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Fic Recs VIII

Didn't I tell you to never again let me go six months without doing fic recs? Because I distinctly remember telling you that the last time I posted them, back in March, which incidentally was six months ago.

And so of course, once again, the stories sneakily piled up until suddenly I had more than I knew what to do with.  Luckily, after weeding through the ones I'd merely tagged to read later, and being harsh about striking through things I didn't immediately fall in love with, I wound up with a slightly more manageable number to share with you this time.

Although I warn you up front that a full 50% of these stories are Doctor Who (all Ten unless otherwise specified), another 25% belongs to The Office (almost pure Jim/Pam), and most of the rest are one-of-a-kind appearances.

Fandoms Represented: Doctor Who, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, Pushing Daisies, Harry Potter, Friday Night Lights, and CSI
Total Stories: 30

1. [Doctor Who] 18 Seconds - katemonkey
He sees the Face of Boe shortly before the pregnancy is announced.
Whatever happened was between the two of them.

You have to suspend some knowledge of all seasons past the first, because this is a rather old story, but I can't find one I like better as far as explaining what made the Doctor come back for Rose at the end of the first episode. A blend of story and word art, it follows him through a great many travels during Rose's 18-second wait.

2. [Doctor Who] Benumbed - Darcie
Summary: He'd only brought her to the planet to enjoy the sights and have a little hot cocoa...
--One of the few multi-chapter epics I have the patience for - especially in a largely action/adventure story - this is a plot to rival the published novels, with a heavier emphasis on Doctor/Rose moments to keep it interesting. The likelihood of my ever bringing you another Doctor/Rose story that's not explicitly romantic is low, so appreciate this one.

3. [Doctor Who] Inside - Centaurea M
There was the time when he woke up and mistook her for someone else, and she had to endure his look of unbearable tenderness as he wrung her hand and spoke a name she had never heard, never been called.

In which the Doctor & Rose get captured and imprisoned, with somewhat hilarious results, followed by narrow escape and the former getting shot with a poisoned bullet, leaving the latter to get it out and take care of him. Pushing all my hurt/comfort buttons, what? The nice thing about this fic is that it indulges my whims in a believable manner. And overall, it treads a happy line between funny quips and solemn moments. I'm extremely fond of it.

4. [Doctor Who] Three Days - Goldy Dollar
Rose spends three days wandering the flat in a daze, eating ice cream straight from the container, and lying on her bed staring up at the ceiling.
Previously recced in the episode review; just putting the filing in order. "A piece of required reading to bridge the emotional gap between the tears of "Age of Steel" and the bright-n-shiny happiness of The Idiot's Lantern."

5. [Doctor Who] Fine Timing - Goldy Dollar
Not to mention, this habit of theirs was frighteningly regular. Rose’s bedtime meant cuddling. There. End of story. Immutable. Full-stop.
--A bit of downtime after an adventure, it's sheer fluff for fluff's sake, but I haven't the heart to kick it out of my bookmarks because the mental images make me smile. Plus you get Jackie scolding; always fun.

6. [Doctor Who] Dead Worlds - Cesario
Summary: The Doctor takes Lucy Saxon onboard the TARDIS to travel with him, and Lucy finds that one mad alien is much like another.

Well, now I'm just stealing shamelessly off everyone else's rec lists. :P But this a really eerie, hollow fic, in which you feel sorry for Lucy and her not-quite-put-together mind, and the Doctor is scary. The writing is so vague and pretty and mysterious it aches, and the last couple of paragraphs just make the hair on the back of my neck prickle.

7. [Doctor Who] Do I Twist, Do I Fold - Rosa Acicularis
“You’re gone, Rose. Trapped far away where he can never reach you, and oh, how he grieves. Your absence is a burden, pulling him to darkness, and when he says your name you can hear him break.” His eyes close and a look of bliss comes over his features. “It’s delicious.”

I've linked to the 3-story series "Amor Mundi," but the other two are recent additions to my consciousness; it's the first story, in which the Master catches Rose unawares, that I've read a hundred times and *still* find something new in every reading. A twisted puzzle of words and word art, if I had to describe it in one word, it'd be "bloodchilling." I cannot recommend this one enough.  One of my favorite DW stories ever.

8. [Doctor Who] Nightmares - Not-From-Mars
He only ever dreams about two things.
Another one of those twisty, upside-down puzzles of stories, delving into the Doctor's psyche and mess therein. All the darkness and psychological torment you could ever ask for, encompassed in one fic.

9. [Doctor Who] The Fall of a Sparrow - Sensible Cat
Must have tripped over this looking for "Time Crash" reviews, but let me tell you, it's an absolutely brilliant introspective/reflective piece springing from the question, "Was there anything in "Time Crash" to explain the Doctor's apparent change of attitude between the end of LOTTL and the hopeful tone of "Voyage of the Damned", at least if the lyrics of "The Stowaway" are anything to go by?" It's a brilliant piece of work, both in character study and as a smooth, gap-filling transition into the Christmas special.

10. [Doctor Who] Missed Connections - Camilla Sandman
Summary: Five ways Rose didn't reunite with the Doctor - and one way she did. [Yes, I impertinently retitled it for my own purposes, as I flatly disallow 'Five Things' titles in my fic binder.]
Not content to sit by and wait, Rose successfully gets to work figuring out how to cross back to the Doctor's world. It takes her a while to get the timing right - she gets to the TARDIS, but keeps meeting the wrong version of him. And in the end, it's nothing like she imagined, but that's quite all right. I'm not sure, but this may be my coping mechanism for an AU season 4.

11. [Doctor Who] A Teddy-Bear Shaped Problem - Surrexi
“Until you find a way to get her back – and something tells me you will, so just shut it, Martian boy – this is Rose. When you miss Rose, hold the bear. When you wish you could talk to her, talk to the bear. When you’re so sad you could burst, cry into the bear. Because you could damn well use the outlet.”

I mentioned this before, but it has to be listed again in the proper directory. This is the fic that actually got me to like Donna before I'd ever seen "The Runaway Bride," and having seen that I still think the characterization is fantastic. Oh, and of course there's Rose reunion and a fair bit of humor as well, the latter stemming from the Doctor's reluctant but ultimately quite fond attachment to his teddy bear.

12. [Doctor Who] The Secret to Life, the Universe, and Everything - goldydollar & mrv3000
The room looked a little like it had been hit by a hurricane. Or a small alien invasion. He diplomatically refrained from pointing out that their son's record-breaking ability to throw things meant he was very, very special.

This is very cute and rather hilarious baby!fic, in a way where you don't have to twist your brain to figure out how such a thing could happen - you just have to enjoy the humor and fun of Rose being a new (somewhat short-tempered from stress) mother and the Doctor havin way too much fun delighting in a baby. It's like cuteness wrapped in a ball of extra-sweet sunshine. And Rose gets to throw death glares, so. ;)

13. [Doctor Who] The Wacky Ball Incident - Sensible Cat
Summary: In which the Doctor is left to amuse his daughter, and an embarrassing situation ensues.
--Much like the previous story, you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the giggle fits produced by the Doctor's interactions with a baby - although in this case, he's having a bit of trouble dealing with her toys. Jack's briefly in this one, too, just so as many characters as possible can laugh at the poor Doctor.

14. [Doctor Who] Of Body and Mind - Versaphile
Her hand was cool on his forehead. He was used to humans always being so warm. He remembered thinking that, when she touched his fevered brow, and felt very odd, like the world was loose around the edges. He passed it off as an effect of his illness.
--John Smith/Joan Redford, missing scene from "Human Nature." Oh, I VERY much like this version of how Mr. Smith starts to fall for her in the first place, as he's laid up with a violent cold. Between Martha hovering around the edges and the matron stopping in to check on him, it's all perfectly written. More of the shy reserve that marks their courtship in the episode...very welcome. And of course, I never turn down illness.

15. [The Office] This Crazy Feeling Deep Inside - Irish Mizzy
The Ferris wheel is still there when she pulls into the parking lot. Everything else is pretty much gone -- the grills and the streamers and the tables and chairs -- but the Ferris wheel's still there, and so's the bouncy castle, even though it's deflated. It looks like an abandoned carnival. There's nothing about it that isn't creepy.

Set the morning after 'Goodbye Toby,' this is one of those INCREDIBLE gen pieces that checks in with every character and gives a little bit of insight to the aftermath of its events. In particular, she does a nice job with Holly's characterization, and there is the usual Michael-Scott-related hilarity, along with Jim attempting to curb his insanity. And a pretty good take on Pam, too, trying to sort out her weird mix of emotions.

16. [The Office] Finer Things (or lack thereof) - dollsome
“[Col. Brandon]'s just … sweet, and sad,” Pam reflects; she’s got a small, thoughtful smile on her face. “And he loves Marianne so much even though she barely gives him the time of day, and ...” She sighs dreamily. “I dunno, it just gets me.”

Another previous rec; quoted here for filing purposes: "In which the Finer Things club reads Sense and Sensibility, and there is G-rated Pam/Toby (a/k/a "Pining Toby", with a generous dash of sweet hope), and canon-compliant Jim/Pam bantering with dots of relationship cuteness!  (But mostly Sense and Sensibility!  Book discussion followed by movie night at Oscar's!  It's like a missing scene, but not episode-specific...more like a missing background scene between episodes, I suppose."

17. [The Office] The Metaphyiscal Conjecture of the Finer Things - crackers4jenn
That's right, I've got not one but two such fics of perfection! Written from Toby's perspective, this one is a brilliant (and long, did I mention wonderfully long?) exploration of just how the club began. It doesn't quite fit into canon, but it's worth it just to sit in on a few more of their discussions. Oscar in particular is just fantastic and spot-on with his criticism.

18. [The Office] Deer Jerky - Jen Grrrl
“Please keep your meat to yourself, Dwight,” Michael says with a sigh. “This is a place of business.”
--Bring yourself back. Waaaaaaay back. When Pam was still with Roy, before Casino Night even. Are you there? Excellent. Then you're in the right frame of mind to accept this version of Jim & Pam's relationship starting. The first half is pure humor; the second half is dinner turning into an unexpected kiss. 

19. [The Office] [One of the] Five Ways Pam Tells Jim She's Pregnant - McGigi (*is too tired to retitle it for self right now*)
Happy Baby, Jim! it reads messily in blue icing that she's rearranged, and his stomach twists as he looks up at her. She's smiling bigger than he's ever seen, and he's trying to comprehend what it means.
--Everything in the set is pretty good, although the first two are bittersweet/gut-punching and the next two lean more towards AU, but I am specifically reccing #5 due to its straight shot of fluff (with a twist of humor). It's one of my favorite things to believe in as semi-near-future canon, because this is how it *should* happen.

20. [The Office] One Down, Eleven to Go - Colette
She thinks maybe she can be good at this.
I really wanted to tell you all about this the minute I found it one a late June afternoon, but then I kept putting it off and pretty soon the novel excitement had worn off, so I figured I'd just save it. But let me tell you, this pretty much SAVED MY SOUL at the height of my bitterness. It was long before any spoilers were due, and I was in the lurch, but then like a beacon in the darkness I had this fic to cling to - Jim and Pam (engaged, thank you very much) on Friday afternoon/evening at her tiny studio apartment in New York, after their first week apart. There is nothing I don't love about it, and the first thing I did was print it out and read it on a daily basis for at least a month afterwards. In my head, this is where Jim and Pam have been all summer, and I plan to believe in it even after canon wrecks the specific details to kingdom come.

21. [The Office] Summer Skin - flonkerton
Summary: A steamy summer night (Jim/Pam)
This one helped a bit with the summer bitterness, too. It may or may not be rated MA (by which I mean it is). Don't judge me. There are some reflective things I like in here with comparisons to Karen - in ways that actually help understand how the hell the two of them ever worked - and very nice descriptions of my fond belief in the protective male/reserved female roles I like so well. Part of my brain thinks that they're almost a little too traditional for Jim and Pam, but whatever, it's tailor-made to my fantasies. The fact that I still blush and let my eyes skip over the most graphic parts is the only reason I'm recommending this in a public forum, though.

22. [HIMYM] 'Gone With the Wind' Style - Norwegianne
“Well, it’s not often I find someone who likes it, how shall I put this, a tad unconventional, can play laser tag with me afterwards, will suit up, and enjoys a good cigar. Face it, Scherbatsky, we’re awesome together.”
Cute little Barney/Robin post-ep for 'Sandcastles in the Sand,' one way it might have worked out for them. And I think I've figured out why all my HIMYM fic is either B/R or at least has elements of it; it's because the only place I get it is off *your* recs.

23. [HIMYM] The Job - eglow23
Summary: "It was Ted who brought it up first. "We should find out what Barney does. You know, in case he works for an evil corporation like Halliburton or Enron or the Care Bears." He might have been drunk when he suggested it, but in the future they'll be blaming him.

Dear show: please NEVER REVEAL BARNEY'S ACTUAL JOB, because nothing, *nothing*, could be greater than what this fic proposes, not to mention the elaborate lengths his friends go to to find out. Furthermore, the fic does so with the fivesome PERFECTLY in character, so many funny lines my sides hurt from laughing, and also it's really long (5000 words), so the greatness JUST KEEPS GOING.

24. [HIMYM/The Office x-over] I'll Get Money, I'll Get Funny Again - irishmizzy
As much as I love the above fic, this fic is EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE. Because it features Marshall as part of the DM legal department, followed by Failing Corporate Ryan unexpectedly going out with the gang and finding himself drawn into their friendship. You would not believe how well this works!

25. [Lost] I Just Want to Watch You Shine - kawaiispinel
Summary: Alex, Karl, and a walk on the beach.
A bit of fluff, because I desperately need ways to remember them as happy, dorky teens in love/on the verge of their first kiss. And because Karl is exactly the kind of guy who would feel inspired to say cheesy love-poem type things to her out loud.

26. [Lost] I Had No Choice But to Hear You - Sly Brunette
Summary: Post 4.08 - Meet Kevin Johnson. There's a lot of screaming and crying before someone finally gets a hold of her and jams a needle in her arm. A few seconds later her world starts to spin.
--Well, before canon wrecked this plot to hell, this was a perfect theory on what happened to Alex at the end of that episode and why. It's still a lovely character piece, and after everything that's happened, I can safely say I prefer the idea that the Others were behind it.

27. [Pushing Daisies] Olive's New Job - Pieholer
Summary: How Olive Snook came to work for the Piemaker.
Exactly what the summary says, because don't you feel better now that you know? Is canon in my head. I love this, and it went a long way towards forgiving her for the annoying crush. Ned's nervous rambling is written wonderfully, too.  [apropos of nothing: how the hell have I still not found satisfying Ned/Chuck fic?]

28. [Harry Potter] For Love - Darsynia
Lucius/Narcissa Malfoy, set near the end of Deathly Hallows, mostly a flashback to their meeting and first kiss. I have a weird love for the Malfoy Parents, especially things I can believe in as pre-series canon.

29. [Friday Night Lights] Leaving Texas - onelittlesleep
He can still smell the heavy, rubber-burn smoke on the air. Like someone set fire to one of the plants up north and its been burning now for days.
I try not to read too much apocalypse fic, because there are really only so many times you can cover the same ground with the population wiped out and scattered individual/pockets of survivors trying to scrape by. But this stands out. I've never even seen Friday Night Lights, except in small sections here and there, but I was assured that wasn't necessary to appreciate this fic - and it's true. Of course, it helps if you know Riggins, since that's who it focuses on, and it's all very dark and gritty and fantastic.

30. [CSI] H5N1 - Cincoflex
No electricity of course, and while they’ve got some running water, Grissom predicts that will probably stop within a month or so. He’s right, and when the last few drops trickle out three weeks later, Sara stares at the faucet, feeling her panic rise again. Water. God. Who remembers water?
Look at that, I unexpectedly have two apocalypse stories on the list.  Don't know where I found it all, but this is a rather better one than usual; Grissom and Sara and Hank Bruno in a forest cabin, told in a long series of brief vignettes - snapshots of life in an isolated world. Vivid & realistic. 

And on that sobering note, I leave you until some point in the future, which will HOPEFULLY BE BEFORE MARCH.  Ahem-cough.
Totally Unrelated to Fic Recs: The Emmys
Because I can, let me present to you my running commentary of the last 2/3:

-AHHH!  Talk about perfect timing to concede defeat and flip the awards show on; I totally forgot that Josh Groban was singing (a random and crazy mash-up of TV theme songs) at the Emmys!!  It's been a while since I've seen him.  Still as jaw-droppingly handsome as ever, with the most gorgeous smile.  Good to know that even if Orlando Bloom dropped out of the running, someone's still giving David Tennant a run for his money.  In my world of fangirling. 

-I don't like Pushing Daisies and The Office being up against each other in every category; I can't decide who to cheer for!

-ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE BOTH BEATEN OUT BY 30 ROCK-RELATED THINGS.  *really, violently hates that pointless comedy*  (then again, this may be my Tina Fey related hate coming out.  Which itself is a subset of my SNL hate.  My hatred, it is very well organized in a flow-chart-like way.)

-Wait..."Colbert" has a French pronunciation?!  Is this a joke?  Please tell me it's a joke - I've never watched the show - because I've been saying it phonetically (English-style) for many years, and if this is yet ANOTHER example of my incorrect assumptions where names are concerned...

-Dude, I still think the Chihuahua movie looks cute.  Lots of dogs (CGI-speaking or not) AND Piper Perabo?  AM THERE.  In the sense of "I will definitely rent this at the library someday."

-Guest Actor/Actress in a Drama Series: PLEASE BE ROBIN WILLIAMS [damn it!], and Anjelica Houston - or Cynthia Nixon; that'd work - - ooh yay, CYNTHIA NIXON FTW!  She was awesome on SVU.  SVU itself can be a dull show, but you have to admit they get the best guest stars in the world.

-DIRECTOR FOR "HOUSE'S HEAD!"  BOO YAH.  Normally I think House cleans up way too well at the Emmys given that it's basically the only procedural represented, and it's not the best procedural out there, but that episode so deserved it.

-Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: (ew, Steve Carell?) *crosses fingers*  Lee Pace, oh god oh please... - *yelps* "ALEC FUCKING BALDWIN?!" *claps hand over mouth* I just swore out loud.  But what the hell, 30 Rock.  STOP WINNING THINGS.

-Lead Actress in a Drama Series: I actually think all the nominees are equally fantastic for once, though I obviously had to cheer for my show's representative (go Mariska!), but Glenn Close is quite all right.

-Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Aww, had to hope for Hugh Laurie, but I'm all right with Bryan Cranston, whose name I'm sure I'm spelling wrong.  Call it leftover goodwill from his Malcolm in the Middle days.  (though god, he's ugly with a shaved head, and what's with the faint mustache in a different color?)

-Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, come on you know you want to - "FRICKIN' A, TINA FEY."  (hey...that rhymed)  OK, you win small points for giving Julia props.  *grudging applause* And I am glad it was not Mary Louise Parker, for her show's premise is such horrible crap.  Not unlike every other HBO show ever, but still.

-Best Reality Show Host: I love them all for various reasons except Howie Mandel, whom I loathe with fiery burning passion.  And I'm guessing Seacrest wins, given that they're copying Idol's format with the 'final two'  and - wait, "results after the break"?  Are you kidding me? 

-Oh my God, you're not kidding me. THAT IS STUPID.

-Best Reality Show Host - Now With Actual Results: Jeff Probst? Seriously?  OH MY GOD, IT IS!  Awesome.  Hahahaha, SUCK IT, ANTI-SURVIVOR PEOPLE.  Best reality show ever.  (yes, I mockingly refer to him as Peachy with everyone else, but he's my Peachy.  Manning the show I will never abandon again, no matter how hard people call for it to be put out to pasture.  I am gleeful!)

-Best Comedy Series: Office Office Office.  Please - not 30 Rock, please - "FUCKING HELL."  Said that one out loud too, and totally didn't care because FUCKING HELL, 30 ROCK.

-Best Drama Series: Am not real invested - went to Mad Men.  Wevs.  I've never seen it, but from what I've read, it seems like a considerably less reprehensible show than one usually finds on cable.

-Dang, they finished on time! 2 minutes early, even.  The hell.  Emmys > Oscars and I was really hoping for it to spill over so I could be distracted a while longer.  :P

-So, um, did The Office win anything?  I was kind of sad when Paul Lieberstein didn't get the directing (or was it writing?) award for 'Money'  because a) he's Paul Lieberstein and b) "Money" was my favorite part of last season, but I figured they'd have a chance to pick something else up by the end of the night.  Now all I can hope for is that they got something in the first hour.  Something better than the piddly little awards that are too boring to broadcast, I mean.
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