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1. And here I was so proud of myself for not falling behind on Premiere Week...ah well.  *proceeds to work through them steadily*  I have more in the works (The Office & Bones, to be specific...the other shows I haven't watched yet), but these are the ones I could finish, quick-and-simple. 

'House: 5x02, "Not Cancer"
The second word in that title no longer has any meaning for me at all.

Felicia Day was adorable (though I could not get over her character's name being APPLE. Ahahaha), except for the part where her character decided her life was more important than some old guy's and thought his wife WAS SELFISH for thinking otherwise. After that I would have been rather happy if Apple had died. Still think Felicia Day needs her own TV show to star in, stat. Or better yet, why couldn't one of my crime shows, the ones where actors were walking off left and right last year, have snapped her up??

I despise the P.I. character. Like, I didn't even know I had this much hate in me after I'd finished parceling it out to Kutner and Cameron, but there it was, as his every movement and word annoys the hell out of me. Booooo. Bring back Tritter! In retrospect, Tritter was interesting! Much less of a freak! And probably smarter, or at least it was a lot more fun to watch him match wits with House. This guy makes me angry.

Although my dad had a rather good quip about how he comes across like House's imaginary friend.

Other Things I Didn't Like
-I did not need the 4-year-old getting a colonoscopy. Let me quote the recap: 'I know kids are supposed to be resilient and all, but I don't think you just "get over" having a colonoscopy at four.'

-And what the hey ,second recap quote: "I don't even know what's going on anymore. Stuffing a dead man's ass full of water can't be legal or medically relevant. It just can't." *cracks up*


Things I Did Like
-The amount of Wilson we did get was almost worth it, and it thrills me in still somehow non-slashy ways that House's entire conversation with him came across exactly like a rejected lover trying desperately to restore a broken relationship. I don't know. What's the word for it when you love all the same scenes slashers do, for similar reasons, yet violently reject the notion of the sentiments coming from any sort of romantic mindset?

-Also, you know who's greater than the P.I.? The pushover doctor who had to repeatedly check to make sure House knew he wasn't gay. Can he be a recurring character, please?

Conclusion: House is starting to feel like one of my "chore" shows. That's not good.
'Law & Order: SVU: 10x01, "Trials" (damn, really, you couldn't have found a way to work 'palindrome' in there?)

Chore show numero uno, right here. I can't believe how much I don't care about it right now. Mostly I found myself disinterested in the case - aside from being amused by Luke Perry's wrinkles (how old is now, about 70?) and, as always, in love with Sara Gilbert - bored by Olivia's PTSO Nightmares (not that I'm bashing her right to have them, surprisingly enough, I just...suddenly don't care), and REALLY PISSED OFF AT ELLIOT'S DAUGHTER.

Actually, I'm more pissed off that writers on that count. Didn't she used to have some semblance of intelligence? When did she become the black sheep fuck-up, almost going out of her way to act up and then pretend to be shocked when she gets in trouble? I LIKE HER, DAMN IT. STOP MAKING HER STUPID. "Lol, but Daddy, all I did was temporarily borrow your credit card and charged a few thousand dollars; I didn't even think you'd notice! Yeah, um, cause I needed...textbooks, that's it! Textbooks from Joe's Tattoo Parlor. No big deal, right? *bats eyelashes*"

And the new ADA. Ugh. Don't even get me started on how much I hate her, which is a massive shame, because I almost universally like the female lawyers on this franchise. Her smugness is unbearable, the way she's come blazing out of the gate determined to prove herself. Because she was so amazing in D.C. Did you know that she worked in D.C. and was amazing?

About the only thing rescuing this episode was Munch, with his wonderful musings on starting up a bar and trying to win Fin over with investment offers (seriously, how adorable was he, only half-joking about how everyone leaves him). I feel like, not unlike Eric on CSI: Miami, he's a humanizing presence in a show rapidly starting to escalate out of control with the drama. He just sits back and lets the storm brew around him, quietly doing his job behind the scenes (too often literally. -.-) with occasional witticisms to remind them he still exists and knows exactly what's happening.

'CSI: NY: 5x01, "Veritas"
There were two good things about this episode, and one of them was the title. Which, you have to admit, is a pretty spectacular title. Brilliant-sounding word, and it doesn't actually get used too much in the episode-titling business, so the freshness is nice.

In general, though, I'm pleased to report that part 2 of the 2-parter that started last spring was just as dull and time-wasting as the first one. I actually had more fun watching CSI: Miami this week, because CSIM at least I could yell at, and pine for the days when its plot points would have been serious character-development issues. This wasn't even bad enough to be a parody; it was just dull. I could barely be arsed to pay attention half the time.

One thing I did notice, they're starting to do borrow from Miami's editing tricks - a slight slo-mo during pause moments of chase scenes. It reminds me of when you're streaming a video on a computer, and the connection sticks for a minute. It's massively irritating. SHOW. DON'T GO TO THE MIAMI PLACE, or I'm gonna start subscribing to the William Petersen view of the spinoffs.

Another thing I noticed is that Lindsay's bangs look like she cut them herself and had to get them touched up by a professional, making them too short. Lindsay just...shouldn't have bangs. In fact, her hair has been so atrocious for the past year and I half that it's just one more excuse for me to want her off the show. Or to stop watching in general. God, I am really getting my hate on for procedural shows lately. It depresses me.

The one good thing, outside the title, that's likely to keep me watching? Samantha Flack. Her character's introduction was inevitably either going to bomb or be a highlight, and I'm pleased to report it nailed "highlight." Not because she herself is likable, oh no; she strikes me as a smart-mouthed, spoiled, unpleasant brat. (Although I see the potential for that to change in the future, if they write her in a way that lets us understand where she's coming from, so that's good)

But Don's interactions with her are amazing. His Caring capabilities are off the charts. The frustration in his countenance seems to stem less from anger/dislike than disappointment, and that's a wonderful quality for an older brother. I am loving this insight to Flack family drama, and can't wait to see more of it.

On a tiny little unrelated note, I loved how intimidated Adam looked upon approaching Flack. AS WELL HE SHOULD.
2. I really wish the snippier girls in my British Novels class would stop whining about how lame they think Jane Austen's plots are, and/or saying, for example, that they think the last chapter of Pride & Prejudice where Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth get into a conversation about what brought them together is "cheesy."  BECAUSE THAT PART IS AWESOME, DAMMIT.  It's a refreshing extension from the "and suddenly they got married and lived happily ever after" endings.  Don't harsh my squee.

3. Speaking of books that actually do suck, An Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire by Arundhati Roy.  This is for Capstone, of course; there are not enough words in the world to describe how much I hate this book, and perhaps more by extension its author.  I tried to get through the second chapter/essay in it, and I can barely even find her point for the forest of unnecessary sarcasm and rampant hostility.

4. After fighting with my unresponsive mouse for weeks, and reaching nearly intolerable levels of sluggishness, I finally realized that I could try scraping the lint off the roller, rather than just blowing out dust and crumbs. Lo and behold, it is like new! YAY.

5. Dear The Office: This Thursday and Friday are my fall break, i.e. 'I don't have school' i.e. 'I can watch any TV I want totally guilt-free that Thursday night.' EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU ARE SUDDENLY NOT AIRING A NEW EPISODE UNTIL OCTOBER NINTH. *is grouchy*
(edit: whaaaaaaaaaaaat. I don't give a flying fuck about the vice presidential debate, NBC! Ship it to a cable network! Better yet, let's just restrict it one network and shuffle it regularly, like they do with the Superbowl. Or possibly you could just have it on ANY NIGHT THAT'S NOT THURSDAY. *angry growl*)
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