RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Blackpool, what? "Recovery" = FREAKING AMAZING.

1. The first 40 seconds or so of this segment? Required viewing. NOW.

I am reasonably certain that he will never, ever, ever have another scene in film or television I enjoy as much as that. *cuddles*

2. It all started when I happened across a short scene from the very end of the film during my Blackpool-clip hunting, which fascinated me but I had no context for it. Then fiery_twilight mentioned "Recovery" on her short list of potential items for a Tennant viewing marathon; my ears perked up and I went to find out more about this movie.

Whereupon I tripped over this convenient link which loops the whole movie together. I sat down intending to just watch a couple of minutes, to see what it was like, but I immediately got sucked into the story and could not stop until I'd watched the whole thing.

I...I can't even put into words how brilliant it was. There was squee! There was crushing sadness! Heart-meltingly pitiful looks from Alan and moments of heartbreaking vulnerability! I couldn't help crying. There was also entirely more backside nudity than I ever needed to see, plus at least one COMPLETELY unnecessary sex scene. And I don't even mean the quasi-rape one, which I somehow sat through even though I now need brain bleach, because I figured surely after *that* it couldn't get any worse. (I won't complain about that much because for viewers 18+, it was arguably important to contrast just how sharp the difference between before and after was. Because it made me sick to my stomach, but in a 'oh my God, I can't even imagine going through that.' The wife's little extramarital tryst, however, I think we could have just alluded to. DID NOT NEED TO SEE.)

So while all the bad bits (plus the *swearing*, my GOD) ensure that this is not a film I could ever watch with my mother, or possibly with any other human being at all, it has such a profoundly moving story to tell, with such emotional resonance and incredible acting (all around, I promise, including the kids), that...I'm speechless with wonder and awe.

I would say I'm going to watch it again, except I think I need a while for my brain to fully absorb it. Amazing stuff. I was also going to write a short list of the most moving scenes, but then my brain short-circuited and melted all over the place. Maybe later? Much, much later?
Tags: david tennant, movies

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