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(I bet those 48 hours I was gone doing homework/class things really threw you for a spin after my recent deluge of 2-3x-a-day updates. Don't worry, I aim to remedy that over the weekend)

Bones: The Man in the Outhouse

(Note: for purposes of the next paragraph or two, let's temporarily forget that the last minute exists)

OK, y'all, if you can have fleeting tingles of inappropriate shipping, SO CAN I. More specifically, despite the fact that doing so seriously would make him a sort of junior McSleazy, a/k/a unable to have female colleagues he doesn't sleep with, I'm shippin' Hodgins/Daisy.

Because they're delightful! I love that Hodgins gets his Grumpy Old Lab Tech face on, and keeps treating her like an impertinent young whippersnapper, but then there are little moments where there's a glimmer of begrudging respect and/or admiration in spite of himself. Usually erased a moment later when her motormouth runs off on her again, but still, it's there! YOU CAN PROBABLY IMAGINE my, to put it mildly, displeasure when Sweets' heart suddenly went thudding cartoonishly out of his chest.

As to Daisy/Lance: SQUICK.

And WTF do you mean, she got fired?! WHY?! OK, I don't even have to ship her with Jack per se. I just wanted the hope of her coming back so that I could see her fantastic dynamic some more! I realize that she's a little over the top in a way that would get exhausting pretty quick, but she's also adorably goofy in a way that Sweets TRIES AND FAILS to be. Gimme my Daisy, damn it! Or at least keep providing delightful lab techs that distract me from the pain of Zach's absence! Which, I'm slowly discovering, is actually much less horrific than the addition of Sweets full time.

In a related note, I'm very glad that they didn't even try to touch the Hodgins/Angela mess for the moment. No doubt some people will find this irksome, but I personally felt relieved. I needed a little break from their crap, so I'm glad the writers felt that way too.
Over in BB land, awwwwwwwwwww, BOOTH! He's reaching completely unheard of levels of sentimentality. Could his heart BE any more on his sleeve? I'm getting closer to the B/B shipping place. Brennan's got a long way to go before I can comfortably support it, but as long he's basically sitting there going "I LOVE YOU. Plz 2 notice soon?"...well. It helps.

Brennan's 2 boyfriends were both disappointingly unattractive, but the hilarity of Booth's testerone-laden territory defending totally made up for it. I love how he just hangs back there, being big and intimidating while making snide remarks in the most pleasant manner possible. BOOTH FOR THE WIN.

One thing I did like about the 2-boyfriends deal, though? I genuinely feel like Brennan is one of the only women in the world who can truly, completely separate the emotional from the physical. Usually I call utter crap when characters (mostly female) claim that, but her, no problemo.

In plot-related news, I wasn't paying any attention except to notice "gross" and "dude, why did it take you so long to figure out that her ex-boyfriend was significant?" I even fast-forwarded through most of the confession, bored by the routine cop work when clearly, I could be watching more humorous exchanges. For a minute there I forgot this started out as a crime show. I FIND MYSELF EXTRAORDINARILY OKAY WITH THIS.
P.S. If I could just say one more thing about Daisy?  It was kind of nice to see things from her perspective as an outsider - not that we got a direct view, but we got to see how SCARILY COLD Bones can be when she doesn't know you.  I tend to forget that, given how she's pretty much friends with everyone in the lab, and making progress towards being a socially normal human being.  She converses and even smiles with them.  But enter Daisy, and up go the rigid barriers of professionalism.  That threw me for a loop even more than Cam's sudden ICY GLARE OF DOOM for...I don't even know, taking initiative like everyone else seems to?  I couldn't quite follow the problem there.

The point is that Daisy is delightful and I need her in my Jeffersonian-centered life, possibly even more than Clark Edison.  2 FOR 2, SHOW.  KEEP IT UP!
P.P.S. I wrote all of the above in Notepad, using a crazily narrow window in an attempt to trick myself into thinking I was writing really long paragraphs and thus write less.  Alas, it didn't work.  *headdesk*  Next week.  Or the week after that.  When I have multiple shows, surely then I will be forced to condense my ramblings...right?  RIGHT??  Oh, God.
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