RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

People With Money, Take 2

or: How I totally jumped on the Messer/Angell ship.

I didn't even *remember* all those extended scenes they had together. Clearly, I was too blinded by the Mac/Peyton bookends to remember anything in the middle, but he and the pretty detective have pretty smokin' chemistry. Words really cannot express how much I love Jennifer Angell. She should get an episode to herself. C'mon, Flack, share the spotlight! (oh wait, you already are. Well, fine, kick Hawkes out of it.)

In addition to these delightful scenes, there was the rest of the opener in which Stella and Lindsey tease Flack about playing up his injuries/heroism in order to snag phone numbers, and the highly amusing scene in which Lindsey demonstrates trace transfer by tying Mac's tie ((Stella: "I love it when she does this."), which he puts up with while wearing the bemused expression of an old dog letting a puppy climb all over it.

Of course, not remembering these scenes meant I didn't know when to start taping, and so I'll just have to wait for a third airing (summer, anyone?) to keep them in my posession.

Damn, this show is awesome.
Tags: csi: ny

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