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I'm a little distracted right now.

(replying to'll happen soonish) 

I CANNOT EVEN CONCENTRATE ON SURVIVOR RIGHT NOW.  The plan was to watch the Survivor premiere, all 2 hours of it, get some of my huge pile of French homework done, and then get Office later with fewer commercials.  Except clearly that's not going to happen, and I'm going to be sucked into watching the premiere live after all (oh, how the tides have turned).  And I could go watch it with my roommates, but I think the sound of their voices would just annoy me if they happened to...react in any way during Jam moments.  Only I am allowed to squeal!  Although for all I know they're the weird kind of fan who thinks Michael Scott is funny and/or the main draw of the show.

Actually, I've pretty much spent all my internet time today on either Office Tally, MTT, or a specific corner of YouTube.  Discussion time!

I even went back and watched a couple of episodes I hadn't liked too much at first airing, Launch Party and Local Ad, because I had completely forgotten about the Jim/Pam moments in them.  How have I gone almost a year without watching the computer IM prank again, for example??  Or the roof date redux...apparently I originally thought it was weird that Pam had started working there first, but now this canon has just been absorbed into my brain and I'm amazed I ever thought otherwise.

Oh, oh, and Jim leaving breakfast on her desk and waking her up with a phone call!  I COMPLETELY FORGOT THAT EXISTED.  *squishes madly*

And now for a series of amusing videos:

1. Silly Songs With Halpert: His Cheeseburger
(I have never seen Veggie Tales, but the hilarity of the voice and clips in connection with the lyrics had me rolling about with laughter).  I'm kind of sad I have lived this long without knowing of this video's existence.

2. While we're on the topic of amusing songs, "It's Getting Hot in Here: Scranton Style."  This may be my favorite funny video of all fandoms, EVER:

3. Let's ignore the fact that this is a horrible Jim substitute, because YES.  Yes, this IS what I think I'll feel like doing every week:

4. Lastly, here.  Have a picture of Sleepy Jim, because he's adorable.  And not at all drunk. 

5. Well crap, now I'm overcome with an urge to make a massive...I don't know, picspam dedicated to my top ten Jim/Pam moments (because I do picspams so often, it's like second nature to me, ahahaha), but writing this post has gotten me all the way to 7:49 PM, and I can probably fight my way through the last 10-11 minutes.

Please don't blow up in my face like the season finale did, premiere.

6. P.S. OMIGOD MY DIGITAL CAMERA ARRIVED TODAY TOO.  AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO PLAY WITH IT (aside from giggling in wild, delighted fascination over the giant preview window on the back). THIS DAY IS OVERFLOWING WITH AWESOME.

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