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*flees research some more*

HOLY COW, THIS IS A FUN MEME, found by totally random chance while trying to find a place to stream "Owen's Theme."

LJ Username Game
INSTRUCTIONS: Shuffle your ipod/mp3 to three songs. Combine the first word of each song to come up with a username. (Words like 'I,' 'the' and 'a/an' are left to your discretion - use them and/or the first word after that, whichever makes for better results.)

Now I kinda want to sign up for free accounts all over the internet just so I can use all these usernames. I probably should have just done the first ten I got, but...I played for a really long time, because it got addictive, so I only kept the best ones. It was still hard to make myself stop at 30. 

1. Doctor's-Derniere-Blackbird (I'm assuming you're allowed to change the order, because it makes this one way better. For the non French speakers, 'derniere' means 'last.')
2. GoodbyeAllLove
3. enterwinterpaper ("winterpaper" on its own would be cool too. IT'S NOT EVEN TAKEN!)
4. pennywiththose
5. DrGetInnocence (well, that one sounds pervy, lol)
6. AnotherLoveHov
7. sicksortahologram (hey, that one's weirdly good)
8. buildingsletlife
9. iwantthebestlosing (ooh, and it's all Teen Emo)
10. TakeSexyCheyenne (um. that one I think only works for adult websites)
11. NobodysComplicatedDawn
12. How_we_daydream
13. ithankliar
14. intheskintaxi (*shivers*)
15. how_this_rose
16. foolsoncelost (this would make a great title, actually. For fic, fanlisting, or anything in between)
17. SeekingAnotherWednesday
18. SweetBroadwayWerewolf
19. theinnocentnolita (notice, NOlita; not LOlita)
20. cheap_dosi
21. thesimy (as above, just using those short preface words, especially in a foreign language, can get you neat-sounding nonsense words!)
22. JustMrsSoda
23. foreverpennyless_christmas (awww, tear!)
24. TheNewPretty
25. postage_after_sophie (if that's not a band name, I don't know what is)
26. intuitiondreamspromises (that sounds like a Xanga icon site)
27. ChynaGhostGoodbyes
28. TheChocolateDay
29. Beautifulclockworkdance
30. stilltheboats

 My capitalization has no pattern. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes I couldn't tell (same with spacing). Now, go! Do this meme, for I want to see results.

EDIT: Oh, God.  ET's got a clip from the season premiere of CSI: Miami up, and I really wanted to believe it could be good, possibly even believable, but then...AHAHAHA.  THAT IS ALL.  The over-the-top screaming just makes me burst out laughing.  Now more than ever, it plays like a midday soap opera. 
And because Doctor Who clearly consumes my every hour of waking thoughts, I was flipping through old entries yesterday and I read the one for "Family of Blood," specifically this line:


That's it, I officially insist that there be a parallel world where John and Joan live out their happy little lives.
-You know, I look at that, and I suddenly can't help but get this funny feeling that there is some hilariously NOT-AMUSING IRONY in the theoretical possibility of that wish. Based on spoilers I'm still pretending I haven't actually put together for Journey's End, despite my 98% belief in my correctness. (I'M HOLDING OUT ON THAT 2% HOPE.)

Just wanted to put that out there for my Future Self.


Sep. 15th, 2008 10:13 pm (UTC)
Oh yes, it definitely has that. Play it now!
Sep. 27th, 2008 09:34 pm (UTC)
By the way, I'm assuming it means the first word that's sung in the song, not just the first word of the title. I'm playing like it's the first one.
Sep. 27th, 2008 09:50 pm (UTC)
S'pose you could...I did it with titles, though, as that's much faster. More nouns, too, I would think.

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