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Ladies and Gentlemen:

1. I don't watch Ghost Whisperer.  In fact, I loathe Ghost Whisperer and am forever furious that after stealing Joan of Arcadia's timeslot, it not only didn't keel over and die after 4 episodes like I predicted, it ultimately survived longer.  HOWEVER: I know that her husband is generally regarded as the CBS version of Medium's Joe DuBois, and so I kind of like him on principle.

I AM THOROUGHLY OUTRAGED BY THIS ARTICLE, and even more outraged by their attempts to defend this as the most rational and well-thought-out decision they've ever made.  This, this part in particular steams me:

This all began a long time ago as a conversation about how do we make this show even more romantic than it already is. A lot of people feel like the relationship between Jim and Melinda is a wonderful and almost too perfect relationship, and we felt that way too. So we wanted to kind of shake things up.

1) There is no such thing as a "too perfect" relationship on TV.
2) I'm assuming that your version of 'more romantic,' in conjuction with 'a love that transcends death' somehow equals "look how much they still love each other, even though he's a ghost!"  Which works as a romantic thought, but not in practice.  What with the LACK OF BEING ALIVE and all.  I don't know precisely how the ghosts on this show work, but generally ghosts can't cuddle, and they certainly can't, I don't know, share meals or have kids, or otherwise just HAVE A NORMAL DOMESTIC RELATIONSHIP.  Obviously I'm just conjecturing, based on absolutely nothing beyond the information available in this article, but still.

3) When you want to shake things up, you put them in a fight for a few episodes.  That's plenty of shaking up for me!   *continues to be outraged on fans' behalf*

2. Torchwood, 2x10, "From Out of the Rain"
Best title yet, all dark and foreboding, to go along with its chilling episode matter.

Can we bring this writer back and just make him write, like...everything?  Because I hear it's the same person who wrote 'Small Worlds,' which makes sense given that I was automatically drawing the comparisons already in my head, delighted to have found the same level of awesome and scary.  Or maybe "disturbing" is the word I want to use.  Creepy.  Unsettling.  In ways that were too awesome for words.  This was another spooky episode that anyone could enjoy, regardless of whether they were fans of the show or not. 

A traveling show that appears in the dead of night and disappears in the mist!  The creeeeeepy girl in silver!  The RINGMASTER.  Bonus points of win for bringing in the element of the past.  You know I love my historical elements!  Even the setting of the old glitzy cinema brought that along.  Plus, there were the extremely chilling corpses shells the film-ghosts left behind.  And the rain!  The rain was a nice effect; I wish I'd held off watching it another day so I could have timed it with the thunderstorm that rolled in this afternoon instead of yesterday's sunshine.  Ah well.

I think it's a little odd that they were so relieved they'd saved the little boy's life...I mean, dude, one minute he's screaming in the car with a creeeeeeeepy psychopath grinning in, and the next he wakes up in a hospital about to discover that his entire family is dead.  Maybe his was not the best possible soul you could have saved?  Personally, I am going to rewrite canon in my head to save the pretty young blonde woman.  She seemed to have a good life waiting for her.

Also, I could have done without weepy!Ianto.  Because everything the guy does annoys me, but his emoting is the worst.  He was even subtle about his crying this time, and it still annoyed the piss out of me.  Seriously, why can't HE have been the guy who got shot and turned into a zombie?  At the very least.  

But aside from those two things, spectacular episode.  Which is apparently the polar opposite of what the internet at large thinks, but whatever.  The internet at large is stupid.   

P.S. This is unrelated, but I just remembered something I forgot that I disliked about the last episode - god knows I'm not exactly Religious Girl (see the lack of proper capitalization right there), but even I thought it was just a tad EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE to trample all over Immaculate Conception like that.  Because seriously, TPTB?  Some things should just be left alone.  

3. And lastly, in personal news, one girl working in the other dorm quit so my supervisor offered me her job in addition to mine, which would put me up to the full 10-12 hours per week work award, i.e. MONIES, YAY!  I don't actually know the specifics of the job, but it can't be that tough, and "MONIES, YAY!" is a pretty big draw.  As much as I don't want to give up my afternoons off (dammit, I love being done at 2:10 in the afternoon!), I want the money more, so I think I'm going to accept it. 

Did I mention I really like this perk of having jobs fall into my lap?  Why can't the real world o' work be this easy, I'd like to know.

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