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It's been overcast and/or raining all day.  Very dull.  Clearly, the answer was to spend the afternoon wrapped up in a blanket, watching Torchwood.  (in my defense?  I went to bed at a reasonable hour last night and got up at 7:30! And worked!  And came back did dishes and laundry and picked up my room for the rest of the morning!  What homework?)

2x01, "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
*blinks in astonishment* ...the hell?  When did I stop hating Owen? 

A. Because after this episode, he's kind of...well, not exactly on my good side, but he's surpassed Ianto on my Totem Pole of Team Torchwood (y halo thar, new omega).  I think it started with this quote exchange --
Gwen: All I'm saying is, you're speeding, and there are children.
Owen: Well, if kids are out at midnight, they've got it coming.

--which, HEE, SNARKY REMARKS AGAINST CHILDREN - and doubled when he looked at Spike John and pronounced "Oh God, he's worse than Jack." 

But  think my potential-like catapulted itself into existence at the speed of light when he growled death threats at Spike John if the latter touched Tosh again.  You may remember that thing I have about men getting angry and/or violent in the name of defending women?  *briefly and surreptitiously fans self*

And then he got shot and there was Tosh doing her clumsy best to help patch him up, and...dammit, show!  I've been so good about utterly disdaining her unrequited and extremely misguided attraction to the prat, and now I'm falling in that direction!  

But...Owen!  Between the defending Tosh and getting shot and then doctoring up Gwen again, I suddenly have this weird angle of respect for him being a doctor, albeit a cranky one - like, why haven't I been telling myself all along that he's just a younger and more able-bodied Dr. House? - and...OH, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE.  Over the course of the last three paragraphs, I've talked myself into legitimately liking him.  Crap.  This was not the plan!  Pending season finale, pending season finale!  There is a reason liking Owen was never in the plan!!
B. In other news, I burst out into hysterical laughter as "SPIKE!" appeared on my screen.  Not that I have any idea who Spike is beyond a character on Buffy, but his image is very memorable.  And, well, I knew James Marsters was in this one, but I'd confused Marsters with Marsden in my head, so I was waiting for the prince from "Enchanted."  This was a bit different.  Also less appreciated.  Marsters is not a handsome man.  I am also not especially enamored of his character here.  Can we be done with him forever now?  [*eyes season preview* WTF DO YOU MEAN, "NO"?]

C. Ships I Do Not Care For:
-Jack/Gwen, which literally does come out of nowhere AND IS WEIRD AND CREEPY.  Like, the hell, Gwen!  Remember all the sobbing and hysteria when Rhys was dead?  And now all of a sudden you're just sticking with him "because no one else will have you"?  WOMAN.  It is hard to like you sometimes.  And Jack, you're not doing a whole lot better with the treatment of your significant other. 
(which, whatever canon says, I came into this show thinking they were together and therefore nothing will ever shake my belief that they're Meant To Be)

-Jack/Ianto, which I readily condone but in much more of a "...go.  Go take your story elsewhere.   Like off my screen."  *waves off dismissively*

-Jack/John, which I was happy not knowing existed, thanks to the power of my fast-forwarding, until the recap went and showed me a picture.  FAIL, RECAP.

D. Ships I Do Care For
-Gwen/Rhys.  NOW WITH SOME LEGITIMATE SUPPORT, just because he was ridiculously cute when he called her up and was all excited and happy about the promotion.  I like the man so much better when he's fully clothed, don't you?  Still waiting to feel magic sparks, though.

And before she ruined it, I was totally in love with Gwen's wide-eyed mock surprise upon seeing the engagement ring on her finger.  HEE.  For a brief and glorious second there, I thought she was making fun of Jack, until it turned into some kind of weird passive-aggressive accusation.  I know, my naivete surprises even me.

-Tosh/Owen may be my official sailing ship.  I don't know.  Give me some time to see how she handles.

E. That bit where they were taking 850553 (actual number) weapons off John...did anyone else burst out laughing and think of Elizabeth's first scene during Pirates 3, or was that just me?

F. Watching Jack die: ALWAYS appreciated.

G. Aw, damn, you have Secret Season Passwords too?  *sigh* Who or what is Grey? 

So...I took one look at the ending previews, where 'sex' is repeated like 800 times, and I decided that just to be on the safe side, I would read the recap of 2x02 first.  I got about halfway through before I deemed it safe enough to watch, but the result was that I was even less engaged than I would normally have been...and it wasn't that captivating to begin with.

2x02, "Sleeper"
Or, "Hey, that was quite the dull waste of time there, wasn't it?"


Jackassy!Jack in his best impersonation of a torturer yet, lots of icky needles, crushing boredom, a guest star far more annoying in her histrionics and/or melancholy than sympathetic, and...pretty much the only thing worth taking away from this episode was Snarky!Ianto.  "Hello?  Anyone there?  No, because the phones aren't working."  

Although I am simultaneously a little bit annoyed in a dominant-dog way by his cheeky impertinence in trying to elevate himself from the omega level, apparently now feeling secure enough to engage in occasional bouts of mockery.  You're not that awesome, Tea Boy.  Turns out I don't like him any better with a spine than without.  Why doesn't he die in the season finale?

2x03, "To The Last Man"
And then Torchwood unexpectedly made me cry.


1. TOSH IS ADORABLE.  x 1,000,000,000.  Between the getting all dressed up for her frozen soldier boy, and the barely restrained near-giddiness at the prospect of having a day out with him, and the chasing and giggling and whatnot, I AM A LOT IN LOVE WITH TOSH.  (But not in a way that would induce me to take her to bed.  Just so we're clear.)

2. TOMMYYYYYYYY!  He wasn't even all that cute at first - likable, but not especially cute - and I was exasperated by the painfully awkward first kisses, but I liked them together anyway.  And I knew he'd end up back in his own time, obviously, figured it was either that or he'd at least die carrying out whatever it was he was supposed to do, but DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD THREE WEEKS AFTER THAT FACT?  THAT IS NOT ON, SHOW.  My wounds from "The Widow of St. Pierre" are still open and weeping, damn it! 

3. Death-by-firing-squad, incidentally, is apparently my new trigger for the most horrible method in which a person can be killed.  And it's not that I even that I think it's the worst way to die - personally,  I'd request a volley of bullets over a variety of other things, including hanging, drowning, or lethal injection - but it's so incredibly gruesome to think about it happening to someone you love that I end up curled in a ball, making high-pitched squeaks of pain and whimpers in horror.  I can't even put into words how appalling it is to my brain.

4. Sidebar: way to kill a lot of my love for WWI there, show.  -.-  I was all excited about the setting, because I cannot help romanticizing that war as a historical period even though I objectively know it was horrific beyond belief, but then Jack made that comment.  So I went and looked stuff up, because I could not comprehend the idea of people actually being executed for cowardice - not in the 20th century - and then my brain broke. 

5. Still.  I was holding up pretty well all the way up through her talking him into staying and doing the right thing, through their goodbye, even all the way through her return via psychic link and the insistence that he wasn't a coward, but then she had to go and finish it with the "because you're my brave, handsome hero" line.  And he went through with it because he trusted a random woman he didn't know, took a brave step forward and saved the world, AND NOW HE'S GOING TO GET SHOT BY A FIRING SQUAD. FOR COWARDICE.  *eyes spill over with tears*

6. And then there was a 10-minute break from watching while I wept into my teddy bear.

7. Speaking of the S.S. Tosh/Owen, that last scene they had overlooking the pier?  With all the subdued reserve and admirable lack of anything resembling his usual caustic nature?  That went a long way.  Although it was a beautiful ending cap in any context, perfectly played.

8. Speaking of ships I don't like, I was trying to pre-emptively skip past any sight of Tosh/Tommy sexin' and I landed myself right in the middle of Jack & Ianto making out.  You'd think I'd be desensitized to that image by now after seeing it plastered all over the place in icons and wallpaper, but no.  It's still gross. 

9. I was especially unamused to find in the recap that the Tosh/Tommy  was "tactfully cut off," which, THE HELL.  Since when does bloody Torchwood tastefully cut away?! 

10. As a random note, I thoroughly LOVED the setting of the abandoned hospital and all the people slipping through like ghosts.  That was scary as hell and made me happy I was watching in the middle of the afternoon, safe in my room, rather than the middle of the night and/or out in a computer lab somewhere.  But better yet, I got my "Blink"-like sense of nostalgia and love for abandoned places.

Of course, Torchwood destroys things we love, so on Torchwood, the sad old hospital is being torn down.  Of course it is.  (in a related note, I don't know how people can work on demolition crews.  Tearing down old structures, no matter how dilapidated, has got to be like working in a slaughterhouse.  When I saw the one guy take a sledgehammer to the plaster, I cringed in pain.) 

11. Final random note: Tommy's stripey blue pajamas and the nods to "The Christmas Invasion" put my thoughts back to my eventual plans to return to Doctor Who, and after further reflection on 2x02...holy damn, it's going to be weird to go back into a world of innocence where people don't swear, killing is never the good guys' answer, and speech is the most powerful weapon. 

And by "weird," I mean "so welcome that I may cry in relief."  Torchwood is pulling my brain into a dark place, and I don't like it.  What I really don't like is how I'm getting the idea that Torchwood is sort of a necessary evil, because there's only one of the Doctor and his idealistic vision of saving and/or redeeming everyone and everything can only work in a limited capacity...the rest of the time, there's Jack and people like him.

I repeat: dark place.  No like.  Though possibly will find this good/necessary evil balance suitable for deeper meta investigation later on.
I think this show is...*shudders* growing on me.  But not in a way where I'm ready to recommend it to anyone yet.  Far from it.  If you don't currently watch it, especially if you've made a conscious decision not to watch it, I heartily applaud your sense of morals and conviction and encourage you maintain this disinterest and/or dislike.  Because that's the overwhelmingly correct attitude to have. 


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