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I have FINALLY finished "Voyage of the Damned."  Which, rather like the last Doctor Who Christmas special, took me multiple watching sessions spread out over multiple days weeks to finish.  Unlike the last Christmas special, however, this time it was due to the fact that I was really bored.  Bored at the 22-minute mark. Bored at the 43-minute mark.  Stopped watching at the 58-minute mark to laugh wildly, unable to subject myself to any more for the next 3 weeks. 

Somewhere in the middle, I got so bored that I started watching "New Earth" again, even though I've sworn not to re-watch anything (once I finish a post about it, that is) until I finish the series.  DEAR GOD, I LOVE THAT ONE.  Such joy, vibrant colors, Doctor/Rose off the hook...*sighs* The early days of season 2 feel vaguely like a dream.  Did they really happen?

Anyway, back to 4x00.  I didn't even bother taking notes, for the most part, but let me quote you the first thing I did jot down:

"WHAT.  THE HELL.  DID YOU DO.  TO MY THEME SONG."  *stares in horror*  (and that was actually the first of about six times I walked away before I got to the end)  

Dude, I like my theme song.  I like it so much that I have it on my MP3 player, so I can hear it on a regular basis, and I DO NOT APPRECIATE CHANGES IN THIS AREA, NO MATTER HOW MILD.  And no, you're not going to win me over like CSI: NY's remix eventually did last year.  I will hate you forever.  Allow me to quote the other thing I jotted down:

"Season 4: pissing me off 3 minutes in."

Briefly Noted
-As much as I'm getting sick of watching the Titanic crash into the TARDIS, I will never get sick of the Doctor's thunderstruck expression on that last, "WHAT."

-The Doctor using the sonic screwdriver for cheap tricks.  *gigglesnort* Best part of the episode, right there.  Closely seconded by the various Myths of Christmas.

-*snert* Recapist quote: Ah, the yearly Christmas special, it’s like one big card from RTD saying “My anti-religious beliefs, let me show you them.”

-*double-snert* Second recapist quote: Astrid doesn’t care, as on Sto, cyborgs are now even permitted to get married as they’ve been gaining equal rights. Hmm, I wonder what part of society is being reflected here by RTD? I don’t know, as he’s being so subtle.

-Dr. Evil?  Really, did we need Dr. Evil?

-Lots of my favorite thing about the new series, though; Ten babbling at hyperspeed without ever wasting a word.  Never fails to thrill me when he launches into one of those spiels. 

-AWWWWWWW, CORGIS!  One of my favorite dog breeds. I always forget they're the Queen's pets.

-"I'm the Doctor.  I'm a Time Lord.  I'm from the planet Gallifrey..." Right here, torn between wanting to let his speech sweep me away with love - because I could do that, if I put my mind to it - and just laughing my ass off, all 'self-importance much?'

-The part where he snapped his fingers and solemnly commanded a pair of angel figures to fly him upwards in Ascension,  I'm sorry.  That I could not take.  That was where I exploded with laughter, howled until I cried, and had to go watch Torchwood until I had accepted sheer crack as a way of life.  Tinkerbell Jesus has nothing on this moment.

[a/n: *is watching it back right now* Oh my God, and then the angels each raise their outside hand in a fist as they fly upwards...LMAO!   What is that?  What is that??  I don't - I don't even...can't... *collapses in helpless laughter* Oh my God, this is just so bad.  I mean, what the hell.]

-ALLONS-Y ALONZO!!  That was the best pick-me-up ever.  And what a delightful surprise for me, who's usually (intentionally or not) spoiled to the gills about every interesting thing that happens!

-And I do appreciate the tiny bit of uplifting hope at the end, as the old guy is finally set for life with his million pounds.  :P

Noted in Retrospect
-Actually, this episode almost got better the second time through.  Again, the opposite of what the internet thinks, but as I went back to watch the final 15 minutes today, I ended up getting sucked into watching large portions of what came before.  How much of this was due to its allure and how much was due to the fact that The Doctor was such a welcome sight after a long and wearying jag of Torchwood, may never be fully determined.  (and I know that comma shouldn't be there, but it doesn't look right without a pause. Jane Austen throws in random commas that don't belong!)

-Besides.  Creepy golden angels robots with mask-like faces.  It's the fear factor of "Blink" in a more high-tech context.

-The bridge-crossing scene, for example.  I really enjoyed that, and watched it 2 or 3 times.  If only to watch the Doctor torn between not leaving anyone behind or saving the majority.  (also, just to rebutt a couple of reviews I've read: if I could have taken down an attacking angel and joined my recently-killed husband at the same time, that's exactly what I would have done.  I give a nod of commendation in her direction.  There's no vengeful God in the Whoniverse, after all.)

-The out-of-place fat couple never stopped grossing me out.  In a way where I loved that the Doctor's blind fondness for non-evil humans made him be completely delighted by them, and I objectively appreciated that fact, but I felt extremely relieved when they died.  I was embarrassed just to watch their uncouth ways.  (and lest you think I am a terrible, horrible human being, at the point mentioned above I did manage to cry in spite of myself.  Or at least get a bit of wetness in my eyes.)  

-Whoa hey!  The old guy at the newspaper stand, is that Donna's grandfather?  Worlds, they are colliding in unexpected ways!

-I actually could have done without the montage of people screaming (and the Doctor doing a Torchwood Strut) in slow motion, but the music used there is phenomenal.

-There's something ironic about the fact that only men survived this particular Titanic disaster, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

I really, really don't like Kylie Minogue.  It stems from the fact that I loved her song on the radio, "Why Can't I," until I looked up the lyrics and realized one line was "we haven't fucked yet but my head's spinning," which, WAY TO TAKE AN AWESOME SONG AND MAKE IT CRASS.  Then I did a bit of research, hoping that was an isolated incident, only to find she has a long history of being trashy like that. My one-sided feud was born.

So really, Astrid never stood a chance, and not even my usual "see through the Doctor's eyes" perception filter helped out on that.  Normally when his interest is piqued by a potential companion, I can see why he admires her and feel that way too.  This time?  Not so much!  I mean, I saw it, but I couldn't feel it.  It's not that she even did anything in particular that bugged me - I just couldn't bring myself to care about her existence.

Now, her demise, that was a bit better.  And even that was mostly for the Doctor's reaction, as I think I watched the slo-mo bit about 800 times before I could move forward, broken by that horribly dark, hardened expression in his walk away, as all the renewed energy from Time Crash officially disappears and we're right back to the emotional state we were at last Christmas.  Poor Doctor.  He should really make a point of being on another planet around the holidays. 

(in a related note, wait, does that mean Martha left him right before Christmas?  That's...a bit cold.  And either way, then I once again reiterate my plea to not start the Christmas specials in the last minute of season finales.  Some time to breathe is a good thing.)

And the mania when he thinks he can bring her back!  The out-of-control desperation, culminating in an explosive rage complete with machine-kicking and "I CAN DO ANYTHING!", not to mention his anguish when he realizes he can't, just shred my heart into tiny pieces of confetti.  And I probably should have thought his parting words were cheesy, but those I bought.  I love those lines: "Now you can travel forever.  You're not falling, Astrid, you're flying."   Beautiful eugoogoly eulogy (couldn't resist, mate).  
Voice: Stop referencing movie quotes!
RS: Stop taking away my coping mechanism of hate humor.
V: TV quotes fall under the category of movie quotes.  
RS: Why?
V: Shut up, that's why!
RS: Anyway...

And the last bittersweet goodbye kiss was pure loveliness, possibly the new best of the series.  He may not get proper romantic relationship stories as the Doctor, but his kisses are so much more attractive this way.  Scuse me, I'm just going to...stare at a paused frame for a while.  

In a related note, Kylie is much prettier as a semi-transparent figure outlined in blue starlight.

In Conclusion: Worst of the Christmas specials, and probably in the bottom quarter of the series overall, but my feelings of contempt have lessened slightly.  Because Doctor Who > Torchwood, always (for as long as Tennant's around), and my recent foray into the latter has confirmed that fact a hundred times over.  Still, that doesn't stop me from posting the promised poll:

Poll #1263946 Oh, show.

Most Cringe-Worthy Moment of New Who:

Tinkerbell Jesus
Ascension with Angels

P.S. OH SNAP, guess who just won the jackpot in Dice-a-Roo on Neopets??  35k!  This has never happened to me before!!  *does a little victory dance* 

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