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Half random, half review-y

1. After YEARS of being jealous of this feature on iTunes, I did some investigative work and found out you CAN, in fact, make Windows Media Player list the play count of your songs! And, well, this is going to be a considerably distorted picture because I listen to so much of my music on the MP3 player, my parents' computer, online, or on the lab computers (where the music's stored on my flash drive), that I know about this feature, I will make a concentrated effort to play more from my own computer. For now, here's the first snapshot of where the library's at with the most-played songs:


On second thought, I think this might have started as a meme with instructions. But they were iTunes-related instructions, and therefore of no use to me at all. So I'm pretending this is just a random idea for a post topic. :P

(oh, and the play count's waaaaaaay over there on the right. It tends to get lost in all the other numbers & info...)

2. Oh! I TOTALLY had no way of ever knowing this before, but I'm watching the Simpsons ep where Bob threatens to launch a nuclear missile unless TV is destroyed, and at one point they "send in the esteemed representatives of television," which inlude Krusty, Kent Brockman, Bumblebee Man, and a random character whom I now recognize as...TOM BAKER/THE DOCTOR. AWESOME!

3. Bones, 4x04, "The Finger in the Nest"
May I suggest an alternate title? Like "The Doggies in the Dirt"?

Daddy Booth! It's been a while since my ovaries exploded, thank you, but he is such a ridiculously incredible father that I can't even stand it. Just imagine me squealing a lot throughout the teaser.

II. Animals
A. Opossum! While I am vaguely saddened by Booth's apparent lack of knowledge that possums play dead (you never heard the saying "playing ~"?), I am too busy being thrilled by Brennan just going ahead and picking it up. I'm going to pretend they don't have any aim to cut him open for evidence extraction.

B. Angela, I kind of feel it's my sad duty to point out that Queen Elizabeth was exceedingly fond of bear and bull-baiting (that'd be the only thing I don't like about her). So, you know, men aren't the only ones who get a thrill out of animal violence.

I've never seen The Dog Whisperer, but I've always wanted to. So the guest star was welcome.

D. Awww, Brennan petting and playing with Gloria! And holding the Pomeranian! And then totally loving Ripley and letting him sit next to her on the couch and... hang on a tic.

E. OK, so, I was prepared to deal with this episode. I got all my sputtering anger over dogfighting out last December with CSI, so I was just going along with it in a detached manner, aside from noticing "Aw, there's a German Shepherd-y one!" And then like 10 minutes later...

"NOOOO! NOT THE GERMAN SHEPHERD-Y ONE!!" Look, I like all dogs, but I like some dogs less than others. Pit bulls are among the ones that I will happily pet if I see one in real life, but objectively, in pictures, they do not trigger my "awwww, ADORABLE" buttons. Fur's too short, body's too blocky, lips are too loose; I'm not a fan of the bulldog type in general. It breaks my heart to think of them being trained to fight, and it makes me mad when people try to blanket-ban the entire breed on false assumptions, but I can watch them in them fictional TV shows without much emotional involvement. HOWEVER:

I have a Shepherd mix! Furthermore she's my first and only dog, and so I am helplessly partial forever to all such pure and mixed breeds. You try looking into these eyes for ten years and see if you don't get all tearful and sad over every similar type you meet, fictional or not (in a related note, that Sarah McLachlan commercial set to "Angel" about how you can help the ASPCA save innocent animals also guts me every time).

In other words, I got extremely upset when Brennan actually fell in love with the dog to be proactive and set up everything she needed to take care of it, only to find out he'd been put to sleep. Which of course was going to happen, but it still sucked, because she was being so... not-Bones in this episode. I kept waiting for her to break out some scientific babble about the fallacy of emotional attachment to inferior creatures, or something similarly disparaging about the gulf between "sentient" and "not."

And instead she just kept falling in love with Ripley! And I really fell in love when she went off on stupid owners having stupid-ass reasons (I paraphrase) for killing their dog. And the whole ending just...broke me a lot. I ended up in tears.

III. Lab Issues
A. You know, having a Really Old Intern has already been done twice before on my shows alone; it's not really a novel idea anymore. That being said, I enjoyed Hodgins' constant annoyance with him. He's been annoyed by all of them, really, but this one ESPECIALLY so. I am really enjoying rankled!Hodgins, even though it all stems from him being in a Bad Place, emotionally speaking. By the way:

Sweets: I'm satisfied with your coping technique.
Hodgins: My coping technique of...hate.

LOL. That's what I'm going to tell people from now on when I blow up at them; it's my coping technique for emotional distress and therefore my behavior should be encouraged.

B. Hodgins listing Angela at the top of his Hate list made me really happy. Because that's what I inferred from the dark look he gave her during the awkward silence right after they couldn't help complimenting each others' brilliance, but hearing it spoken aloud makes me happy. Because she really deserves to be hated right now, in a way where I almost don't ever want them to get back together because I'm so annoyed with her. Yes, it's 100% her fault. Her and her stupid fake trust issues.

C. I also appreciated his bitterness over Zach. I really like this, quite a lot. I'm down with a Hodgins who hates everyone.

IV. Random
-...doesn't it cost a LOT more to have an animal euthanized than to drop him off at a shelter, even if there's a drop-off fee? I mean, at least give the big pup a chance at being adopted; the worst that can happen is he meets the same fate you had planned anyway.
3. Torchwood, 2x09, "Something Borrowed"

...I find that for the first time in perhaps EVER, I have almost nothing to say about an episode here.

Because, well, I am very bored by weddings on TV. Very bored. Episodes that center around them, regardless of the other plot(s) going on at the time, tend not to appeal to me. Especially if they're for a couple I'm not especially invested and/or don't find attractive. Even more so when the bride is being a raging ball of irrationality, and making the worst decisions ever, chief among them to go ahead and have the wedding despite turning 9 months pregnant overnight.

So I spent most of the episode yawning, in between the times I was cheering Rhys for punching Jack (killing him's best, but plain violence works too) and wanting to kick Gwen and her stupid googly eyes. Even on her wedding day, she's still defending her marriage to Rhys with the "no one else would have me" line?! And how much more blatant could her "JACK, PLEASE GIVE ME A REASON NOT TO MARRY HIM" hints have gotten? Considering Rhys was right behind her, that really grossed me out. Woman! Please live up to your awesome potential soon!

However, Tosh and Owen were adorable as usual, so that was something. Especially how the latter's "It's not a date!" warning quickly turned into a pause and "is it?" As opposed to, say, flat-out rejecting her, possibly with a sarcastic remark thrown in there. Though I wish we could have seen them dancing. And less of Jack and Gwen dancing . Or Jack/Ianto, which, guys slow-dancing just looks weird.

P.S. Jack's been married before, what? ---
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