RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Ohhhhhhhhhhh kay, slowly coming down from dizzying high.

Mostly by the realization that I have to read, like, 60 more pages of a French novel (which is clearly INSANE, but also my own fault for skipping the homework like...3 days in a row) and then do the assignments.  Which are relatively less hardcore evil this time; a 1-page summary of what's happened followed by a 1-page translation of some passage I find important, but STILL.

Stupid obscure Letters from a Peruvian Woman, which our library does not have, which I was not smart enough to immediately order via ILL, and which apparently doesn't even exist as an eBook even though by this point I am so desperate I would actually buy a download.  This would not be half so evil if I could read it in English.  Instead it's going to be probably 8 hours of work versus 3, depending how distracted I get.

So I've watched the proposal like...1800 times, including a run through in slow mo with plenty of pausing - which is when you discover that the fact that the cameras are on the opposite side of a busy road REALLY SUCKS, as you get sick of the screen blacking out every half dozen frames - also annoying, the sound of rain drowning out most of the dialogue - and I think I'm slowly beginning to satiate myself on it.  Pretty soon it will be burned into my brain as deeply as the stuff in 'Money,' and I will never need or want to see it again.

But for now - the laughing!  And the spin!  And the rain!  It's like, hey, The Notebook, your Epic Rain Kiss has just been PWNED. Oh my God, they are so ridiculously perfect and right together and SHOW.  PLEASE DON'T SCREW THIS UP. 

....I keep thinking I will get coherent about this at some point, BUT NO.  IT JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN.  WHEEEEEEE ALSDKJFSDF!
Tags: the office

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