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Why yes, I do have a test at 8:00 tomorrow.

1. Holy mother of God, I have 143 pages bookmarked on Firefox.  I DO NOT APPROVE.  Time for housekeeping, stat!  And that's not even counting the - wait a second:

2. ...have I been bookmarking in my sleep?

Because I can't figure out why all of a sudden I have this random "untitled" folder in my bookmarks that consists of about 30 random Doctor Who-centric LJs.  Like, WHERE DID IT COME FROM?  Come to think of it, I suspect Livejournal hijinx.  I just bought my paid account yesterday, and now there are a bunch of LJ-themed folders in my bookmarks.  BUTT OUT OF MY FIREFOX, SITE.

Or else Voice has just been trying to find me new friends.  Have you been trying to find me new friends, Voice? [EDIT: OK, so I've figured out that the names are all from the comments on "A Teddy Bear Shaped Problem," one of the many links in the batch of fic recs I'm working on (spoiler alert!).  Did I accidentally paste the link into my bookmarks section, and spontaneously create a folder?  That's the only thing I can fathom...]  

3. Unrelated question: In 1997 (when did that become 'over a decade ago'?!), at my dance recital, the pointe-ballet class danced to a much softer version of "We Will Rock You" - same tune/lyrics as the classic, but sung by a woman.  There's no rock beat or clapping; it's very hushed and lyrical.  I have literally nothing else to go on with this, and I've never been able to track it down.  Does anyone have an idea what it might be? [EDIT: OMG I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!!!!! It's by Linda Ronstadt.  "Lullaby-like," that's a good description of it indeed.  Now, if I could only find a way to get the song itself...]

4. Speaking of The Office winning back my soul, I initially missed the August edition of the Dunder Mifflin newsletter, which figures since that was one with an entry from Jim.  An entry which I find really, weirdly endearing.  Because of course he's a little boy with video games.  And of course Pam doesn't (completely) embrace it.  And defines quality time together as "reading."   Ah-hah-hah, I'm allowed to consider these things canon, right?  Cuz I do.

Verbatim from the newsletter (now with paragraph breaks!):
"Hey guys, I know I probably shouldn't be using this as my own personal eBay, but it seemed like as good a place as any, so here goes. My girlfriend (you might know her -- cute girl, really nice, extremely intolerant to loud noises at late hours of the night, answers to the name of Beesly) hates my Xbox 360. She thinks I spend way too much time playing it, especially because our time together has been extremely limited lately. I agree. I should be playing a Wii instead because then she'll play with me.

So I'm selling my Xbox 360 to save up for a Wii and to get back in her good graces. Once I get her hooked on Wii bowling, she'll never complain about my video games again. The system comes with six games, two controllers, and a pretty awesome graphic that my girlfriend drew on the side of the two of us spending quality time together reading as a reminder of what my priorities should be.

You can have the whole package for $300 or best offer. It's a really good deal considering that I spent over $500 for everything you're getting. I'm not open to bartering unless it's a straight up trade for a Wii. Let's make a deal!"
*giggle* By the way, is it just me, or does it seem like there should be fic related to this?  I think there should be fic related to this.
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