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There goes Ausiello, harshin' my squee again

My response to his "CSI: NY exclusive!" of the day:

'Danny and Lindsay are expecting!' reads the headline, and I am just WHAT THE EVERLOVING HELL.

Seriously?  I have been flatly denying and disbelieving in this rumor for weeks, if not months, and then all of a sudden they decide to write real-life pregnancy into the show?!?!  (and that's it, Anna Belknap, you are officially on my List.  Fear me.)

%#()&%#()*&%#!  Out of all my ships on all my shows, I am not even kidding when I say I either want or at least wouldn't mind seeing about 80% of them become parents.  Kids fit nicely into most of my future scenarios. 

But Danny and Lindsay are not one of those couples.  Not even in season 3, when I adored them to pieces, did I see them with a child.  Pets, I said.  They'd do nicely with pets.  But they just don't seem like the kind of people who'd end up with kids, even if they wanted them.  I can't explain why, but my brain violently rejects the idea of either one of them with a baby, and doesn't do any better flashing-forward to elementary school-age. 

I don't even have enough emotional investment to hope for a miscarriage or a stillbirth or any of the other last-resort escape routes I usually wish upon unwanted fictional babies.  I just want it to not happen.  Maybe they can still scrap it and just have her suddenly develop a problem with overeating, a la Daphne on Fraiser!  No?

Arrrrrgh.  I'm feeling extremely frustrated at the moment.  YOU KEEP RIGHT ON FAILING, SEASON FIVE!

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