RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Aw, crap.

Last night I was channel-surfing in procrastination, and I happened to land on "Goodbye Toby" so obviously, I could not resist watching it. GOD. I MISS THIS SHOW. OPENING PRANK FTW.

And this is totally random, but I really love when Pam wears pink and Jim wears blue. 

The break room conversation still makes me cringe with its horrible initial awkwardness and "that part's gonna suck, but it'll be great." (That line just sounds so. stupid.), but the cheek kiss and the hugs and Jim's general adorableness in the rest of it makes up for that. Not to mention their almost-proposal, which I must have watched about 18,000 times by now and yet am still slayed by it, with the snuggling against his shoulder and the kiss to the top of her head. *melts*

I did shut off the TV as soon as they were interrupted, because the remainder of the episode is sheer crap and I was hoping that if I didn't see it, I could push those feelings of bitterness beneath the recently-resurfaced joy, but the best I could do was form the idea that possibly I would watch the premiere the day after it aired.

(oh, oh, and I still adore Jim's threatening voice mail to Ryan, and the conversation in Michael's office where I will never, ever tire of the "the first time we kissed" line being thrown in there)
But Toby's AWFUL CREEPY CLINGINESS continues to gross me out, to the point where I was in such agony every time he started to talk to Pam that I'd have to change the channel. And Holly is even less fun than I remember, so that's just not good at all.  In fact, most of it was less funny than I remembered.  Which should be reason enough to not watch next season, except, JIM AND PAM OWN MY SOUL, AND I CAN'T HELP IT. 

Especially not after I spent approximately an hour on YouTube watching the full blooper real and as many deleted scenes as I could get my hands on.  Sigh. 

This, for example, needs to be uploaded in better quality RIGHT NOW:

And at the opposite end of the season, here they're so self-consciously awkward it pains me to watch, and yet I can't wipe the grin off my face:

Fine, show, seeing as I've spent the past month and a half getting my hands on every spoiler in existence, and cannot find anything particularly reprehensible about them for at least the first 4 or 5 episodes - probably just long enough to win my unconditional trust back before it BITES ME again - I think probably I...will watch the season that starts in just under a week.

Don't say 'I told you so.' 
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