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I hate being the first to post a review...

But god knows when else I'll finish it, so out go the thoughts!

(By the way: yes, new icon!  which is an actually a former icon of mine I reluctantly kicked out during the days of 6 spaces, and forgot I had until I found it today.  Now I've only got 1 space left, and am thus further motivated to get a paid account.  Has anyone else had problems with the automatic-billing system?)

House: 5x1
First thought: Holy crap, Foreman aged about a decade over the summer...he's bald!  

(and sigh...I had almost managed to forget the new team was there.  I've been watching a lot of reruns on USA.  I miss seasons 2 & 3)

Second thought:
"Shut up.  You're making me miss House's mocking." 
HEE!  Foreman: will he become UNEXPECTEDLY AWESOME this year??  I'm suddenly shockingly fond of how he hangs out in the background, pretty much running the show while pretending to just stand around looking bored and somewhat disdainful.    

Alas, the tradeoff looks like it might be that my formerly boundless love for 13 just goes...sliding downhill and right out the door.  Here I was all pleased that they got rid of the whole extra-ectopic pregnancy without a great big Moral And Ethical Debate - shocked by the welcome speed, actually - but then 13 just ended up harping endlessly on "WOMEN ARE POWERFUL!  WE CAN DO EVERYTHING!  BETTER!  RAWR!" and long before the end of the night I wanted to punch her in the teeth.

Kudos for the patient happily going back to her old job/role in life, though, and adding that she wasn't sure she wanted to change.  YOU ROCK, Pretty Leprosy Girl.
Best scene, strangely = Cameron talking to Wilson.  They had a really nice moment of common ground, and even though I still think her advice is silly, I'd forgotten how soulful Wilson can look (and that's really what made it the best).  Because she really is about the only person who will actually talk to him, as opposed to Foreman Seriously Not Caring and Cuddy and House waging war.  They're all cartoon figures; she's honest.

Complimenting Cameron is weird and I want to stop now.
"We're not friends anymore, House.  I'm not sure we ever were."
WHOA.  THAT IS SOME POWERFUL WORDING, SIR.  I'm curious as to how their friendship mends after something that final.  I also, unlike when I pitch hissy fits about canon couples breaking up in the interest of drama, am always on board with having House and Wilson at odds for extended periods of time. 

In a related note, if I wasn't so sure he was going to fall back into old habits, I would have really loved Wilson realizing that he's enabled House and been lending himself to misery for years, and needs to put an end to it.  Keep those fleeting glimpses of a backbone coming!

P.S. For the record, while I vaguely pity Wilson, I am no longer sorry about Amber's death at all.  I mean, I'm sure I will be every time I watch last season's finale, but my pre-finale relief and joy at the loss of her existence has reasserted its dominance.


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Sep. 17th, 2008 03:46 am (UTC)
Apparently your brain is functioning better than mine right now b/c I couldn't think of a thing to say about the episode. But as usual you bring up some good points. Kudos to you.

I apparently will need to shuffle my icons b/c I *need* a House icon.
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