's amazing and because I hadn't quite cottoned on to the fact that these were fake, I was all "NOOOOOO! SHE'S TRAPPED SOMEWHERE IN TIMELESSNESS!" And even on the second time through, I'm still struck by the hollow fear she portrays, not really herself

(and yes, I admit it. I totally believed Bilis and would have fought to open the Rift. Although how much of that was just because I wanted to spite Jack may never be known)

But by the following day, as I was thinking over how amazing those visions were and why they were the most powerful part of the episode for me, it ocurred to me - this notion seemed extremely familiar.

And that's because I just read it in a Doctor Who novel.

The similarities, let us compare them with a book excerpt:

[Mickey] turned. It felt as if he were moving in slow motion.

Rose was standing there. Large as life, picked out in pale colour. She looked scared half to death and dripping wet. '

Oh, Mickey, Keish, you've got to help me,' she said, her lips out of synch with the words. 'Say you'll help me.' She gave them an encouraging smile and a trickle of water ran from her nose. 'Help me before the feast.'

And, well, obviously the situations aren't identical, but the basic premise is the same - getting humans to do something by tricking them with fabricated pleas from loved ones. Play on their emotions and use them as power. Which I really do find fascinating, and therefore I don't mind Torchwood's use of it, but...I just found it funny that I read this book and watched this ep in the same week.

Now, where was I? No idea. Let's skip to the random thoughts. 

On Things in General

  • I actually watched the opening with Gwen and Rhys about three times in a row, and almost started to think their cuddling was cute. Then I let the scene finish, and there was Unexpected Bare Ass.  I am not down with naked cuddling.  Not for these two, at any rate. 
    • Have resumed being faintly grossed out by Rhys and not possessed of any desire at all to watch the even vaguely intimate part of their life, a/k/a "at home." Which I may not have ever before said about a TV couple, ever
  • I still want them to be totally romantic and successful at life and marriage and whatnot, because that's the kind of couple I cheer for on principle - and I sympathized mightily with her hysteria and refusal to leave his body/demands to bring him back - but I do so with more of an overseeing detachment. They are just not collectively cute enough to warrant squee or aww.
  • I am really unsettled by how much Ianto both looks and sounds like an actual preacher while reading from the Bible. Of course, I'm still unsettled by his UNNATURALLY LOW VOICE in general, but the whole stance there was disconcerting.
  • Fail on the Mulder-and-Scully references. There are good X-Files references, and there are dumb ones. Despite my previous (favorable) comparison between this show and TXF, throwing in that reference just seemed random and done for-the-hell-of-it.
  • I laughed uproariously at the constant and incessant blame being heaped upon Owen, Jack pointing the finger again and again. IT WAS ENJOYABLE. I know this is hard to believe, but on Team Torchwood, Jack is only my 3rd least favorite character, so when the actual omega is getting kicked around, it's bliss.
  • Which reminds me, as much fun as it was to watch Jack die, by that point I was also pretty enthusiastic about his cruel method of making personal attacks on each opposing member of his team. That was amusing.
  • Boykissing does not bring me the squee, so fail on that. HOWEVER, I am all about the manly displays of emotional/supportive hugging, so Jack grabbing Owen was perhaps the highlight of excitement for me in this episode. I even LIKED the guy for a minute there. *sighs in approval*
  • Oh yay! AWESOME ending. Again, that's the whole reason I insisted upon learning about this show in the first place. The situation was all pretty well explained when Jack showed up on Doctor Who, but there's nothing like seeing it for yourself. Primary versus secondary sources and all that.
    • Plus now I almost understand, in ways I couldn't before, how Jack might a) be qualified as a team leader and b) choose his team over traveling with the Doctor. [no, wait. That second one still perplexes me. Doctor > all, even if you're not blonde.]
      • Oh my God, apparently I officially believe Jack as a leader now. Noooo! I want my innocence back! I cling to the blind hatred of my youth!
Bullet points are fun. =D The Rich Text editor screws them up most of the time I want to use them, and it turns into a huge mess in HTML if you go back to edit after posting like I always do, so I usually have to do without. but they behaved today! I'm happy.

Next Up: It is finally FRIDAY!! and so I feel like I might spend tonight finally watching season 2. For some inexplicable reason, I've decided that I'm going to watch the rest of them, at least as far as my delicate sensibilities can tolerate before they get fed up, and the idea there is that I will hopefully see more and therefore feel compelled to write less. Like "Moonlight."

As always, this plan is subject to change without warning.

Having mentioned Doctor Who novel "Feast of the Drowned" in the above review, it made me want about it some more and/or type another excerpt. Because this is one I actually enjoyed rather a lot. Once I got past the somewhat clumsy/unnecessary exposition that rehashes things we should already know from the series, I found this novel was perhaps the most enjoyable in terms of plot, and had just enough on the shippy side to make it worth my while.

The beginning is hilarious, lots of running banter that spreads over a couple of pages and is kind of hard to recreate, but just for a taste:

Rose shook her head. 'Hey, come on, Keish. Look, I'm gonna be around for a few days --'

'A few days!' The Doctor snapped into life, whirled round, gave her a look as sharp as his angular features. Then he realised Keisha was watching him and his face softened. He started nodding. 'Yeah. A few days, course we are. Thought so.' When Keisha looked away he grimaced and mouthed at Rose, 'A few days?'

Rose gave him an and your problem is...? look back, then squeezed Keisha's hand.

But really, this - taking place shortly after the excerpt quoted above in the Torchwood review - is what makes the book full of Win:

'Yes, I saw Rose too,' was all the Doctor would say. He strode through the walkways of the estate with a look in his dark eyes that said do not mess. Mickey could hardly keep up with him.

'We've got to go to her,' said Keisha.

'She's right. Rose needs us,' said Mickey. 'Now. We can't muck about.'

The Doctor didn't break his step, didn't turn. 'Shut up,' he said.

'But she's in danger, like Jay!' Keisha insisted. 'We have to get to her before the feast--'

'Shut up, shut up, shut up!' The Doctor whirled on one heel and rounded on them both. 'This whole planet could be in danger! D'you think I don't want to go jumping into the Thames after Rose? You think I don't want to...' He pinched the bridge of his nose, closed his eyes, trying to get a hold of himself. 'I do want to, and I didn't even see her clearly. My sense are about a thousand times smarter than yours. These creatures haven't got the measure of me yet, have't learned how to press all my buttons. but they're having a damned good go.'

His eyes snapped open, urgent and soulful. 'Now listen to me, both of you. You know that those critters in the river are fishing for humans, and they're not throwing them back. Knowing that is making it easier for your brains to fight against the alien effect, so keep reminding yourself of what you saw back in Vida's offices. Don't trust the voices in your head, don't trust these images of Rose - trust me.

Ahhh...nice.  Don't wanna give book back to library!  *is grumpy and possessive*

P.S. I have resumed bonding with my Capstone members over the baffling incomprehensibility of this course. Even more of them than before, yay!  And today she let us go eight minutes early, if you can believe that (I still can't). Also, I'm in a very good mood now that I have Diet Pepsi and peanut butter sandwich cookies. I am not normally a fan of such cookies, but these were 99 cents because they're going "stale," which I refer to as "deliciously soft" and adore the taste of. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

I plan to enjoy the hell out of this Friday, in other words, before I have to work my one-Saturday-a-month and then write my French presentation for Monday/3-page-paper for Wednesday). HI THERE, TELEVISION!  Possibly I should finish watching Bones before I grab anything else, huh?
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